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Last week, I went to Philadelphia to hear Wafa Sultan speak. She was in town to promote her new book, The God who hates. I was curious to hear what she had to say so off I went. Wafa is a tiny Syrian woman, a medical doctor who is well versed in Islamic doctrine and history. She spoke of her life as a Muslim woman living in Syria. It was a terrible, humiliating life growing up female in that part of the world. Nothing new there- most people who know anything about Islam knows it’s a terrible life. Still, I was held spell bound as Wafa went into detail about her life in Syria and then her wonderful life in America. However, it was what she said after telling her life story that sent shivers down my back and made my hair stuck up -the building of a mosque near the World Trade Center. I was incredulous. How can this be?
It was obvious by the look on Wafa’s face that she realized she had hit a nerve. She went on. By allowing the building a mosque near the WTC, Wafa admonished the audience; Americans are sending a message to the Muslims that America is beaten. That statement set everyone off. Questions were buzzing. How dare they? Who is funding this? Well, I can answer those questions. They’re a no brainer.
Muslims dare whoever they want because our dear government is supporting and protecting them. All the Muslims have to do is shriek and yell- something they like to do anyway- and scream racism, and Americans start sweating and wringing their hands because Americans don’t want anyone to think that they are racists and they let the Muslims have their own way. Up till this moment in our history, Americans have always thought of Muslims as a curiosity, but 9-11 changed all of that. Americans were ready to take up arms against the followers of the genocider religion but was smacked down by the left and President George Bush who said, Islam was a religion of peace. That was an out and out lie. Most people know Islam is not a religion of peace even George W.
The platitudes of Bush and the rants of the left forced Americans to sulk off like a dog that was yelled at for barking at an intruder- still snarling but forced to hide in a corner. Over the years, America has had to endure the deaths of her best sons and the loss of trillions of dollars funding a useless battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the pandering and pampering of the Muslims we find that they still want to kill us and our children. No matter how much sweet talk and demonstrations of kindness, the Muslim still wants to replace our constitution and force us into servitude under Shania law. And, please don’t think -well, not all Muslims don’t believe that. If they are a true Muslims then they think that way. If they don’t believe in Sharia law and the tenets of Mohammed then they aren’t Muslim. Simply put, all of those who follow Islam believe in Sharia law and the subjugation of woman and non-Muslims. No use in sugar coating the intentions of Muslims. They intend to cause us great harm, and are willing to use the law and their useful idiots to push their agenda. Presently, they are using political techniques, but when their population reaches 10% in the US they will become more and more violent- because that’s what they like to do. It’s being a Muslim.
Now who is funding this mosque? I don’t even have to waste time researching this. Its’ so obvious- the Saudis. Probably with Obama’s blessing because he is – and I don’t care what anyone thinks- a Muslim himself. The Saudis have money- lots of money. They are using their clout to seduce politicians, and push their agenda of hate, sloth and backwardness on us. They have infiltrated the prisons and inner city neighborhoods, and have empowered these populations with aggressiveness, meanness and a very exaggerated sense of themselves. Many minorities knowing absolutely nothing about the tenets of Islam have converted simply to make a political statement. I know this personally because I am a community health nurse providing care in their homes.
When I left Wafa Sultan’s speech which was in center city, I saw dozens of black woman dressed like whabbi Muslims. I felt sad and embarrassed for them. Who in their right mind would convert to a religion that preaches women are deficient in intelligence?
Needless to say, I left Wafa’s speech feeling downright depressed. Then I turned on the radio, and lo and behold was Hannity interviewing Pamela Gellar. Pam is so sharp. She is as outraged by the building of the mosque as any red blooded American. However, instead of complaining, she is doing something about it. A rally is scheduled for June 6 to protest building of this mosque which is an insult to all Americans.
Glen Beck keeps saying that America needs a Sarah Conner. No, we don’t. What we need is another Queen Isabelle of Spain.

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