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I’ve been a fan of Dennis Prager for many years. I always admired Prager’s intellect and the awesome way he puts thoughts I’ve been thinking about into perfectly assembled words. I always felt that me and Dennis were on the same intellectual wave length. Sure, once in a while, Dennis would say something that was completely meaningless but he would quickly redeem himself by saying something that was brilliant. I always forgave him, but today was different. Dennis goofed and he goofed so bad, I doubt very much if I will listen to him again. What did Dennis goof on? Muslims. Dennis may know more than most people but he is a total idiot when it comes to Islam.
Yesterday, Dennis spent a large part of his talk show chiding Americans for being Islamaphobic. He ranted about the burning of the Koran, and how Americans need to treat Islam with respect. He stated that we as Americans should treat Muslims differently than we treat other minorities. We must understand the Muslim so that we don’t offend moderate Muslim. Dennis, let me clarify something for you. There is no such creature as a moderate Muslim. Either you are a Muslim or you are not. If you don’t believe in Sharia and the inferiority of non-Muslims then you are not a Muslim.
Obviously, Mr. Prager has not studied Islamic history and has a very poor understanding of the Muslim psyche. Listening to Prager defend the Muslim was unnerving. People must have thought I was crazy as I drove down the highway screaming, “Go to hell, Prager”. It’s so easy for those who live in their unreality white world to tell us peasants how to behave when they have no idea what real life is.
Hey, Den! Let me teach you a little history. The Muslims murdered over 150 million people by sword or deliberate famine in Asia Minor, Persia, the Balkans, North Africa, and India. The Muslims intend to ruin this country like they ruined every other place they have taken up residence. Our government is endorsing and protecting Muslims for reasons that are too long to go into here therefore the government can’t be trusted. At some point, Americans need to take a stand against an ideology that will turn this country into a dead zone ruled by a dictator.
Prager’s defense of Islam’s atrocities was typical. He attacked Christianity. Look at what the Christians did in the Middle Ages, he said. In other words, look at what the Christians did to the Jews in the Middle Ages.
Hey Den! Look at what the Jews posing as Bolsheviks did to 40 million Orthodox Christians in just 70 years. Look at what the Muslims are doing to the Christians minorities in Asia Minor, and the Balkans. Here’s the difference between Christianity and Islam, Dennis. Mohammed was a pervert who murdered, raped and robbed people. Jesus was not. Christianity is based on the New Testament not some nonsense from medieval church doctrine. However, the Koran and the Hadiths are what they are- instructions for evil. Dennis talked about the good things in the Koran. Again let me instruct you. All of the niceties mentioned in the Koran were abrogated when Mohammed became the mayor of Mecca. Jesus advocated loving one another. Mohammed advocated war and plunder. His teachings did absolutely nothing to elevate humanity or improve the status of women.
People like Prager spend too much time in front of the microphone or dinner parties. That’s not the real world, Dennis. The real world of Islam is in the ghettos where it has taken root, and where its followers are planning Jihad. The whole basis of Islam is complete and total domination- a world caliphate where you as a Jew and me as a Christian have no worth.
Prager’s whole take on Islam is that we have to accept Islam and walk hand in hand with a group of people who want to kill us. Sorry, Dennis, anyone who wants to kill me because their founder says to do so is someone I don’t have to accept.
Dennis, you can preach tolerance and peace and love all you want. But, I don’t want peace if that means I have to forgo freedom and prosperity for my children. I believe in the teachings of Jesus but I also believe in the right to bear arms. I view Islam as a terrible threat and I will defend myself and my own. In short, Den, I am an Islamophobe, and I make no apologies about it. I don’t like Muslims and will not tolerate their stupid, backward religious beliefs. As a matter of fact, I don’t want Muslims in my country. Now, what do you think of that?

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Comment by Harold William on September 8, 2010 at 12:35pm
Way to go Linda, however, I do not consider myself an islamophobe because we have nothing to fear from muslims if we wise up We have more to fear from our "intellectual elite" (snicker). I hold islam in contempt not fear and will continue to until they justify themselves to us. It is impossible to justify the koran.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on September 8, 2010 at 11:39am
I share your points of view on Dennis Prager. I too have listened to his radio program and seen him occasionally on TV. Like you said, most of the time he has a clear vision and a logical analysis with his point of view. Although I didn't hear the particular show where he made Islam an equal to Christianity.
I believe your description of the Prager call for tolerance of the Islamic presence spreading across the globe and need to pay particular attention to our own increasingly vulnerable country.
I too feel the undercurrent of a silent or hidden assembly of madmen bent on destruction that seems well underway already. The mild and tepid show of a couple thousand protesters at the World Trade Center Mosque is most disturbing. I would have thought the issue of a mosque at ground zero would have created a HUGE response from caring Americans. Is it possible the Islamification of America is already well underway too.
Religious tolerance, as Prager would have you believe, does NOT have to include installing a fence around the Islamic faith which inside would allow all sorts of "INTOLERANT" teachings of the religion we ALL know are are kept quiet for I don't know what reason by our politicians, religious leaders, and teachers. If you read the most destructive parts of the Quran it's clear the religious philosophy is bent on world domination using any means necessary.
I don't think we're ready to handle the problem that has been cloaked in the "Freedom of Religion" robe here in the US.
The irony of all time would be to have the ultimate downfall of the US be a result of the building of Islam within the US with the blessing of liberals using the 1st amendment as a war shield. Introduction and replacement of our constitution and system of law with "Sharia" would be the weapon of choice and in my opinion the replacement process has already begun.
All of us would do well to listen closely to our leaders, at least those we use for guidance like Prager, and call them on it when they make . . . . not a "Goof" but a serious breach of logic.
Comment by Contra1 on September 8, 2010 at 9:39am
This is an incredibly long link but well worth the effort to paste into your browser and check it out.
Comment by Contra1 on September 8, 2010 at 9:29am
To Warrior: Answer is yes. Whoever Linda jamshidi is she has it right. And at the risk of 'profiling' by the sound of her last name she probably knows what she is talking about first hand.

All of this pandering to Muslims must stop. A key phrase in the post is :

"I don’t want peace if that means I have to forgo freedom and prosperity for my children."

"Prager’s whole take on Islam is that we have to accept Islam and walk hand in hand with a group of people who want to kill us. Sorry, Dennis, anyone who wants to kill me because their founder says to do so is someone I don’t have to accept."

I will not accept Islam and I believe Americans must make up their minds that the pc rhetoric regarding war, and the accompanying death and destruction, is sometimes necessary. I very firmly do not want war. But if it is necessary to protect ourselves I believe in it 100%. Unlike the 'make friends with our enemy' approach.






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