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How Obama Used

an Army of Thugs

to Steal the 2008

Democratic Party


We Will Not Be Silenced, Falsified delegate counts, Falsified documents, and other violations

Think those billy club armed New Black Panther thugs in Philadelphia were the first time Obama used Stalinist tactics to intimidate voters and disenfranchise the American people?


Think again.


In testimony this week before Congress, former Justice Department Official J. Christian Adams revealed that not only were similar claims “pervasive”, but Obama activists committed the “same” crimes during the 2008 Democratic primary to help then Sen. Obama defeat Democratic heir apparent Hillary Clinton.

Obama gamed the system in 2008 by not only allowing an army of young men station themselves outside polling locations in African American communities to prevent elderly women and others from voting for their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, but he also trained thousands of willing accomplices—while I do not have confirmation, I do sense the presence of ACORN here—spread throughout the Democratic caucuses to commit voter fraud on a massive scale.
The movie “We Will Not Be Silenced”, made by Democratic Party activist Gigi Gaston, produced by Bettina Sofia Viviano, and executive produced by former Clinton Campaign Regional Director John Siegel, documents how the unknown Senator from Illinois used “falsified delegate counts, falsified documents, and other violations” to beat the seemingly unbeatable Clinton machine and claim the Democratic nomination.

The documentary describes “the disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign… ‘Change’ from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote.”


“Teachers, professors, civil rights activists, lawyers, janitors, physicists, ophthalmologists, accountants, mathematicians, retirees… discuss how their party has disenfranchised them, and how, when they saw and reported multiple instances of fraud, everyone turned a blind eye. Rather than support and protect the voices and votes of its loyal members, the DNC chose to sweep this under the rug by looking the other way.”


During the election the Hillary campaign issued multiple press releases in an attempt to publicize these events and bring them to the voter’s attention, but to no avail. The main stream media, like the Democrat Party leadership, had already chosen their candidate.


They willfully ignored the worst election abuses in a generation and allowed an immoral and unworthy man take control of this great nation.

I highly recommend you watch the entire video; it will only take about 35 minutes and is well worth the time. Be sure to forward it on to others, because everyone should know the true story about how Obama became President.

Part 1, 3:35, “Obama supporters were going back through the crowd, telling the people that were on the other side of the table and people outside (Hillary supporters), that they could go home, that they had been counted. I turned and said ‘Don’t they need to sign a sheet first?’ And of course, that is how they are counted. A lot of those people who went home (without signing), English was not their first language.”

Part 1, 4:45, “I was listening to a conversation… The people were talking about how they were going to be collecting names for the following day, asking people if they were coming back to caucus… They were talking about how they were going to be taking those names and they wouldn’t have to be physically there, but their votes would be counted.”
Part 2, 0:25, Dr. Linda Hayes: “We investigated fraud at the precinct level in conventions all over south Houston…


Hillary attained 51% of the votes in Texas and by popular vote Obama only attained 47.4%. As a scientist and mathematician I was curious as the results came in from the precincts and that the precinct caucuses did not reflect those numbers, so I could see something was wrong… We laboriously went through each of the (caucus) sign in sheets to see if they were properly filled out… and many, many, many Obama people either came to the wrong precinct, they did not sign in properly, they did not show ID, or they had not voted that day… How they determine the delegates is on these sign in sheets. So when so many people were registered illegally for Obama, they attained the lion’s portion of the delegates.”

Part 2, 5:35, John Siegel: “Hillary won the popular vote by about 4%, but ended up losing the caucuses by 10%. So there is this huge 14 point swing between what Hillary should have won in a normal state and what she got at the end of the caucuses in Texas.”


Part 2, 6:20, “The worst thing that we saw in Indiana, was parents coming into the office saying that the Gary Indiana Public School System had bussed their children to Crown Point Indiana to vote in the election. That was a great civics lesson, but if children were being told to go to the polls and vote for Obama, which they were, parents were livid. They were outraged and they wanted to know what could be done about this… It was atrocious, because what lesson in civics were kids learning that day? Win by any means necessary? The right to vote is a sacred right in America, and we take school children and bus them on a school day, tell them who to vote for, then pay them for their lunch, and then dismiss them from school early on taxpayer money?”

Part 3, 0:00, “By about twelve o’clock, one o’clock on election day, all hell broke loose. We started getting phone calls from people at various precincts where there were Obama supporters getting sign-ins before the polls had even closed. We had people who were being shouted down and intimidated when they were for Hillary Clinton.”


Part 3, 3:54, Civil Rights Activist who had marched with Martin Luther King: “I had come to Indiana in the early afternoon about one o’clock. I was just sort of riding through the communities to get a feel for what was going on… There were some guys who had put up lawn chairs in front of the door going into the community center, so I stopped and parked my car. I got out of my car and there was this lady, probably about 80 years old, who was slowly walking up the street. As she was approaching the entranceway to go into the building, one of the young men called to her ‘If you’re not voting for Obama, go home, because you’re not voting here today.’ She turned and walked away. The pain that I felt, because of the people who have fought for African Americans to have the right to vote, this fight that has gone on for many, many, many years and to see two African American young men deny the right, under the veiled threat of violence, to a woman who looked to be around 80 years old, and not allow her an opportunity to vote. I felt appalled. While I was standing there, there were other people approaching, maybe four or five, and when they heard that they all turned and walked away.”

Part 3, 7:20, Kevin Dujan, Iowa: “There were these two women sitting at the table checking in people, looking over names. I went standing behind the two elderly women that we had brought to the caucus location and they mysteriously could not find their names in the book. The two women saw that these women had Hillary stickers on them… so they weren’t going to let them caucus. They said ‘Oh, you must be in some other caucus.’ I said ‘Look lady, I’m from Chicago and I know tricks like this. Let me see that book or we’re going to get the precinct captain over here and we’re going to look and find the names together. I guarantee this woman’s in here, because she’s not a liar. She’s ninety years old and has been looking forward to this. Don’t tell me she’s not in the book.’ Well then, wouldn’t you know it, miraculously and mysteriously, once I made that big of a push, she magically found her name in the book and let her go be a part of the caucus… I noticed that that was not happening for any of the Obama people, they were just getting waved right through.”

Part 4, 5:45, “I thought it was an isolated incident, just in my precinct. It’s not, and that what bothers me. How can we not look at the system? If it happens in every precinct and every one of us has a very similar story, I can not believe that we don’t see it as manipulating a situation. People told me, Obama supporters who went to the training, that they have been trained to be aggressive.”

Part 4, 6:20, “They knew from the beginning all the problems with all the security holes in the caucus. They knew they filtered out people. They knew the low turn out rates. They must have known from other elections how many votes from caucus states are not exact votes, but just an estimate projected from news organizations.”


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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on October 1, 2011 at 8:36pm
Wouldn't it be wonderful if our nation could rid itself of ALL the rotten apples in congress?
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on October 1, 2011 at 7:28pm
con't.  . . . Also review Russ Davis' post:

to brush up on some of the legal ramifications of political misfeasance, non- feasance, and malfeasance.

Bless you for your assistance.  And God be with all Patriots.

Obama Affidavit-

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on October 1, 2011 at 7:22pm

Pelosi Conspiracy

Private Citizen Pelosi 2008 DNC Conspiracy to Circumvented State Laws


From Billy Bowlegs


The Nancy Pelosi Conspiracy with the 2008 DNC Nomination Certificates appears to be designed to circumvent state election laws.


Only one out of 50 states received a Nomination Certificate that was somewhat correct.  However, that state had already chosen to create their own nomination certificate - Hawaii.  The other 49 states filed a certificate that fell far short of State Law (the DNC certificate).  Hawaii, OBAMA’s so called home state/birth state filed their own nomination certificate without vetting OBAMA.  Why did this happen.


It is a very intricate conspiracy that effects not only the Federal Government but the integrity of every State that accepted the fraudulent certification of Obama and Biden to be the President and Vice President nominees for the Democratic Party.


Florida response to an inquiry:  "There is no requirement in Florida law for the party to certify that its presidential nominee is qualified to hold the office.  However, in Hawaii, its state law specifically requires that the political party provide a statement that each candidate is legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.  Apparently, Hawaii required such certification for the 2008 presidential election, so this explains why the Democratic National Committee prepared two versions of its presidential candidate certification."


There are many of us Patriots that believe this is total bull crap.  The candidates that become the electoral college (the popularly elected representatives (electors) who formally elect the President and Vice President of the United States) has to be stringently evaluated for integrity before being nominated within a state.


Why would a person so qualified wish to cast a hard earned vote for someone who is not qualified; imputed law basically establishes that the President and Vice President nominees meet all Constitutional requirements, period (in all states).


We have traced enough of the certificates filed by the 2008 DNC to ascertain that a crime has been committed and perpetrated on all States.  (Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, California, Texas, and Hawaii are known to have laws that were broken with the private citizen Pelosi conspiracy.


Please accept personal responsibility to assist in resolving the crime.  From figurative expression, all disgruntled Sovereign Citizens of all States of the United States of America need an avenue to achieve a common goal.  That is to "prevent the occurrence of such a conspiracy from ever occurring again in the history of our nation." 


We cannot directly resolve the crime single handedly because all Judges have an asinine way of eliminating us one by one simply with one statement, "You have no standing".  Collectively, and speaking collectively, we can show the world we have standing.


Please join us by downloading the attached documents.  Study them, forward them to your e-mail contacts, ask them to forward on to theirs, and by the time we get to level 7, (xxx)  Congressmen will have been sent several hundred thousand letters demanding a change in the (xxx) Law.


A draft letter is included if you wish to use it.  Please include appropriate language in your letters to your Representatives and Senators of (xxx), that laws should be modified to prevent drive by registration at Smuchatellie's Bar and Grill; that only legally established voter registration locations will be accepted.  (I.e., you research and eliminate ACORN type fraud at the local level); and, you gain control of illegal aliens.


Also review Russ Davis' post: 


Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on October 1, 2011 at 7:15pm
3.     Rulings by SCOTUS as to the meaning of ‘natural born Citizen’ in the Constitution (especially Minor vs. Happersett): 

Executive Summary Re NBC Defined in Constitution Plus 4 SCOTUS Cases
4.     The act of forgery by Obama to obtain and maintain employment with the U.S. Government (calls for 15 years in jail, not in the White House), thereby impacting the rights of voters in Florida’s Lee County to a fair, impartial, and constitutional vote: 

News Release of June 13, 2011 Final Analysis of President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth By Douglas Vogt (28 pages)
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on October 1, 2011 at 7:14pm
1.      Election fraud by Nancy Pelosi and the DNC, that violated the rights of voters in Florida’s Lee County to a fair, impartial, and constitutional vote in 2008:

Executive Summary Re Election Fraud by Pelosi and DNC w-HI and 49 Other States OCONS
2.     The effort by Congress over the past 8 years to eliminate the ‘natural born Citizen’ requirement for the Presidency, in order to deprive the citizens of Lee County to a fair, impartial, and constitutional vote:

The Conspiracy to Eliminate the Natural Born Citizen Requirement from our Constitution – With and Without a Constitutional Amendment
Comment by valerie eggers on September 30, 2011 at 11:13am
It's as clear as the nose on our faces that this was NOT an election. It was a coup. It was a take over of the American electoral process and ultimately our government. We're still experiencing this. They won't be stopped by any legitimate process. They just keep coming.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on September 30, 2011 at 10:21am

"Cornered animals get desperate!"

Yes they do.

Cornered RATS come back to bite you again and again.

Comment by Sandra on September 30, 2011 at 9:02am
Phillip; The media never will report on what the desperate 50/60 dopers are doing, they are part of it...  We have to keep the faith that we can out number them and find ways to make sure we get a true vole? They are running scared becasue they know this is the last chance they have to cram there commie ideas on us...  Cornered animals get desperate!
Comment by Sandra on September 30, 2011 at 8:59am
It's "ridiculously easy" to hack the Diebold e-voting machines that will be in widespread use for the 2012 elections, say researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. Using only $25 worth of materials, they made a low-tech, remote-controlled component about half the size of a credit card. The component was able to intercept a vote cast and change it before it was recorded by the system.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on September 30, 2011 at 12:21am

The biggest vote fraud and election is about to happen in 2012.

The money supposedly being spent through the "Stimulus" legislation is going to show up by the billions of dollars in the 2012 election. It's going to go to engineer a certain victory for the democrat machine and in the process reelect Obama. The media won't report on it until it's too late.






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