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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Good morning, America.

When President Trump used Title 42 under the guise of a COVID precaution to curtail illegal immigration, a temporary “Band-Aid” fix was applied to chronic problem that Congress has long failed to properly address.

Under the misguided and incompetent, more likely disingenuous and treasonous, Biden administration, intentional lax protection of our Southern border has resulted in illegal immigration expanding far beyond anything previously experienced even WITHOUT Title 42 being employed.

Now, with Title 42 restrictions ENDING on May 11th, we are anticipating a virtual tsunami of illegal border crossings that will cause irreparable harm to our taxpayers, our social and medical services, our police departments, our educational facilities, our local communities in general, and the illegal immigrants themselves- especially young children caught up in sex trafficking and other forms of enslaving exploitation.

This is not happenstance- not an accident.

As I wrote last night, “It is now my firm belief that the motive for this bureaucratic perfidy and unpardonable betrayal is all about the 2024 Presidential election. By flooding the country with illegal immigrants, the ever-growing Biden Crime Family hopes to produce sufficient illegal voters casting illegal ballots to reelect Crooked Joe- and “finish the job” of bringing the United States of America to complete ruin.”

It is increasingly difficult for me to see the smiling images of the head of the Biden Crime Family, to hear his constant steam of self-aggrandizing lies, and to witness the damage he is willfully inflicting upon America.

To “add insult to injury,” Crooked Joe and his son Hunter have been selling official influence to foreign entities with impunity. Despite that stolen “official influence” being the property of the American people, not the Biden Crime Family, I hear in the media from bureaucratic wonders like Bill Barr that selling influence is not a crime- only corruption.

And yes, in the old days, we called “selling influence” by its proper description- “taking bribes.”

In the early days of Biden’s “Presidency,” I thought I was watching a dystopian reincarnation of “Hunger Games.” Now, it seems we are experiencing something infinitely more complex, more complete and more sinister.

American civilization is being methodically torn apart- systematically dismantled. The end result will be something much worse than a “Banana Republic.” We have traded “The Rule of Law” for “Rules for Thee and Not for Me,” and now are on the precipice of complete chaos.

Yes, Joe is compromised, crooked and in severe mental decline. We wonder who is really in control of our Executive Branch. However, there is a totalitarian threat headed our way far worse than JRB.

By whatever name you choose to call it, a sole elitist government taking command of the entire globe is the endgame.

All these genuine problems like high crime, rampant inflation, open borders and energy dependence on foreign sources are, in my view, simply deadly distractions that numb the majority of our citizens to the point of unresponsiveness regarding the steady and systematic loss of our precious liberty.

I do see some signs of life in the present House of Representatives- but the Senate and Presidency are a confused mixture of Globalist goals and Socialist daydreams.

Nevertheless, I think the first step to recovery is the impeachment of Crooked Joe Biden. That critical measure of restoring sanity is within the power of the House.

The impeachment tool was used to hamstring President Trump for the majority of his term as President- his major accomplishments notwithstanding.

We can use the same modus operandi to slow down the Globalist takeover. Moreover, I think the corrupt machinations of the Biden Crime Family will reveal actual crimes that can be prosecuted in the near future- by whatever Congressional means necessary and by circumventing our corrupt Department of Justice.

I am not a Constitutional expert, but in my understanding, the “Checks and Balances” that our Founding Fathers instituted should be sufficient in the House to at least curtail the corruption in the Executive Branch.

And yes, impeachment of Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas is presently being threatened by the House- and perhaps Merrick Brian Garland as well.

However, the impeachment of Joseph Robinette Biden, in my opinion, is long overdue- and critically important to immediately accomplish.

Oddly enough, I’m told Fox still owns another two years of Tucker’s contract- keeping him from working somewhere else.

Well, the House of Representatives owns nearly “another two years of Joe’s contract.” You’d think Republicans in the House would learn from the Democrats and gleefully use that leverage to make Joe absolutely miserable- just as the Dems used impeachment against Donald in attempting to derail his Presidency.

The demonic Dems even impeached Trump a third time AFTER he was no longer in the White House! In the vernacular, “How the Hell does THAT happen?”

I suppose that’s enough contentious rabble rousing for one day.

Love you all.

Dickie Allan

PS: If they put me in solitary, please sneak me a few cans of sardines…


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