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For Islam, the convert is a terrible thing to waste

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 In her frightening historical work, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, Bat Ye'or wrote, the convert to Islam is the most vicious of the Muslims and will kill without hesitation. Unlike Muslims who are born into Islam and have no clue what Islam is about, the convert does know and willingly submits to its perverse ideology. So what is it that attracts a non-believer to forgo the religious tenets of his forefathers for those of Islam? Most often the reasons are attention, polygamy, feelings of superiority and privilege or just plain hate. Those who did convert had scores to settle and Islam gave them the incentive to even those scores, real or imaginary, through acts of carnage and death. This is not a new phenomenon. It’s happened throughout the history of Islam, its happened all over the east and it will happen here. The killers of the defenseless officer Rigby were converts. The killers in the recent terror attacks in Russia were converts. While we hold our breaths and pray for those killed overseas keep in mind that we have converts here and they are being indoctrinated into the same ideology of hate.

 Islam makes it obligatory to kill non-believers even if the non-believers are the Muslim’s own parents. The Muslim convert can no longer view his or her parents as flesh and blood. They must be viewed in the same way all non-believers are viewed -as sub human and game for human sacrifice just like those who died in the bus explosion last week.

The question that all of us should be asking is why is this happening? Why is Islam whose core foundations are submission without question, death and hate gaining ground so rapidly? Is it because it’s a religion that focuses without shame on the primal instincts of humanity? The lust for rape and theft and murder certainly has a great appeal to the mentally deficient found on all levels of society- neither wealth, fame or education has no bearing.  But that’s an explanation for Islam’s appeal on an individual level.  Something else is happening. Something much more immense, more profound, more sinister and its happening right before your eyes.

Despite what the secularists, humanists and Atheists say, humans need religion. They crave it.  The left knows that but they pretend that all religions are bad and have no place in society.  They say all religions so that they don’t blow their cover. In reality, they could care less about religions with the exception of Christianity. You see, Christianity has always been the bane of the left. Its ideology of individuality and liberty has been a detriment to the left’s quest for domination for a very long time and must be destroyed. Without Christianity, America is nothing. Europe is nothing. Western Civilization is nothing. With Christianity gone, the left can assume their position as rulers under the New World order with their Muslim army ready to back them. So, for the past several decades the left has been working overtime to bash, mock and humiliate Christianity. They can’t remove it but they can dissolve it. Look at our society now. So, ridiculously scared we have become that we are afraid to say “Merry Christmas,” or sing Christmas carols in schools that mostly Christian taxpayers support.  Christianity in America is being dissolved without so much a squeak of protest from Christians. Yep, my fellow conservatives, Christianity is dying in America. It is weak. It is cowardly. But people aren’t forgoing Christianity and becoming secular.  They continue to thirst for religion. They need some kind of guidance from a supernatural power. So in comes Islam. It doesn’t matter how diabolical Islam is, it gives what humans require- guidance on virtually all aspects of life from how to clean yourself after elimination to how to gut an unbeliever.

It was the collusion and collaboration of convert renegades and traitors that the Middle East, central Asia, Anatolia, the Levant, parts of the Balkans and North Africa were Islamized. Hundreds of millions of people were murdered by the very people who they once called brother or sister.  And they did not die easy- many were tortured then hung, others were burnt at the stake.  Sadly, once prosperous literate lands turned into graveyards-wastelands of which can never be redeemed.

In the early part of the last century, the Bolsheviks took control of the Russias.  A small cadre of Christian hating bandits took control of Russia’s vast lands and slaughtered unarmed people without the least bit of remorse and regret.  Over 100,000 churches, cathedrals and monasteries were destroyed. Priceless artworks and bibles were burned.  Bishops, priests and nuns were executed by the tens of thousands. Guns were taken. Landowner Kulaks and business owners were then slaughtered and peasants starved. Christianity was outlawed but never Islam. You see, Islam and communism go hand in hand. Pay attention to this because the reds are now in possession of our gov’t under a different banner- leftists or progressives- your call.

After communism fell, Christianity came back but it was debilitated. Islam never suffered and now is proselyting those who have no knowledge of what Christianity is because there aren’t enough priests or nuns to preach the faith. A similar phenomenon happened in Europe. The Nazi destroyed Christianity. The same murderous scheme practiced by the Bolsheviks was practiced by the Nazis. After the fall of the third Reich, the Bolsheviks saw an opportunity to disengage Christianity from the European continent. They promoted Christianity as the evil doer behind the Nazi war machine. It was Christians who created the holocaust. It was Christians who killed tens of millions in Europe. Christianity was bad. The Crusaders were evil. Blah, blah, blah. So Europeans- not much for critical thinking- kicked the faith that elevated their continent to a status the world has never witnessed to the curb. In today’s Europe, Christianity cowers under the onslaught of propaganda, lies and guilt while Islam does not. It’s only a matter of time, when Europe falls to evils of Sharia and collapses into inertia and abject poverty.

We’re heading down that same road toward Islamization but we still have a chance to save ourselves.  At the end of the day, it will be the ordinary people who can save our once great land and restore its position as the beacon of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  All we have to do is let our history and our God be our guide. Political correctness, guilt and the push for multiculturalism have weakened us because we have forgotten who we are and what made this country great. Most Americans don’t understand what the ramifications of de-Christianization will mean for future generations and that’s a shame. Generations from now our children will curse us for not taking a stand against evil. The Muslims are here thanks to our government which may done so unwittingly but that’s no excuse. They should have known better.  Muslims are our sworn enemy. They don’t view us as their equal and never will. To co-exist is nonsense as far as the Muslim is concerned. Co-existence is nothing but a myth perpetrated by the left to intimidate us. To the Muslim, we are Dhimmis, people who have no place in their world unless we submit and pay Jizyah. I’m not making that up. It’s in their Koran. They want to destroy us and so do the Bolsheviks.

Now, we are in the New Year. Let’s make a resolution to stop being pansies and fight the Muslim like a Muslim. Today, we are not in a position to waver. We have in our hands very powerful weapons- our resolve and tenacity inherited by our forefathers, our bible and our constitution.  Sun Tzu wrote, in order to beat the enemy you not only have to know your enemy but you also have to KNOW YOURSELF- and don’t apologize. Muslims don’t apologize and herein lies one of their strengths.

I know it says in the bible to love “one another” but believe me the Muslim and his brother Bolshevik is not our “one another”!  We don’t have to love evil and they are evil and growing more and more powerful. So that we don’t come off as the bad guys, we have allowed our faith to be defanged and declawed. That’s why it’s failing. It’s time to get the fangs and claws back in place. If we don’t then we face the annihilation of all that we hold dear. We have to take up the same mindset as the crusaders of the middle ages. They had no problems with beating the hell out of Muslims and their collaborators. They were fearless and strong, and that’s why the Muslims scream about them to this very day.

In the meantime, while we complain about Obama care, the Muslims are laying stakes for conquest. They have a powerful weapon- not just their Koran but those who so easily convert and are so eager to please their Muslim masters. Keep that in mind when another mosque goes up in your neighborhood.


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Wolfy Ghalkhani ,

Author of

The American Shahanshah





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