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Not enough show of force agaInst WTC Mosque

I just got back from my trip to NYC to protest the building of the ground zero mosque, and I have to write that I am more than just a little peeved. Since this is such a serious situation, I expected over million people but just 2, 000 people showed up. This is really embarrassing. Is it me or is it that people just don’t care? I’m sure people have things to do on a beautiful weekend, but this important. This is about the future of this country. Slowly but surely the US is surrendering itself to a religion and culture that will ruin our freedoms and bring ruin and famine to the land that once had plenty.

Granted the crowd of mostly whites (again)! -were more than just enthusiastic. They went beyond patriotic- most had flags and signs damning Islam and Mohammed. They cheered. They whistled, conversed, and prayed. Pam Gellar and Robert Spencer gave rousing speeches as did many others. But, it was the people who had lost loved ones, and had entered the buildings to rescue their fellow Americans who spoke so eloquently. One woman by the name of Desiree cheered the crowd on after the rally was over. She spoke of her anguish of losing her husband whose picture she had blown up into a poster. She asked “Has anyone seen my husband? I can’t find him. He’s nothing but ashes. So now I have no grave to cry over. My husband was lost to me 9 years ago and in my heart, I still imagine that he is out there somewhere even though my mind knows the truth.” She went on, “Why is a Mosque being built at ground zero? Is it to honor those who murdered 3.000 Americans 9 years ago? As she spoke people choked up and after she finished people hugged and kissed her on the cheek. Desiree never had a public speaking course in her life. Yet, her speech was the most heart felt. Despite her pain, Desiree took the time to warn the crowd that building a mega mosque that was paid in cash by an unknown contributor was very wrong. Americans must take a stand.

Despite the less than desired turnout, it was a joy to listen and watch as the flags flapped in the high winds. You could feel the solidarity among the crowd of that included many Russians, Copts, and Hindu Indians. Yet, the rally was also sobering. I watched dozens of buses and cars pass by. With the exception of two white men who did honk and wave, the rest of the buses and cars were inhabited by southeastern Asians and Africans who did not even bother to look. A group of unsmiling, stern faced Malaysian Muslimas walked by as if to taunt the crowd. No one give them so much a glance except for me. I wanted to say something mean, but I bite my lip. It was an act of sheer discipline not to say something. I didn’t want to give them the attention I know they were looking for. And, besides there were dozens of police hovering around, and they would arrest me in a second. (you know how violent conservatives are!) These Muslimas are part of the vast population that wants to inherit this god given democracy. They don’t deserve anything this country has to offer.

I hate to sound harsh but the Muslim population has nothing but destruction on their minds. They are making these plans right under our noses. So, far they have been using our kindness and ignorance; the misinterpretation of constitution to get their way. Lets get something straight- our constitution was not created to allow for the free exercise of a religion that does not recognize the constitution as the law of the land. The Muslim only recognizes Sharia Law as the law of the land, and would dismantle the constitution completely if given the opportunity. In my opinion, that is treason. The so called Muslim American is nothing but a traitor and should not be allowed to reside here. But, who cares what people like me think? Our politicians don’t and it’s so obvious that most Americans don’t either. In the meantime, the Muslim senses our fear and apprehension; our gluttony and apathy. They know they can do whatever they want to a population that has grown fat and lazy. The Muslim has funding from the Saudis, the blessings of the politicians, and the free ride from the media. Who cares what the average American citizen thinks?

Americans are slowly waking up. Groups are forming. People are researching this Islam and are coming to the realization that we are in serious trouble. But these people are not a large enough force. The rally in NYC was proof enough.

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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on June 7, 2010 at 10:02am
Ephesians 2:2 in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.
Most are under a spirit of slumber, but I thank God for those that are awake to what's going on.
Please pray for Israel and our nation.
Comment by Roger Dail May on June 7, 2010 at 8:31am
The Politician's are making money and taking bribes over this. If the Moslems take over this country and Liberal's Code Pink and others groups are going to be surprised when they are under the thumb and start loosing there heads. All I can say good luck to those groups.
Comment by LANYON on June 6, 2010 at 10:27pm
I belong to five different conservative websites.... none of them announced the NYC demonstration. What is needed is for ALL conservative websites to work together and collaborate in the organization of demonstrations around the country.... November is not too far away.... if, in the next two months, millions of citizens are not called to action AND respond to this patriotic call, then WE WILL BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY IN 2012!!!! Electing a few conservatives to Congress is not enough and grassroots movements are really not evident, so far.






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