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Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's Discussions

911:...lest we forget, EITHER of them
1 Reply

.September 112001 & 2012.In memoriam of...what they wantus not to see~~~~~~The falling man…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES Sep 11, 2016.

K K K infiltrates Public Schools
2 Replies

.."We are the KKK"Kommon  Kore  Klan"...we see your children as future slavesin our crusade to destroy their intellect(before they get big enoughto come after us) "Trust usMEMBER:B  B…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Your Uncle Sam Nov 17, 2015.

...I will keep the lights burning for you

....I will keep the lights burning for youWILL YOU, ...FOR ME?.Love,Liberty~~~~SUPPORTREAL CONSERVATIVES Order our book!$ 9.95INSTANT DOWNLOADTO ORDERCLICK HERE:…Continue

Started Sep 23, 2015

SCOTUS SCREWED US...fight back
2 Replies

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.UNHOLY MATRIMONY: Today is a significant setback for all Americans who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, democratic self-government, and marriage as the union of one…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by PHILIP SCHNEIDER Jun 28, 2015.



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Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on PHILIP SCHNEIDER's blog post When is the right time to confront Islamic Terrorism . . . . I thought it was on 9-11-2001
PHILIP SCHNEIDER commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post INCITING A RIOT is criminal
"Yeah, I remember that last year batman! You were prophetic. Since President Trump has been in office, the liberal progressive democrats have gone crazy. The result has culminated in a terrorist attack on Republican congressmen where several…"
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted a blog post

INCITING A RIOT is criminal

.TO:All limp-wristed, gutless,whining Snowflake RinosYou were taken aback when I suggested last yearduring the presidential campaignthat Donald Trump form aNational "BATTING PRACTICE" League,a "Bring Your Own Bat" clubfor Trump supporters to carryto Trump rallies...for their own protection,and to keep law and order at the rallies,( You know,...a "show of force")to counter the intimidation tacticsemployed by theOccupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter thugs...YOU WERE HESITANTto stand up to…See More
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted videos
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted a blog post


."Sometimes, we must revert to theunshakeable logic of mathematicswhen things just don't add-up"-*me*(I said that. ME. ...not Yogi Berra)...yeah, he did say THAT~~~~~FORMULA FOR JUSTICE:(Seth Rich + Steve Scalise) (Killery Klinton) ________________________    =   SPECIAL PROSECUTOR          John T. HodgkinsonTHE COMMON DENOMINATOR:Always a Progressive Liberal FanaticA.K.A.: DEMOCRATSORE LOSERSLOCK HER UP~~~~~~~~~.READ A GOOD BOOKCLICK HERE:…See More
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post Patton was a Dad, too
Jun 17
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post ...will you come and meet me?
Jun 17
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted blog posts
Jun 17
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted a video

OMG, 80's,70's,60's Babies! We Made It!

This is a MUST SEE! Times have certainly changed!
Jun 16
PHILIP SCHNEIDER commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post Water safety: Beware dry drowning, secondary drowning...The danger signs of near drowning
Jun 16
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES posted a blog post

We should welcome the terrorists with OPEN ARMS !!

."...we should welcome all terroristswith OPEN ARMS !! "( just make sure to Lock and Load before they get into range ).PERTINENT OLDER CONTENTMORE RELEVANT TODAY;-)....1.  TRUMP'S CONFLICT OF INTEREST:TRUMP'S " Conflict Of Interest " problem - the…See More
Jun 16
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on Kathryn Ball's blog post A THOUGHT to REMEMBER
". @ Kathryn Ball SO TRUE, SO TRUE... ".....I stopped listening to the "PUNDITS".....and placed it and the future of this amazing country that is so DETESTED by the left, in God's hands. I honestly believe that the hand of God…"
Jun 15
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post What rhymes with B O L O G N A ?
Jun 15
"I encourage all Americans to place yourself at this latest shooting scene near our capitol and decide how YOU would have handled yourself .  .  . had you been armed with a weapon. For those of us who DO carry a legal weapon, how effective…"
Jun 15
valerie eggers commented on Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES's blog post TWO PROPOSALS FOR COMBATING TERRORIST ATTACKS...your choice. (SELECT ONLY ONE)
"The call is again screaming for gun control, as all idiotic and insane actions by individuals seem to demand from the left. It would be a huge mistake for law abiding Americans to acquiesce to such demands.  However in early stages it seems to…"
Jun 15
Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES commented on PHILIP SCHNEIDER's blog post The enemy stands clearly in front of us, you can identify them by calling out the names of democrats
Jun 15

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INCITING A RIOT is criminal



All limp-wristed, gutless,



Posted on June 21, 2017 at 8:00am — 1 Comment



"Sometimes, we must revert to the

unshakeable logic of mathematics

when things just don't…


Posted on June 18, 2017 at 9:30am

Patton was a Dad, too


Happy Fathers Day

To all Dads



Posted on June 17, 2017 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Water safety: Beware dry drowning, secondary drowning...The danger signs of near drowning


Water safety


- - Friday, June 16, 2017


As temperatures rise, millions upon millions throughout our nation respond to the call of sparkling bodies of water in our backyard or community swimming pools, lakes, beaches, ponds and waterparks, “to hop in, get wet, enjoy and cool…


Posted on June 16, 2017 at 10:15am — 1 Comment

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At 6:51pm on March 9, 2017, PHILIP SCHNEIDER said…


I inadvertently deleted Jim Delaney's last blog. Is there a way to retrieve it from the system?


At 3:44pm on August 9, 2014, Keith Broaders said…

Please call Keith Broaders at 951-282-3271. I have an idea on how you could generate many thousands of dollars per month in revenue to support you and your efforts to restore our republic.

At 10:29pm on October 25, 2013, Edie Boudreau said…

Hi Raya, Just want to thank you for reposting my Vote request, I really appreciate it, as they are slow in coming. I spent all day today working on my website, and finally have all the errors fixed--at least until tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to hand out flyers at a local Farmers Market I was told about by a new friend. Plus, I've joined two community groups on Facebook and will be showing my products at the Dayton Direct Networking Fair on Nov. 9th. This Grant has really focused my attention on business. Lucky that the time is over for gardening and canning!

At 11:05pm on October 20, 2013, Edie Boudreau said…


I found that I couldn't include the email that was sent to family/friends in the first message, so I sent it in another message, but it is on top of my first message, so I didn't want it to appear with my explanation. I also just read through my first message, and I should have said they put up $3 million, not $12 million. If you think it is ok for me to send the request to you and the other members, could you either send me the list of their names again (as I don't know how to find the ones you sent before), or else just forward the email on to them in one joint email, with my first explanation?  I would appreciate your help. Thanks for any you can give. Edie

At 10:51pm on October 20, 2013, Edie Boudreau said…

To family, friends, and compatriots in life:  
I am writing to ask for your support. It won't take but a few minutes and will cost you nothing. I would just like for you to cast a vote for my business on the Internet. It could finally mean a new start and success for  Keep-Safe Lockbox Corporation.  I've applied for a Small Business Grant from Chase Bank in their contest for 12 small business winners to receive grants for $250,000. They are giving a total of $3 million to the 12 businesses, and it is an annual contest. I've submitted all the paperwork, and created a Keep-Safe Lockbox Corp. page (as well as an ad) on Facebook. (You will need a Facebook account in order to vote. If you don't have one, maybe a friend or family member does and will let you access their account.)  
All you have to do is log into Facebook and in the "Find People/Places" box, type "Keep-Safe Lockbox Corp." to reach my page and my post about this contest. The post includes the link to click on: When you click on it, you will reach the Bank's Contest Page with a box asking you to vote. Once again, type in the name Keep-Safe Lockbox Corp., or you could also try typing my zip code: 89403-8010 and reach it that way. Then you click on "submit vote" to add to my list of votes. (Another way you can do it is to go straight to and go through the same process, but you will have to already be logged into your Facebook account to process it.) 
Evidently the contest started collecting votes on Oct. 1st, but I just learned of it and today is my first day of submittal. I need to receive at least 250 votes by the end of Nov. 14th in order to have my business be eligible to be judged by the Contest's panel. So I really need your help, and hope that you will forward this message to at least 10 of your friends that you think might also respond. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance, and I would be very happy to get a reply to my email from all of you.
Edie Boudreau


At 10:51pm on October 20, 2013, Edie Boudreau said…

Hi, Raya,

I know I've been a stranger for a few months, but I have been an invisible reader and kept up with all comments from the Conservican group scheduled to work on your second book. I'm still available as an editor/ proofreader/article contributor when you get started on it. I just don't have much time to promote the first book except for the little blogging I've done on various conservative sites to promote REAL CONSERVATIVES. I have been caught up in all the political crises we've been struggling through since we last talked.

I had a huge "survival" garden this summer, and just finished canning the produce from it. Plus, I had a lot of landscaping improvements going at the same time. I also had out-of-state visitors a couple of times, and had all the time-consuming details required from an auto accident I was involved in that required insurance/new (used) car purchase, etc. I wasn't at fault--I was rear-ended at a red light, but I am still waiting for payment for car rental expenses from the other driver's insurance.

Then I've been focused on my e-commerce business for the last month. I think I told you about it; if not, it is  Except for the corporate business affairs, Keep-Safe Lockbox Corporation is concentrated on the website, with the mfr. sending product from his facility. I've had it for years, without making any profit from it because of several unrelated problems with my Server--Storesonline--and a marketing group nightmare I signed on with to do a TV commercial.

The real problem is keeping up with expenses, as I spend about 1/4 of my monthly income from Social Security and a small pension on it. This past week I've been busy applying for one of 12 Small Business Grants that Chase Bank is offering in an annual contest they hold. They put up $12 million a year to provide $250,000 each to 12 small U.S. businesses. I've been accepted to compete in the contest, including putting up a special page on Facebook for Keep-Safe Lockbox Corp., and running an ad about the contest. In order to qualify to move forward to their judging panel, I need to have 250 votes for the business from my own (unpaid) sources. I am going to paste the data from an email I sent to family and friends asking for their votes below. I don't know if you think it would be appropriate to forward it to the Conservican members of the Promotion Group or not, but I would really appreciate all the votes I can get. It makes the difference between getting the financial assistance to make the business succeed or not. Instructions on how to vote are included for anyone who has a Facebook account or has access to a family member's account. Please let me know if you think it is ok to send this to you or if you don't feel it is appropriate.  Edie

At 10:20pm on June 9, 2012, PHILIP SCHNEIDER said…

Hey Ray,

I got this email from Peter Meis. I sent it to Wayne, he said forward it to you..

"A suspended member has sent you a message on REAL CONSERVATIVES.  Peter Meis ( writes:

Delete me entirely."

I don't yet know the protocol for suspending and deleting members.


At 8:21pm on April 20, 2012, Bill Pool said…
At 4:45pm on October 3, 2011, Linda Maddox said…
It took two days to get my husband out of Federal Jail. We went to court on Thursday. He was brought before a judge along with all the people involved in the Medical case! We don't have the same charges, but some are the same. They did say we rented the building to him. Our lawyer messed up the paper work after bail was set. It was two days of hell. As of Friday afternoon, didn't believe the lawyer had it right. But he was set free by 6 pm. Court is on Oct. 31 to plead! Lost Allens phone number!
At 9:56am on July 24, 2011, Bill Pool said…
posted by Bill Pool  Rand Paul is my senator, don't need to do anything!!





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