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I have been a community health nurse in the city of Philadelphia for over twenty years. I work in the inner city so I have contact with life styles and cultures that most Americans don’t even know exist. It is in the inner city environment that I have noticed an alarming trend, and that is the increasing islamization of African Americans. Why any black person would be interested in converting to a religion that put them in bondage and continues to do so in Africa is anyone’s guess. Still the trend is gaining in momentum and if not stopped it will have very dangerous consequences in the years to come.

The reason for alarm is that those who follow Islam do not believe that our constitution is the supreme law of the land. The Muslim believes that Sharia law is the supreme law of the land. In short, the US constitution will be cast to the wayside if the Muslim population continues to grow in leaps and bounds as it is now. The imposition of Sharia law on America will mean the death of our democracy, and the Muslim will definitely push for this antiquated law by playing victim, intimidation and violence.

Americans need to know the truth now. Islam is a way of life not just a religion. It does not recognize the rights of non-Muslims in general and women in particular. Women are viewed as defective; deficient. They are- no matter what their status- a degree below a man- any man.

Islam has no conscious or guilt and therefore never, ever apologizes. It never admits to any failures. It’s always someone else’s fault. It believes in the adage “only when at war are we at peace”. Islam even hates dogs so dog lovers, be on the alert.

Right under our noses, our country is being transformed. And, it is a transformation that most Americans are not going to like. On 9/11/2010, a mosque costing approximately 150 million dollars is scheduled to be open less than 700 yards away from Ground Zero. It is the Muslim way of stating that they have defeated the US. In prisons, felons are being introduced to Islam and converting in droves. Mind you, these converts are the most violent elements in our society, and Obama wants to give them the right to vote. HMMM!!

In West Chester and the Villanova campus, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) has established a foothold. In Philadelphia, Madrassas are being funded by taxpayer money with the blessing of our so called secular government. Why is the ACLU so silent about these Islamic schools? Hmmm!

These madrassas preach hatred of America, Jews and Christians to youngsters, and teach that it is OK to partake in violence against the enemies of Allah which happens to be most of us. In the ghettos of Philadelphia, more and more women are dressing up in Taliban style chadors, and submitting to Islamic laws within their little neighborhood niches. These new converts to Islam are aggressive, mean and poorly educated. It’s really bizarre watching American women freely renouncing their own identity and freedoms to join what I call a cult. Does America have a death wish? It seems so.

Throughout the US, Muslims are popping up like dandelions, and Imams who have terrorist leanings are openly preaching jihad. Yet only a few appear to be alarmed. The question needs to be asked, why is this happening? It isn’t so hard to answer— Christianity which is the cornerstone of our American society has been seriously impaired.

Most adults don’t go to church and as a result neither do the youngsters. Many kids don’t know how to pray or observe holy days. As a matter of fact, many kids aren’t even baptized. This is a terrible loss for our future generations and for the nation as a whole. It is the values and principles espoused by Christianity that made this country what it is. The loss of Christianity has created a void that needs to be filled. People need religion. They need mysticism. Unfortunately, that void is being filled by a very debilitating religion that offers nothing but tyranny and ruin.

The rise of Islam in America is actually a monster created by the Atheist. Most atheists have communist leanings, and our Christian faith was problem that had to be removed. For years, the Atheists did their dirty work by bastardizing the concept of separation of church and state. The Supreme Court ruled on their behalf and the atheist gleefully set about removing all vestiges of Christianity in the school environment. They used a misguided law of the land to struck fear into the hearts of school boards and school districts, teachers and principals and parents. The atheists said displaying Christian symbols, or praying was in violation of the constitution. It is not. Yet, no one had the courage to shout the atheists down. Instead, like scared children, Americans gave in.

Slowly the powers to be whittled away at America’s religious base. This is not good for our country. The atheist used the guise of “we are against all religions” to weaken our Christian foundation. They know without Christianity our nation will flounder, and that remains their mission. In the meantime, the Muslim being pampered and pandered to; has gained enormous strength. They do whatever they want without so much a murmur.

The atheists think Muslims are easy to get over on. They view the Muslim as useful idiots- still living in the 7th century. While the Muslim mentality remains in the 7th century, they are not idiots. They, too aspire for world domination. In this objective, they are relentless. The atheists will soon discover they are playing with fire.

In the meantime, dear people, we have a major catastrophe waiting to explode. We are faced with two very powerful enemies. Now, is the time to cast political correctness under the bus. Those of us who believe, and wish for America to remain a democratic nation must acquire courage, and a make a very large presence in this war that is taking place on our own soil.

Linda Jam, RN, BSN.

June 17, 2010

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Comment by okpatriot on June 18, 2010 at 4:49pm
Excellent blog/discussion!!!

"The imposition of Sharia law on America will mean the death of our "democracy", and the Muslim will definitely push for this antiquated law by playing victim, intimidation and violence."

"Those of us who believe, and wish for America to remain a "democratic" nation must acquire courage, and a make a very large presence in this war that is taking place on our own soil."

I only disagree with our country being referred to as a "democracy"....We are a REPUBLIC, NOT a democracy!!!

You are RIGHT ON about everything else!!!
Comment by Darlene Littlejohn on June 18, 2010 at 1:28pm
Very good post, Linda.

I live about 100 miles from Dearborn, Michigan and know someone who lives there. Dearborn is the center of the Muslim community in Michigan and Michigan probably has the largest number of Muslims in the U.S. Stores in the area cater to them and I have heard that the U of M (Dearborn campus) has footbaths. Of course, I really don't care what they eat or wear or how they wash their feet, but I do care about the way of life that they are trying to force on the general population. We may be a powder-keg here in Michigan.

I was born politically incorrect so at least I don't have to deal with that hang-up. Nor am I afraid. Yet, I know many people who are not PC, but are afraid to speak out and sign their names to things because, as we all know, you could get a fatwa issued against you.






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