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6/04/2010 – The Left’s selective outrage.

Once again, the left has something they can really dig their teeth into- the shooting of 9 civilians by Israelis who were trying to save a fellow commando. They are so mad that they are ready to take up arms against Israel, and would if they had the courage to do so. In Europe cities and the campus of Berkeley, The left has taken to the streets to hoot, holler and shriek without having a clue about what really happened. All they know is that little Israel was picking on the monster Muslims and how dare Israel.

Golly Gee- the hell with the rest of the terrors in the world as long as it’s not the Jews picking on the poor, hapless Palestinians. Isn’t it ironic that the left gets so bent out of shape over certain events and not others? No one on the left throws a temper tantrum when the Egyptian Muslims massacre the Coptics. Not one lefty batted so much an eye over the massacre of Congolese Christians. No rants of outrage over Obama’s mishandling of the oil spill or Muslim death camps right here in the USA. Notice, not one lefty raised a fist when the Turks were threatening to injure the Pope during a visit to Istanbul. Not even a peep. Notice however, how the left screams hate crime or racial profiling when it comes to Muslims. (Got to give both the left and the Islamists credit they are such great masters at deceit that even deceive themselves).

Yet the left goes into a rage when Israel goes after a flotilla supposedly carrying foodstuffs for the Palestinians who are too lazy to fend for themselves. That’s another problem I‘m having a hard time grasping. Forget who the land belongs to- actually its Christian land- how is it that the Jews are able to turn a desert wasteland into a land of fruit and honey and the Muslims can’t? Not a hard question to answer- the Muslims are too busy thinking of ways to destroy Israel to do anything productive. Of course the left doesn’t understand this. They rather make a very dangerous group of people victims.

Most of Palestinians who inhabit Gaza and other areas around Israel are not indigenous to the area. They are from Jordan and Egypt where I would like to mention they are not wanted. Where is the left on this? They say nothing because it doesn’t interest them. The left and the Palestinians don’t care that the land doesn’t really belong to the Muslims. The main objective of the Palestinian is to make the entire Middle East Muslim. And, the Israelis are in the way. Does the true goal of Palestinians bother the left? Hell, NO!!

It really is sickening to know that silly Americans are offering emotional support to a population that would create a terror state if independence is ever achieved. It’s a shame that Americans are so bigoted that they would give assistance to a people who want to destroy another group of people on the land that they claim is theirs. But, then that’s the left. The left doesn’t care about justice or defense or truth for that matter. They only care about creating victims to promote their own agenda. The only condition is that the victim has to be as mean and ugly as they are, and what better victim than the mean, ugly Muslim. True victims are too weak and insignificant. True victims don’t get enough publicity, and that’s what the left craves the most –attention. Unfortunately, the world media focuses too much attention on the Israeli against the entire Muslim world fiasco- giving the left just what it wants - 15 minutes of fame every time the Palestinian Muslim cries foul.

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