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A few months ago, I went to a party held by one of my Valley Forge Tea Party friends. I ate, talked and then growing tired decided to call it a night. As I was leaving, a scruffy old man engaged me in conversation. He talked about the Rothchilds and Bildenbergs, and their plot to ruin America. I listened politely all the while inching my way to my car hoping he would get the hint. He didn’t. Finally, I told him I had to go. As I opened the door and got in, the man handed me a copy of a letter he had written to his daughters. I thought the man was a goof but I promised to read it. I put it in my pocket and hurried home. Later on that night, I turned on the history channel. A show about Charles Manson was on. Like most people, I have an attraction to morbid stories so I watched in fascination.
Remember Charles Manson? He was the cult leader responsible for plotting the Sharon Tate- LaBianca murders. Manson’s reason for the murders was to ignite a race war between blacks and whites. Charles wanted to destroy America and create a new society with himself as leader. But, first there had to be the race war. In this war, according to Manson, the black man would triumph and eliminate all white people. Blacks would take over and rule. But, there would be a problem. Blacks always relied on whites to run things, and would not know what to do. In the mist of this crisis, Charles Manson, the only white survivor, would emerge from the mountains or wherever he happened to hide, and offer his services. Charles Manson would be the one to create the new world order and save the day.
You know the rest of the story; Manson was arrested, and placed on death row which was later commuted to a life sentence. Old film clips showed Manson laughing followed by pictures of the pregnant Sharon Tate lying in a pool of blood. Then, another picture- a door with the word “pigs” written in Sharon’s blood. I thought what man would do such terrible things? Obviously, a man like Charles Manson who was nuts or so I thought.
It was a very sad show and to get my thoughts off of it, I decided to read the letter that the old man gave me, along with a copy of a paper written by a group of 60’s peaceniks.
I read the letter. It was a warning to the man’s daughters about the Bildenbergs, the Rothschilds and the new world order. I was annoyed as read the letter. I thought the old man was a goof. Then I picked up, You don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows. It was written in 1969. Bernadine Dohrn, and Bill Ayers were among the many authors. Actually, the long paper was a long rant about the workers struggle and hatred of everything American. As I read the paper, the word Pig kept showing up with more and more. I remembered the Pig remarks from Manson in the documentary. I also remembered reading that Bernadine Dohrn had praised Manson after the 1969 murders. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. But that changed as I continued reading. Things started to click in my head. Bernadine Dohrn and her husband, Bill Ayers, both 60’s radicals, are buddies with our president. Dohrn and Ayers like Manson want a new world order. She believes as Manson did that we the middle class of America are Pigs. She hates America (even tho’ she and her husband have chosen to live here- hypocrites), and will stop at nothing to ruin it.
Obama wants change. His ideas of change are the same as Ayers, Dohrn, and other Marxists. He wants a new world that will destroy US sovereignty. It occurred to me that the old man was not a goof. He was right.
We are dealing with a very evil group of people. Change was not a plan formulated by Obama. Change has been in the works for decades. When I compare the US I grew up in to the US my kids are growing up in, I don’t recognize it.
Obama, Farrakhan said, was selected before he was elected. I truly believe that. And, Manson- he wasn’t crazy. He believed in the new world order just like Dohrn; just like Obama. They are of the same mindset. Manson ordered the killings of innocent young people and an unborn baby. Dohrn, Ayers, and Obama would not hesitate to do the same - only their killings will be in the tens of millions.
When Manson’s followers painted “PIGS” in Sharon Tate’s blood, police thought that it was from the lyrics of the Beatles’ white album. Wrong! The Pigs were Sharon Tate and Rosemary Labianca. The pigs are us!!
We’ve been duped. Deny it all you want. Obama is about to do what Charles Manson could not- start a race war or civil war - doesn’t matter -so he can implode the system and create a new world order. His administration has given a green light to the Black Panthers and illegal Mexicans. As they engage in more and more crime and murder, whites are going to engage them, and the government is going to pounce. Think the military won’t kill their fellow Americans? Think again!
Sharon Tate was murdered a long time ago, but she keeps popping up in my head. She was young, beautiful and pregnant. Did her murderers give a damn? No, they still took her life. She was defenseless against a murderer. A murderer who is admired by our president’s radical confidants. That to me is amazing as it is sickening. What kind of monster do we have in office? I guess we won’t find out until his next term.
(this essay may have a lot of holes in it, but the point is we are in a world of shit. Better, arm yourself)

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Comment by Katy on January 11, 2011 at 1:59am
Our ONLY hope is that God will intervene in our behalf. Pray daily.






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