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what the left did to Whites (especially white men and boys)

What the Left did to Whites (especially White men and boys)


 A few weeks ago, I saw a video posted on YouTube- a black thug approaches a middle aged White woman sitting on a bench minding her own business. He begins to harass her and then without warning hits the poor woman so hard he knocks her out cold. I was horrified- not by what the black man did but by what the White men who were standing by didn’t do.

No one came to the woman’s aid. No one defended her. As a…


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Yes Mr. Muslim, Christians are weak.

A Facebook friend, Jack Pershing asked a Muslim what he thought of Christians. The Muslim replied, “Christians are weak.”

Jack’s Facebook page exploded. He was outraged. I was outraged. Others who saw the post were outraged.


Outrage can do lots of things – it can empower. It can energize. It can unite. But it cannot cover up the truth.

The Muslim was right- Christians are weak.

They have been for generations.


His comments hit a nerve.…


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Roots of White racial terror- my opinion

A few days ago – this was after the massacre in SC- I went on Pinterest looking at random sites when I came across photos of the Holocaust. I’ve seen dozens of Holocaust photos in the past and they never fail to bring tears. I scrolled further down and to my shock , I saw photos of black men and women hanging from trees. They were young; their faces frozen in terror. I stared. They were the photos of a lynching.


Sickening. Gut wrenching. I looked at the faces and asked why.…


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Death by Distraction.


All our lives, we’ve been told to pay attention, to be on the alert, to keep a watchful eye on our surroundings; that being distracted can get you killed. Lose your concentration for just a moment and you can get into an accident or you don’t notice a stranger until he’s got you by the throat. Not being aware/being distracted has caused more than just inconveniences. It can kill.

And, being distracted doesn’t apply solely to individuals. It…


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Debut Novel - The American Shahanshah

I'm happy to announce the publication of my first novel, The American Shahanshah.

For as long as he could remember, Shahyad Farrokhzad dreamed of going to America with his brother and mother. But when Iraq invades Iran, he puts his dream aside to become a soldier of God, joining tens of thousands of young boys who rush across the minefields in human waves deliberately using their own bodies to explode the mines. Shahyad's brother is killed, but he manages to escape the war seemingly…


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For Islam, the convert is a terrible thing to waste

From the desk of

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The American Shahanshah



I'm happy to announce the publication of my first novel, The American Shahanshah.

This is a romantic tale of an Iranian boy and an American girl set in Philadelphia during the late 80's.…


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I'm feeling vulnerable, aren't you?

It took decades of war with the invading Muslims before Iran was conquered. When the Muslims became the masters of Iran terrible things took place. Not only was there genocide of the likes never before witnessed until communism reigned in Russia and China, but also more subtle things that were to have lasting negative effects.  Iran was once a highly literate country; a land full of libraries and medical…


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the "great" lie- the greatest threat to humanity!

It was the ancient Persians who believed that the greatest threat to humanity was the “great” lie. They knew lies and deceit can dissolve a peoples’ sense of righteousness and justice and eventually led them to their doom. It is through the great lie that tyranny and anarchy prevail, and a great people starve spiritually, physically and intellectually. A nation or a people will not survive if it lives in the darkness of deceptions. It can only attain and remain great if it adheres to the…


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let us stand tall

The results of yesterday’s election were a terrible blow to those of us who know how dangerous Barack Obama is. Most of us I am sure were full of angst and despair, and rightly so. Many especially those who live in the blue states wanted to throw in the towel and let nature take its course as America takes its suicide slide into the great abyss of serfdom and abject poverty.  Unfortunately, patriots like us don’t have that luxury. Our constitution is threatened and we must do whatever we can…


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Using the big lie- the muslims win.

One of the great lies of this century, said on American soil was that Islam is a religion of peace. No greater lie was ever told to the American people. Since, most Americans are scared to death of being called a bigot or racist, and since most lack critical thinking skills, they have fallen for this great lie- hook, line and sinker.

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote “In the size of the lie, there is always a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people will more… Continue

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Go to hell, Dennis!

I’ve been a fan of Dennis Prager for many years. I always admired Prager’s intellect and the awesome way he puts thoughts I’ve been thinking about into perfectly assembled words. I always felt that me and Dennis were on the same intellectual wave length. Sure, once in a while, Dennis would say something that was completely meaningless but he would quickly redeem himself by saying something that was brilliant. I always forgave him, but today was different. Dennis goofed and he goofed so bad, I… Continue

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the real meaning of 'PIGS"

A few months ago, I went to a party held by one of my Valley Forge Tea Party friends. I ate, talked and then growing tired decided to call it a night. As I was leaving, a scruffy old man engaged me in conversation. He talked about the Rothchilds and Bildenbergs, and their plot to ruin America. I listened politely all the while inching my way to my car hoping he would get the hint. He didn’t. Finally, I told him I had to go. As I opened the door and got in, the man handed me a copy of a letter… Continue

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Obama the King Termite

Obama the King Termite

Most conservative Americans felt it –this terrible feeling of foreboding- when Obama announced he was running for President. We felt it- the hidden agenda and the not so easily disguised hate and contempt…


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A call to action

I have been a community health nurse in the city of Philadelphia for over twenty years. I work in the inner city so I have contact with life styles and cultures that most Americans don’t even know exist. It is in the inner city environment that I have noticed an alarming trend, and that is the increasing islamization of African Americans. Why any black person would be interested in converting…


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A true prince of persia

A true prince of Persia: a short story of Firouz Zahn. The first strike against Islam happened 1600 years ago.

Disney’s “The prince of Persia,” was surprisingly very well done. For once,…


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Not enough show of force agaInst WTC Mosque

I just got back from my trip to NYC to protest the building of the ground zero mosque, and I have to write that I am more than just a little peeved. Since this is such a serious situation, I expected over million people but just 2, 000 people showed up. This is really embarrassing. Is it me or is it that people just don’t care? I’m sure people have things to do on a beautiful weekend, but…


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selective outrages of the Left

6/04/2010 – The Left’s selective outrage.

Once again, the left has something they can really dig their teeth into- the shooting of 9 civilians by Israelis who were trying to save a fellow commando. They are so mad that they are ready to take up arms against Israel, and would if…


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Warning from Wafa

Last week, I went to Philadelphia to hear Wafa Sultan speak. She was in town to promote her new book, The God who hates. I was curious to hear what she had to say so off I went. Wafa is a tiny Syrian woman, a medical doctor who is well versed in Islamic doctrine and history. She spoke of her life as a Muslim woman living in Syria. It was a terrible, humiliating life growing up female in that part of the world. Nothing new there- most people who know anything about Islam knows it’s a terrible… Continue

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