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Obama the King Termite

Most conservative Americans felt it –this terrible feeling of foreboding- when Obama announced he was running for President. We felt it- the hidden agenda and the not so easily disguised hate and contempt for our way of life and our constitutional freedoms. Try as we might that feeling of foreboding could not be suppressed. Maybe it’s a gift or a curse but we sensed and still sense the evil that is in the form of the King Termite- Obama. A termite is a creature that infiltrates a wood structure and then destroys from within. That’s exactly what Obama is - a destructive force that found a way in. Obama is termite- a King Termite. Those who possess this uncanny knack for sensing evil have tried very hard to warn the others -the King Termite is not what he says he is.

We have warned the Others that he just came out of nowhere. He hangs out with communists and racists. We have all the evidence to prove that Obama will bring nothing but ruin. But try as we might, the others would not listen. The others were completely enamored by this King Termite. To them, the King of Termites is so beautiful on the outside, they actually believe he is beautiful on the inside, too. The King Termite is so proud of himself! His plan to get over on the Others has worked beyond his wildest dreams. Through manipulation, lies and sweet talk he has been welcomed into our American home.

But, as the king Termite tears into our foundation he knows that all is not quite right. The king Termite knows that we know about him. He knows we are gathering in force daily and we are ready to remove him from our house.

We know the King Termite is not beautiful. He and his swarm are destructive and mean and heartless. The king and his swarm do not love our American house. The King termite and his swarm want to destroy our house. But, they don’t want the Others to know until the damage is beyond repair. So, to buy time, the king of his swarm uses his great gift and that is the gift of deceit. Thus, far the King has deceived millions and millions so much so that the millions and millions are willing to sacrifice our very own house to protect the King termite.

Maybe, the other occupants of our house are easily seduced or maybe they share the same contempt and hate for our house as the king termite does. Either way, the Others are the ones who voted to let the King Termite in. They reason that the King Termite does not belong to a species of termite that wishes us harm; this termite wants only to improve our foundation. The Others say give the Termite a chance. They say don’t let your bias and prejudices towards termites taint your feelings toward this very special King Termite. The King Termite only wishes to make things better that’s all. And, if you oppose the King and his Termites then you are the real threat to the stability of our house. You are a hater of Termites!

The collapse of our American home means the collapse of our beautiful civilization. Despite the bad points and ugly moments, today’s civilization created by “our home” allowed humanity to enjoy the freedoms and privileges our ancestors could never imagine possible.

But now, our home is on the verge of falling apart. You see, the American house has the sweetest tasting wood in the world, and that is why the Termites along with their King have coveted it for so long. The disintegration of our home has been in the making for decades. The swarms have been gathering on our wood patios and doors for a very long time. They only needed a leader- a sweet talking king to gain entry into our house. In less than two years time, the damage to our home has been relentless. But, the damage is not yet detectable so the Others watch the swarm on our walls and our ceilings. They listen as the King termite and his swarm chomps and chews away. Our home creaks. It sways. Still the others refuse to admit that the King Termite is no good. If our home is destroyed, the Others reason, then maybe the destruction is for the good of the home and its millions of occupants. Who cares if we have no other house to live in! The king Termite will build a new home and it will be better than the one we live in now! At least, that’s what the Others are hoping, but we, conservatives, know better. The king Termite can only destroy. He can not create.

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