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Al-Qa’ida Attacks Our Embassy For Seven Hours As Obama Stands Idly By!

For more than two years I’ve been calling Barack Hussein Obama a liar and a traitor. Now the entire nation knows (or should know by now) that Barry is an unrepentant bald-faced liar- and that his lies gravely threaten our national security. And by the way, willful lies that threaten our national security constitute a breach of trust and loyalty that is justifiably defined as treason.

Unprecedented Presidential spin after the 11 September fiasco in Benghazi has made it painfully obvious that Barack Obama is a habitual liar. He’s been looking into live television cameras and into the eyes of the American people- telling one lie after another to cover up his incompetence and perfidy.

The recent flood of damning emails sent by our personnel at the American Embassy in Benghazi just prior to the deadly terrorist attack leaves no doubt that the Obama administration knew in “real time” that such a terrorist attack was imminent- and that it had nothing to do with a spontaneous demonstration against a wacko video. The entire American electorate has now been informed that Barry Obama is a pathetic pathological liar trying to cover his treasonous tracks. The entire nation has been informed that Obama stood idly by as Americans were being murdered in Benghazi!

Oh, what a tangled web of deceit has been woven by Obama’s inept and untrustworthy administration! Not only did they know immediately that the Libyan debacle was a full blown and well planned terrorist attack, but they lied about it for weeks afterward- trying to make us believe that it was all caused by an obscure anti-Islamic video.

And this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This scandal gets worse with each passing hour. The CIA has apparently been involved in shipping arms (about 400 tons worth) to Syrian rebels linked to Al-Qa’ida and the Muslim Brotherhood- a scandal infinitely bigger than “Fast and Furious.”

And it also appears that the “police” we hired to guard our embassy in Benghazi are linked to Al-Qa’ida.

Why did President Obama lie about the terrorist attack in Benghazi? He wants to protect the Obamanite myth that the death of Osama Bin Laden heralded the end of Al-Qa’ida. He wants to perpetuate the Obamanite myth that he’s keeping America safe from terrorist attacks. He wants you to believe that the Obama administration is worthy of reelection!

I have called this President many dreadful things. I have written, as reported in 2008 by Larry Sinclair, that Barry engaged in both homosexuality and illicit drug use as an Illinois State Senator. I have also stated that Barry was an accessory to murder by illegally travelling to Kenya as a US Senator and campaigning for his communist cousin Rail Odinga- which led to the murders of hundreds of Kenyan Christians after Odinga’s failed presidential bid. And there is no doubt Obama and his thugs were accessories to hundreds of murders in Mexico (and the murder US Border Agent Brian Terry) as a result of sending thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartels during “Fast and Furious.” And last but not least, both birth certificates Obama presented to the American people were obvious frauds. But Obama’s current lies far outweigh what I’ve told you in the past. These lies may give us four more years of Obamanite treason. These lies seriously threaten our national security. These lies confirm the sad fact that our President is a sociopathic liar who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

Face it, America! Barack Hussein Obama looks you right in the eye and tells you one whopper after another. Lies, lies, lies!

America, do you really want a President to continually lies without hesitation and remorse- a surreptitious President who smugly told the Russians he will “have more flexibility” to lie to American people after his “last” election?

Yes, Jay Carney, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton are also liars- but they are not the sitting President of the United States. They simply say what they are told to say. Barack Hussein Obama is a liar and a traitor. May every possible patriot vote be mobilized against this Kenyan criminal!

Heaven help us! Is this really happening to America? Where’s the American press corps? Time for some hope and change, all right! Can you really stomach a seven-hour terrorist attack on our American embassy in Benghazi while our treasonous President stands idly by- after which treacherous lie after treacherous lie is broadcast over national television with impunity? They knew the attack was coming and when it came. Obama did nothing to stop it!
Richard Allan Jenni
Rattlesnake Ridge, Hobble Creek, Utah
Ocean City, New Jersey
Real Conservatives

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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on October 28, 2012 at 10:00pm

No worries man. Simply, just bumps in the road.

Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on October 26, 2012 at 12:17pm

Heartbreaking re: death of an American hero. Watch this video.

Comment by valerie eggers on October 26, 2012 at 9:41am


Comment by Chris Horne on October 25, 2012 at 7:39pm

Anyone that votes for him ( hussein obama)  again or for the first time will be on the list of those that are for Infanticide.  I am starving the beast,Sodom and Gomorrah,( washington, dc) Our House (white house).  I will not let them use my money to support the killing of unborn babies and those that survive abortions.  My tax dollars will not and my pay will not and my money will not support them and their evil.  I am sure everyone can find a way to protect their own  $'s., think hard and follow thru.

Comment by Paul Arnold Browning on October 25, 2012 at 6:19pm

You are so right Richard, and you said it all. he is the lowest form of flesh that I have ever seen.






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