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According to Nathaniel Hawthorne, a puritan was not happy unless someone was hanging. The same can be said about the Muslim Jihadist and the American left. Both hate happiness and individualism. Both hate America and Christianity. So, what do they do? The leftists and the jihadists create chaos wherever they go. If there is peace , they sow discontent. If there is happiness they create discord. Now, in order to be an even stronger force, the left has sought out the company of the Jihadist.
United in Hate discusses in detail the alliance the left has with the Muslim Jihadist despite the left’s knowledge of how dangerous the Jihadist is. Of course, the left has a long history of aligning itself with those who commit genocide and bring despair to the surviving masses. Before the Muslim there was the Commie. Every student of modern history knows what the communist did. Dr. Glazov devotes chapters on the destruction the communists brought to Mother Russian and China. He also devotes time to the commie terror acts in Cuba, Southeast Asia and Central America. Heads up everyone, Che Guevarra was not a very nice person, and certainly not a freedom fighter.
After 1989, communism wasn’t what it used to be and that left the left in a lurch. The left was in desperate need of adopting another negative model of hate. Then 9-ll came. Seeing the deaths of so many people must have made many a lefty smile with glee. Now they had their champion. Now they could get back on their soap boxes and spew their anti-Americanism. The Islamist was adopted as the victimized poster boy. But most Americans had a instinctive dislike for Islam and the left had to work extra hard to dress the Muslim up as victimized, poverty stricken victim. They even used the hated President Bush to demonstrate that the Muslim is the victim. Bush naively said Islam is a religion of peace. That’s’ all the left needed. Americans were hooked but as Dr. Glazov writes nothing can further from the truth. The Muslim acts out not because of poverty and backwardness but because he believes in the teachings of Mohammed. The Muslim makes no illusion about what he wants. He wants to destroy Christianity. He wants to destroy America. Like a wolf in the pack nipping at the heels of his prey he will not give up until he reaches his goal.
Muslims are relentless because they have nothing to lose. Just like the early founders of the lslamic faith, the Muslim has no care about whom they kill or how they kill. They will slay old men and women. They will tear apart little children. They will blow up churches and schools. They have no conscience. They are killing machines.
It is the Muslim’s desire to supplant our way of life with his way of life - a way of life that hasn’t amounted to much in the past 1600 years. With the exception of raping, murdering and pillaging and destroying advanced empires, Islam really does not have much to offer. The Muslim knows this and that is why he hates the US even more. The US is superior to Islam and this cannot be tolerated. America needs to be converted or annihilated. The Muslim wants all nonbelievers - meaning us- to follow Islam whether we like it or not. This is the same attitude that the left has.
Those of us who watch the news and have knowledge of government and history know what Jamie Glazov writes about in United in Hate- these two cults are in love with death, tyranny and terror. Even though the leftist and the Jihadist are diametrically opposed in thought and agenda . They have rallied behind each other in order to subvert the ultimate prize-the great Satan.
The Jihadist is a very dangerous creature indeed, but he is not the one to be feared the most. We know what the Jihadist is. We know what he wants. He makes plain that he is our enemy. The one- all of us who truly believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness- should fear is the Leftist. The leftist is the one who craves crisis and disorder. They grasp onto whatever torments might make for righteous indignation. Bored by comfort and security, (leftists) yearn for drama and passion. If this means creating a problem to agonize over then that is what they will do (Glazov, United in hate, p. 41). The leftist is a more dangerous animal because he knows better. He knows the good life yet he rejects it. Like the Jihadists, the leftist believes that the only way to achieve paradise on their terms is through destruction.
As I wrote earlier, the muslim is frightening but the muslim does not disgust me in the way that the left does. The Jihadist is evil because of religion. The Leftist is evil because he or she is simply evil, and just as violent.
Jamie Glazov writes about the left’s veneration of such men as Lenin, Stalin and Castro. Leftists such as Sontgag, Shaw and Duranty paid homage to the communists while looking the other way as innocent people were starved and traumatized. These sections make for sad reading. Dr. Glazov also gives graphic descriptions of what the Muslim did to the Christians in Lebanon, and it was disgusting. Growing up in the 70’s I don’t recall much of any information given on the news about what was really going on in Lebanon. So, as I read this section of UNITED In Hate, I felt guilty. I felt guilty because I didn’t know about the suffering of the Lebanese and I should have. This is why I distrust American news coverage. They rarely deliver news of importance.
Glazov’s chapter on the leftist feminist was so revolting I got a head ache reading it. I always had a vague dislike for feminists. It was a dislike that I never could articulate. Now I can thanks to reading loving the Burqa chapter. The feminists could care less about women’s rights. Truly, they are spineless. Remember their silence when Sarah Palin was being pummeled by the press?
Time and time again, the feminists have chosen to ignore the suffering of women living outside western culture. Championing the causes of abused 3rd world women would only distract from their own imagined suffering and feminists would never tolerate attention being diverted from them . In reading loving the burqa, it was almost comical reading about so called intellectual women condoning a religion that believes women are nothing but birth canals.
In other chapters, Glazov considers the left’s other useful idiots like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and Noam Chomsky. These girly boys are true representatives of the angry left. Why are they so angry? God knows. Question is if the angry left hate America so much why don’t they just leave. Another thought, has anyone noticed that most of these men and women are upper class whites? It seems like whiney whitey is an attention whore and the only way to get needed attention is to spew hatred and violence.
In the meantime, Americans continue to live their lives in a bubble oblivious to what is going on around them and seeming not to really care. Americans have lived a life of freedoms that are unprecedented in world history and they childishly believe that this way of life will always be as it is today. United In Hate is one of the many books available to give Americans a heads up on what the future is bringing.
Already, we have a fifth column in this country thanks to the idiocy of past administrations. The left could care less about freedom. Their only desire is to impose their perfect Orwellian life style on us and if they have to join with the Muslim to do this well then so be it.

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