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A true prince of Persia: a short story of Firouz Zahn. The first strike against Islam happened 1600 years ago.

Disney’s “The prince of Persia,” was surprisingly very well done. For once, the Persians are depicted not as monsters or barbarians but as people enjoying life and mayhem just like the rest of humanity. The Prince of Persia is a step in the right direct in recognition of a people whose wealth of stories have been sorely neglected by the US movie industry.

But, the Prince of Persia is based on a computer game which is unfortunate because Persia has so many real life adventures. I could review the Disney version of the Prince of Persia but that’s not why I am writing this piece. What I want to present to you is the story of a real prince who lived 1600 years ago. He was not a prince of royal blood, but that doesn’t matter. The telling of his story is timely because it is about the first strike against Islam and the bravery of one single person. As our soldiers fight against the descendents of the jihadis that this man fought against, Firouzan’s story is a reminder of how brave our fighting men are as they confront an invasive religion and its fanatical followers just as the Persians did so long ago.

The story of this Persian is also about the values and principles that we patriots hold dear. As much as we advance in our technology some things can never be changed. Honor, duty and love of family, god and country are what binds us as a nation and keeps us strong even when faced with insurmountable odds. These principles and values are as old as mankind and still live in all of us who believe in liberty and goodness. If pushed and provoked, we will fight back when we have no other choice. However, there are others who even if given a chance to save themselves don’t. They don’t because they believe it is their duty to fight for their country and people. Most of these precious few have been forgotten in history yet their stories of heroism must be remembered, and honored.

Most Americans have not a clue about Persian history. This is sad because what is now happening to America happened to Persia a long time ago. The difference is Persia did not know what awaited it. Americans could if wanted. It is vital that they start paying closer attention. So, here is a story that may make Americans think twice about the Muslims invading our land. The story of Firouzan is a story that all of America should know about.

Ancient Persia was not so much different from America. They enjoyed many freedoms. Slavery did not exist. Women were allowed to divorce, own land and run their own businesses. There was freedom of religion and movement. Granted the Persians weren’t saints. Like Americans, the Persians did their share of bad stuff, too. They stole the Christian Cross from the Greek king, Heraclius and stole the peacock throne from India. They stole the black Kaaba stone, and kept it in a latrine for years before it was retaken by the Muslims. When they weren’t battling the Romans and Greeks they were getting Christian Monks drunk and beating them up. There was nothing innocent about the Persians.

But, just like America, Persia did a lot of good things, too. They had a mail delivery that was just like the pony express. The Shah, Cyrus wrote the declaration of human rights, and liberated the Jews from the Babylonians. Darius built the first Suez Canal and the magnificent Taq-i kisra in Al Madaen, located in today’s Iraq. Persepolis was built at the time of Alexander the Great, and had indoor plumbing. Its ruins still stand to this day. Persia had the first medical hospital and school called Jondishapur. Unfortunately it was destroyed by the invading Muslims. One can only imagine the wealth of information that was destroyed setting the world back a thousand years. Persia’s engineering and architecture was known throughout the ancient world and was unmatched until recent history. Persia was great indeed, but, as time went on it began to make the same mistakes as America is doing today. Corrupt rulers and politicians had led the country so far astray that by the early 7th century, Persia was standing at the precipice of ruin. For decades, its armies had been engaged in continuous fighting with the Greeks and the Romans, and the country was suffering from the effects of heavy debt and heavy taxes.

The Arabians had just buried the founder of their new religion and were beating the war drums. But, the Persian people had grown fat, lazy, irreligious and arrogant. They refused to belief that anyone would dare attack what they still believed to be their powerful army. It was during Persia’s moment of weakness that a window of opportunity opened for the Muslims and they took it. They poured out of Arabia with a fervor that was unmatched. They wanted booty from the land of plenty, and that land was Persia.

Many people believe that Persians did not fight very hard and were easily converted. This is not true. They fought very hard. Unfortunately, the Persian armies did not understand the enemy they were fighting. They thought they were fighting a gentleman’s war like those fought against the Greeks and Romans. It was this lack of knowledge about a truly evil enemy that caused the defeat of the Persian armies, the murder of their young king and the mass murder of men, women, and children. The cities of Gorgon and Istakar, and the province of Fars were decimated. Those who survived the Muslim onslaught were taken as slaves to be sold in the cities of Mecca and Medina.

It was in the Arabian city of Medina that Firouzan was sold into slavery. According to Taberi, Firouzan was a Christian- a very handsome, young man who was an architect by trade. He had been taken as a prisoner of war after the battle of Nihavand, and brought to Medina. It was in this city, Firouzan saw something that broke his heart- long lines of terrified Persian boys who had taken from their mothers to be sold as slaves.

According to Muslim accounts, Firouzan picked up boy after boy and wept as he held each tightly. One can only imagine the anguish of Firouzan- being taken prisoner, sold into slavery and then witnessing children from his great country given to dirty Muslims who would abuse and assault them. Firouzan was a soldier who had pledged his life to protect his country. Firouzan knew as he cried over the little boys that he had one more mission to complete and that was to kill the butcher Caliph Omar.

A plan was formed between Firouzan and other Persian POWs. At first, Firouzan had to make a dry run before enacting his plan. He approached the Caliph Omar claiming to be upset about the taxes he had to pay. It was a ruse to see just how close Firouzan could get to Caliph Omar. He even threatened Omar but the Caliph was unfazed. Later, pretending to convert, Firouzan followed Omar into the Mosque for Friday prayers. It was in the Mosque that Firouzan pulled out a dagger and stabbed Omar multiple times. Firouzan was in such a rage of hate that he not only killed the caliph but six of the Caliph’s body guards. Just imagine the strength and anger directed at this enemy! The murders were so quick and ferocious that the other Muslims were left in a daze. Before they could react, Firouzan escaped from the Mosque. The Muslims did not have the honor of killing Firouzan. He took his own life before they could descend on him.

I would like to point out that Caliph Omar was not a very nice person. Not only did he invade a country for the sole purpose of raiding, and raping. He also was personally evil. He beat to death his wife Hafsa, the daughter of Mohammed. Omar had no love or conscience or fears of anything not even the founder of his religion! After Hafsa was murdered, Mohammed who was obviously unmoved by his daughter’s murder gave his granddaughter who was approximately 4 years of age to Omar as a wife. You can only imagine what Omar did to this child since raping baby girls was and is allowed in Islam. Omar was cruel and mean not only to his wives but his children, too. He brutally beat his children without a second thought. He had no qualms about stoning women based on a single rumor. Omar Ibn al –Khatttab was a great military strategist but then so was Hitler and Mao. He deserves no praise.

After the death of Firouzan, Persians did continue to fight on. They were able to throw off the shackles of their Arab rulers after just 70 years. By doing this the Persians saved themselves from complete Arabization. The celebrated poet, Ferdowzi restored the Persian language to his people and the Arab language took a back seat. But, a catastrophe took place in the 1400’s that ruined Persia. The Turk, Timor the Lame nearly wiped the country out because he believed that the Persians weren’t Islamic enough. Persians living complete terror turned to their only consolation - Islam.

If the Persians only knew what fate awaited their country after the Arab invasion, I am sure they would have fought a hell of a lot harder. It wasn’t until this century that Persia has been able to recover its population that was devastated from Timor and the Mongols. The terrible damage that was inflicted on Persia by Islam continues to haunt Persia, and has kept it from the greatness it could easily regain.

All men who fight for their countries are princes of that country. Firouzan was indeed a prince of Persia just like our men who risk life and limb overseas are Princes of America. They are heroes and they make me proud. Still I have an odd feeling that I cannot shake. America is heading in the same direction as Persia. Americans just like the ancient Persians are in a lull believing that their way of life will continue uninterrupted forever. Well, unless we start stepping up to the plate, it will come crashing down very soon..

Obama is in the white house. Mosques and Jihadi military camps are popping up like mushrooms with the blessings of our government. Schools like those in the Hatfield school district are allowing Muslims to pray in their hallways while Christian children are harassed and threatened for wearing crosses. This phenomenon seems to be taking place all over America.

The Muslims along with their useful idiots are making their intentions clear- they want to take away our constitution and our freedoms and lord over us. And, we are letting them. I am hoping I am wrong. I really don’t want an American soldier to reach a point of despair like Firouzan. Centuries from now, I don’t want a person crying over the lost greatness of America destroyed by a parasitic religion that brought ruin without so much as a gun fired. America, it’s time to take a stand. The Persians lost their battle against Islam many centuries ago, but at least, they fought back.

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