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what the left did to Whites (especially white men and boys)

What the Left did to Whites (especially White men and boys)


 A few weeks ago, I saw a video posted on YouTube- a black thug approaches a middle aged White woman sitting on a bench minding her own business. He begins to harass her and then without warning hits the poor woman so hard he knocks her out cold. I was horrified- not by what the black man did but by what the White men who were standing by didn’t do.

No one came to the woman’s aid. No one defended her. As a matter of fact no one looked in the black thug’s direction as his friend filmed the assault laughing and giggling. White Americans should be appalled but most aren’t.


Welcome to the New America- home of the politically correct White coward.


Black violence- flash mobs, knock out games, rapes-is nothing new. Blacks have been attacking Whites for generations. My grandparents told me stories of racial attacks during the 60’s- neighborhoods, and schools destroyed; flash mobs rampaging through the streets, buses, trains randomly attacking whoever caught their attention; Blacks gangs ‘jumping’ a White boy for no reason except to cause harm. Man or woman, young or old, it didn’t matter. Blacks are doing today what their parents and grandparents have done before them.


So, the problem in today’s society isn’t with Blacks. They haven’t changed. The problem is Whites- for they most certainly have changed.

Yesterday’s White man was a fighter and today he’s a whiner. What happened?

I’ll tell you- decades of anti Christian, anti American propaganda. To the Left, Whiteness is bad and Whites need to know that being White automatically makes them bad.


Generations of Whites have now grown into adulthood and have mastered the art of self-loathing. They not hate only who they are, but they hate their core faith, history, and traditions. In today’s America, they cower whenever a non-Christian calls them out on the genocides of indigenous Americans, Jews, the inquisition, the Crusades and the Nazis. Whites are so indoctrinated in ‘white guilt’ that they don’t have the courage to call non Whites out on their very bloody history of rapine, genocide and European/African slavery of which the masters of leftist propaganda, the Jew had a heavy historical involvement in.  


But wouldn’t matter if Whites confronted non-Whites anyway because what non Whites did and continue to do mean nothing. Only what the white man did matters.


So, American and European history has been rerouted and subverted to make the White man appear more evil and cruel than he actually was. The Leftist version of White history isn’t meant to tell truths- only lies. Lies, told so convincingly that’s school age White kids believe whatever they are taught.


When I was growing up, White men were confident not only in battle but in Marriage and fatherhood. Back in my day- and I’m not that old- men were expected to marry, have children and protect the hearth that they themselves built. Not anymore, not only are White men afraid to fight, they’re afraid to marry and have children.


This phenomenon isn’t part of the natural scheme of things. Its been deliberately orchestrated. Not to marry and have kids was planted into the minds of Whites starting in the 1970’s when the feds wrestled control from local governments and took over the education system (Guess who was behind that?). Suddenly, schools were no longer a place for education but indoctrination. White kids were taught having more than 2 children put stressors on a planet already at the breaking point. Maybe, its better not to have children at all.


White boys especially listened to the propaganda. I say this because in my travels, I have encountered so many who haven’t married or had children. Yet virtually all Muslim men, I meet, some as young as 19, are married with children. To a Muslim it’s a disgrace not to marry and have children. For many White men, it’s just the opposite. Why do they are they so anti-family, anti- fatherhood? Leftist indoctrination.


Journalist Dana Milbank recently wrote, “the United States is experiencing a rapid decoupling of race and nationality: Whiteness has less and less to do with being American. The disassociation of Whiteness and American-ness is to be celebrated. Indeed, it is the key to our survival.”


 “Our survival?”

What the hell does that mean?

Who’s survival?

Well, Jewish survival of course. Milbank is celebrating Jewish supremacy over a Christian land. Jew hatred goes past the centuries, past the millennia, past Jesus Christ even; back to the days of Ester when the Jews murdered over 75,000 unarmed Persians in a pre-emptive strike. Why they felt so threatened is anyone’s guess. But the Jews view this massacre as a watershed in their history; celebrated as ‘Purim’.


The left can disguise themselves all they want but there’s no hiding it- the Jews hate the Aryans. Most Europeans as well as most Persians are Aryan. Iran is the land of the Aryans; Eire (Ireland) is a land of the Aryans. The German nation is Aryan.

Recently, Merkel and the EU have opened the flood gates to millions of Muslims. That was done deliberately. Diversity and Multiculturalism propaganda is nothing but a tool to divide and conquer a fabulous civilization and ultimately destroy the White race from within.


Jewish Activist Barbara Spector recently stated, “ Europe has not learned to be multi cultural. And I think we’re (Jews) going to be part of the throes of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic society it once was. Jews are going to be at the center of that.”


Why are Jews pushing so hard to make Europe Multicultural? There’s a reason and it should make all Whites shiver in their boots. 


The Left/ Jew Bolshevik wants to destroy American whiteness just like they are destroying European Whiteness. They would love to do to the USA what they did in Russia and the Ukraine but there’s this nasty document called the Constitution that says Americans have a right to defend themselves and their property AKA the 2nd amendment. The Left is well aware that ‘right wing’ Whites wont hesitate to shoot back if fired upon so for now they lay low knowing their chance will come soon enough when America is overwhelmed by low intellect invaders and degraded to ‘failed nation’ status.

Meanwhile, as they wait for the great American collapse, they have implemented another plan. There’s more than one way to skin the Whiteness off of America and that’s to destroy Whiteness from within- psychologically and emotionally.


In the crowded malls and streets of our major cities, I see well-muscled Black, Mexican, and Muslim boys strutting with confidence, and arrogance. They’re strong and they know it. Not so with White boys. They’re effete. They’re weak. They’re scrawny. The White boy is scared and he’s especially scared of his overprotective mother who bullies him daily. There’s no father in his life and so, many white boys copy the manners of their mothers’ - much to their detriment.

For a White Boy born into a single parent liberal household, life is doomed right from the start. If he wants to play with a toy gun, mom gives him a doll. If he wants to play outside, he can’t because there’s a boogey man waiting to drag him away. If he dares to act like a wild man or to step outside the liberal box, Mom will beat the crap out of him. Yep, the White boy has been rendered a ‘tutti fruiti’ not only by propaganda, but also by cruel feminist elements.


The Left works hard to subvert the manliness of the White male yet supports the manliness of Muslim and Black men. As a matter of fact, they advertise it. You can see that when you watch TV. The Black man is the strong man. He’s the one the white girl hooks up with. And then there’s the Muslim, so misunderstood even though he’s obligated to cut your throat as part of his Jihad duties. And of course, there’s the Jew- that creature of deceit, treachery, usury, and slave ownership. He is above reproach because he’s the chosen one.


The Left thrives on White hate and that’s why they promote Anti Christian symbolism and belittle the White man on their TV shows with such vehemence. The Left supports ‘Black lives matter’ and Islam because they see Blacks and Muslims as a means to knock Whitey off his high horse. Blacks and Muslims are the left’s ‘noble savages.’ They are needed to shatter the confidence of soft-fleshed White men and lay them to waste.


And, lets not forget sexualization- nothing works better than the constant bombardment of smut/slut. I’m sure most have noticed the shameless promotion of homo love on television- like its been a part of American normalcy since forever. We all know that’s a lie but our kids continue to see it then they will think that it is normal. The incessant promotion of Homo love as normal is nothing but a leftist means to put a stake into the heart of Christendom.

And why not make a profit while weakening the psyche of gentile boys and girls through an entertainment industry that Jews totally control?


Fifty years is a blink in world history but the blink of world history that me and you are living in, is experiencing cataclysmic upheavals that usually take place over a millennia. Since 9-11, the USA has been deliberately flooded with people from cultures that collide with the USA’s White European Christian society.  Entire neighborhoods, and towns have been transformed from White to Asian, African or Hispanic. Whites look the other way and pretend all of this is for the good of the nation. They believe the nonsense the progeny of the Frankfurt school taught them and so can’t comprehend the reason behind open immigration- the Bolshevik left needs the lower strata of the 3rd world to divide America and accomplish their agenda.


The war against Whites didn’t start with Obama. Its been going on for a long time. Its been presented with such a subtleness and genuine validity that few notice. Those who do, raise the alarm but are quickly shut down by leftist bullying that is so relentless, it has created a psychological fear in many Whites who are so afraid of being demonized. So they remain silent as their heritage is attacked for being illegitimate in America’s new multicultural society.


Propaganda has poisoned the soul of every American no matter how conservative or Christian. Those who protest against illegal immigration, Islamic indoctrination, the banning of Christian symbols/ celebrations, gay marriage, and abortion are branded as haters, right-wingers, Tea baggers and racists. The left says White conservatives are the ‘enemy of the people and vulnerable minds fall for it.


The Left should be proud. They have effectively shut down conservative conversations almost as completely as they have shut down Christian prayer. They have censored us in  the same way their Bolshevik forefathers censored dissenting minds in Russia and Eastern Europe (well, not quite that bad...yet). The Bolsheviks had gulags in Russia but they don’t need gulags in America. Many Whites  have already capitulated.


Yep, the Left has us figured out all right. Call a White man- racist, Anti- Semite, White supremacist, or worse a Nazi and he’ll shut up - real fast.


In the Talmud, it is written, ‘kill the Goy.” Who is the Goy, you’re probably wondering? The Gentile is the Goy, and the Gentile European is as hated by the Jews as much as they hate Jesus himself. According to the Talmud, the Goy must be eliminated. But before the Goy can be eliminated, the ‘best of the Goy’ must be eliminated.


Who is the best of the Goy? Why, it’s the Christian White male- the protector, the hunter, the innovator, the warrior, the family man- that’s who.


“The lord is angry at all the Gentiles; he will deliver them to the slaughter; their land will became burning black pitch; it will become a wasteland, soaked with their blood; there will be no nobles in the land; their princes will die out.” (Isaiah 34)

This biblical passage has special meaning because it’s the white male whom the left wants to die out. The White man is the greatest threat to the left’s quest to turn America into that wasteland predicted in the Old Testament. Or rather, the White man used to be a serious threat because in Today’s world, he has been seriously impaired not by military might but by the tongue of the left - that nasty, vile tongue.


The Left knows how to tear apart their prey just like the female praying mantis does her prey. And just like the Muslim, they tear apart their prey without remorse or regret. From the halls of America’s Ivy league to the sports arena to our public schools to all levels of government, the ‘best of the Goy’ is being torn apart.


Jews are just 2% of the population yet they control the media, entertainment industry, Neocon groups such as freedom house, National endowment for democracy among others, and the porn industry. They look upon ‘the Goy’ as their whores. White Christian men are their war whores. White Christian women are their sex whores.


‘Gentile children are animals.’


In 1941, before the USA entered the war and the concentration camps were built, a Jew, Theodor N. Kaufman, wrote Germany Must Perish. Kaufman set out a plan for the total destruction of the German population. This book, which laid the foundation for the Morgenthau plan, is free for download on the Internet. Read it because Germany is actually a code word for the Christian West. What Kaufman advocated is happening right now.

The Jew Bolsheviks know it’s the White Christian man who brought the world to its present advanced state; the innovator of technology, medicine, science, engineering, education, literature, arts, public health, charity- the list goes on. But none of that matters -the faster the White man is laid in his grave the better- for the earthy paradise belongs only to the chosen people.

That’s what Milbank meant when he wrote, ‘the disassociation of whiteness…is key to our survival.’

The Left will do whatever it takes to bring their proletariat world into existence. They understand that first; they must wipe out the White man’s love for God and country before all memory of a glorious past can wiped out. When patriotism and Christianity are kicked to the wayside, then America’s traditions, heroes, and history can be dissolved. They know they can achieve this by changing White mentality through psychological terror tactics especially on White youth- guilt being the best tactic.


If the Left doesn’t get what it wants it will have no problem resorting to the same violence that ISIS uses. To them as was the case for their forefathers; violent  means are permissible if it achieves their goal.  


Whites need to understand once the Left achieves total control they will resort to their ‘final solution’- the terror famine. This is what the Jew Bolsheviks used against Christian peasants; maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s known as the Holodomr and it happened decades before Hitler’s final solution.


I know my post sounds far fetched but I guarantee no one in Russia or the Ukraine could imagine 30 million of their own murdered until it actually happened. You see, the Bolshevik left has no more love for humanity than Islam does. Americans must understand how vulnerable they are.


After generations of being battered by vulgarity, bullying, ridicule, mockery, and personal attacks, the whites- even the most Christian conservative among them- is lacking in resources and imagination. They may have been rendered impotent but not entirely broken. They still have a chance to rectify their situation even though the witching hour is fast approaching. Its time for men to stand up and for their women to stand up next to them or face eradication.

So how do we save White Christian America? The solution lies with White women. That’s right; those daughters of the pioneer and frontier women, daughters of the women who fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War; daughters of the women who manned the factories during WW2, and nursed the fallen on the battlefields of Europe, Philippines, Korea and Vietnam.


According to Tocqueville, it was the women who made America a great land. No question about it; they are the hope of America.


Its up to white women to save the day and they can do it if they can cast aside all the evil liberal indoctrination that has filled their hearts and minds for the last 50 years. There’s no shame in being a patriotic, traditional Christian wife and mother while achieving other goals. Remember Charity starts in the home. Stop worrying about what Non-white, Non Christian children are doing and concentrate on your own. Follow the example of Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist moms. Do they worry about your children? Do they cower under the sword of lefty propaganda? Do they apologize? Hell no.


Ladies stand by your men and rebuild our family structure, which has been the catalyst of American exceptionalism since America’s founding. Men and women together, husband and wife, lets teach our boys what it means to be real men- how to defend themselves with knowledge, fist and gun; to appreciate American exceptionalism, its history, core faith and values. Lets teach our daughters the same. If our children know who they are and feel pride in who they are, the left can’t hurt them and our Republic will be salvaged.


I hope Americans can get past political correctness and white guilt rhetoric, and experience a metamorphosis that will empower them to be the brave, unapologetic people their forefathers were. America’s future depends on it.



I am praying as hard as I can for Americans to get off their knees and get back to being the people were. Once White men were the world’s Titans, masters of the sword and the pen. Now they are Lemmings.



…I really miss the titans.





Ester 9:24-26.

Isaiah 34


“All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamouth 98a


“The best of the Goy should all be killed.” Soferim 15,10


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Kaufman, T., (1940) Germany must perish. Free download on www.

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Comment by Wolfy Ghalkhani on October 31, 2015 at 3:24pm

Thanks Philip. Guess its up to people like me and you.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on October 31, 2015 at 12:34pm

Thanks Wolfy. You'll never see this kind of truth in our media.

You'll never see this kind of honest historical perspective in academia either.






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