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Pope Francis and the gorillas er... guerillas in the mist


Today, the Pope is in Philadelphia. He is speaking out to his flock about immigration. He says most of us were once foreigners. That’s true but the foreigners of the past are not the foreigners of today. They are not European and they are not Christian. He doesn’t comprehend American exceptionalism. He doesn’t understand America. America became great for many reasons but all those reasons were the result of a common Christian memory, European based traditions, ethics and destiny.


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I’m sure most of you have heard that saying. How true it is. Those who followed Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler and Mao Zedong would agree.


Many who initially had good intentions followed the well trodden path into hell and took their people with them. Throughout history, Do-gooders who thought all of humanity thinks and feels the same and therefore should be embraced as brethren have caused more harm than good. Leaders who should have known didn’t and great civilizations were infiltrated and shattered. Hundreds of millions suffered and starved, many were slaughtered- all in the name of good intentions.


Pope Francis’ agenda to spread the wealth and to embrace Muslim refugees as they invade our hallowed lands is the agenda of a buffoon.  The pope may see himself as a benevolent old holy man but he isn’t. He’s dangerous because he is ignorant of the dangers in an increasingly dangerous world. He is a danger because he lacks data, perspective and situational awareness. (May, C.D. (2012). He is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church, and he is putting his people and his faith in harms way.


The Pope lacks data- most of the refugees are men. They are not going to Muslim lands. They are heading for Christian Europe. Why is that? The Pope should be asking that question.


The Pope lacks perspective. He doesn’t know the enemy. He thinks Muslims are just like us and are misunderstood. That’s nonsense. Muslims are not like Christians – never were and never will be. Their culture is alien to ours. No matter what Pope Francis or our politicians’ say, there is no commonality between our faiths- never has and there never will be.


The true Muslim wages war against the Christian. It’s called Jihad and its obligatory for all Muslims to engage in it. So today as in the past stretching back to the 7th century, Muslims are murdering and raping Christians and no one stands in their way. Why isn’t the Pope standing in their way? He should be. For a leader is also a defender of his people, isn’t he?


It appears, the Pope is unable to see the forest for the trees. He’s unable to see the gorillas er... guerillas in the mist because of all the mist. A great leader would notice the guerillas immediately and take steps to eradicate them.


Pope Francis lacks situational awareness. If he knew history especially Islamic history then he would understand that Christianity itself is and has always been in Islam's crosshairs.


Today, the church is losing against Islam because it lacks direction and sound leadership. It has embraced political correctness and soft Marxism- two ideologies detrimental to its very existence. It has misinterpreted the real mission of Jesus Christ who was courageous and never would have tolerated a religion of rape, murder, plunder and polygamy(among other things).


Because of its need to be loved and accepted by all, the church has undermined its own precious foundations. It lacks focus. It lacks definition. It lacks stamina. It continues to change but there are some things that can not be changed if the church is to remain a force in the world. So, in reality, today's changes within the church is nothing but a dumbing down. 

Islam hasn’t changed tho'. Islam remains focused- militant, unapologetic and unremorseful as ever. and thats the source of its success. Pope Francis should take note. 

Islam is a religion that loves death. It loves war. It is a predator and the church is its prey. Pope Francis should pay strict attention to that.

This Islamic predator has grown bolder because it knows the church is weak and growing weaker. The Mullahs watch with glee as the Church continues to envelope itself in a 'fog of uncertainty' (May, C.D. (2012). They sneer as Pope Francis, the bishops and priests add more uncertainty to that fog as they blindly lead the faithful on the road to disaster- all with good intentions.


To be a great leader, a leader must understand that his actions have consequences. So instead of simply focusing on the here and now, a great leader projects his actions into the future for future generations. Is Pope Francis capable of understanding how his actions today will affect the church in the future? I don’t think so.


He panders to Islam, a sworn enemy of Jesus, his church and his followers. Why does the Pope pamper to a religious body that has brought so much pain in the world? Why does he ignore Islam’s long history of enslavement, terror and genocide toward his Christian people?  Is he hoping to win them over?  


Sorry, Pope Francis, that’s not going to happen. So stand up for your faith like the Mullahs stand up for theirs. They may hate you- they already do- but at least they’ll respect you – trust me, they don’t respect you now.


It takes a lot of courage to be a strong leader. Courage is the rarest of virtues., but its not unattainable. Many leaders throughout history were courageous. They served and protected their people to the best of their ability even if it meant dying.  


Pope Francis reminds me of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. The Lion didn’t have courage until he had to. But our Pope doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for the right moment to get courage.


The time to act is now, Pope Francis.

The end of the road is fast approaching.

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