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A Time for Choosing!

Saturday, June 20, 2020 (Real Conservatives)

Good morning, America.

Please carefully examine the attached photo from Atlanta. Look at the Taser flash as Brooks tries to zap a police officer in hot pursuit. Look at the short distance between the two men. Would you attempt lethal force on a police officer and not expect lethal force in return? Probably not!

If you resided in Seattle’s newly formed autonomous zone, surrounded by chaos with no police presence to protect your…


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Pandemic Treason

Thursday, June 18, 2020 (Real Conservartives)

Good morning, America.

Bunker Biden is the ultimate Empty Suit. Stumbling and mumbling his way through a Presidential campaign, Joe’s withered brain is the stuff of unsavory legends- a massive threat to national security should that decaying cranium ever find its way back to the White House. Without a teleprompter, Joe is pathetically incoherent and incapable of effective communication. The Democrats are well aware- but “Deer in the…


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Full Speed Ahead, America!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 (Facebook)

Good morning, America.

Recently I had occasion to visit Fort Lewis in Washington State several times over a two year period- and also visited Seattle many times. Yes, there were homeless folks in tents on the outskirts of Seattle, but that city is an American jewel. Well, at least it was…

Washington State is a microcosm of America. Population wise, it is a blue state- but geographically, it is a red state. Nevertheless, Seattle is (or…


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Replacing The American Dream with a Marxist Nightmare

Friday, June 12, 2020 (Real Conservatives)

Good morning, America.

Does “racism” still exist in America? Unfortunately, yes- but I hope we’ve made significant progress since the lynchings and other horrors lurking in our history. More importantly, I pray all sectors of “our national neighborhood” will someday recognize there is only ONE race- the HUMAN variety.

Yes, we humans do exhibit an amazing assortment of skin pigmentation- but as Martin Luther King declared so long…


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The Master of Turning Wagonloads of Sour Lemons into Heavenly Lemonade

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 (Real Conservatives)

Good afternoon, America.

Before my main topic today, I can’t help commenting on the latest wave of madness spreading across America. I thought “Catch and Release” at the Southern Border was nuts enough. Then came selective law enforcement in San Francisco and elsewhere- when homeless street crime became so ubiquitous that theft below a thousand bucks was pretty much ignored, except by the victims. And how can I overlook “Sanctuary…


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Another Man in Black

Friday, June 5, 2020 (Real Conservatives)

Good morning, America.

First this morning, I hear Minneapolis wants to do away with their police department. If that desire becomes “Woke Dream Come True,” I imagine Hollywood will literally “capitalize” on the result- and remake a few Charles Bronson vigilante movies…

After supporting Candace Owens yesterday, especially posting her amazing rant, I expected the worst- everything from being kicked off beloved Facebook to a few…


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The Truth About "Privilege"

Good morning, America.

When an old Soldier is so blessed to reach the age of seventy-five, the sudden realization of being closer to eighty than seventy has a remarkable effect on one’s outlook. The elevation of that vantage point, whether it be from a dung heap or a mountaintop, depends primarily upon choices made along the way- and little upon “privileges” beyond Inalienable Rights granted by Almighty God. In my own life, were it not for choosing to follow a Certain Jew from…


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Chaos and Insurrection Continue

As I am saddened beyond measure that my assessment yesterday of an expanding civil war was absolutely correct. I regret with all my heart that I was “absolutely correct.” If you missed yesterday’s post, please read it.

In quick summary, this expanding civil war threatens all that patriotic Americans hold dear- and will ultimately threaten the entire Free World if not confronted immediately with overwhelming force.

This conflict has little or nothing to do with racism. It is a…


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