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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Good morning, America.

Yesterday my good friend and loyal reader Guy Davidson commented, “Great post as usual, Dickie. I like your idea of impeaching Biden, even though I know it really can’t be done. It would be a golden opportunity for the Republicans to expose Joe Biden for the corrupt politician he’s always been!”

I replied, “Impeachment COULD be accomplished by the House- if the Repubs had sufficient moral courage. Impeachment only requires a simple majority in the House. I do agree with you that any hope of an actual trial taking place would be dead on arrival in the Senate. Nevertheless, the colossal damage to the Biden Crime Family would be well worth the effort.”

Also yesterday, it was announced Biden will send 1500 active military members to the Southern border to perform support duties- in other words, waste time doing paperwork, not actually help secure our real estate.

By the way, I am now a Newsmax lover. To Hell with Fox News…

With Biden in mind, I will now subject you to a history lesson.

Self-taught engineer William Mulholland commenced work on the Saint Francis Dam in 1924- its purpose to provide water for the rapidly growing city of Las Angeles. He “finished the job” in 1926. Nearly two years later, the dam failed about three minutes before midnight on March 12, 1928. 12.4 billion gallons of water gushed toward Las Angeles and the Pacific Ocean- leaving as many as 600 dead in a horrific 55-mile path of devastation. The official estimate of casualties was 450. A few bodies are still being recovered. The dam failure remains the worst man-made disaster in California history.

On the morning of March 12, 1928, Tony Harnischfeger, the dam keeper, had warned Mulholland of muddy leaks at the bottom of the dam- which indicated the foundation of the dam was deteriorating. The 3-mile-long lake behind the dam was now completely filled. Mulholland then inspected the dam, determined there was no danger- and reportedly told the dam keeper to keep quiet.


Tony and his son Cody were the first to die. The body of woman living with them was discovered squeezed between two large chunks of concrete.

The next victims were the 75 families living in the canyon directly below the dam. Scant few survived.

From an article by Mat Blitz dated March 12, 2015 we read:

“Ray Rising was one of only three people from a nearby community who survived the disaster; his wife and two daughters did not make it through alive. In a 1963 profile, Ray described his harrowing experience:

‘We were all asleep in our wood-framed home in the small canyon just above the power house. I hear a roaring like a cyclone. The water was so high we couldn't get out the front door. The house disintegrated. In the darkness I became tangled with an oak tree, fought clear and swam to the surface. I was wrapped with electrical wires and held by the only power pole in the canyon. I grabbed the roof of another house, jumping off when it floated to the hillside. I was stripped of clothing but scrambled up the razorback of a hillside.’

The water continued from there, moving at a rate of 18 miles an hour, causing catastrophic damage to the towns of Castaic, Saugus, Filmore, Santa Paula and Saticoy. With each stop, the water picked up more debris, more trees and more casualties. The lucky few that had survived the initial crush, grabbed onto anything that would float - mattresses, trees, roofs and even a water tank, which someone reported to have seen a woman riding in an evening gown. According to the LA Times, the first warning to residents in the affected areas didn’t come until 1:20 am. Towns that had already been hit did their best to warn others in the water’s path. Heroes emerged, including the ‘Hello Girls,’ female telephone operators like Louise Gipe in Santa Paula and Reicel Jones in Saticoy who called residents in low-lying areas. California Highway Patrol officers Thornton Edwards - who earned the nickname the 'Paul Revere of the St. Francis Flood'- and Stanley Baker crisscrossed streets on their motorcycles, sirens wailing…

Prior to March 12 (1928), William Mulholland was looked upon as Los Angeles’ savior, the man who quenched the thirst of a growing empire. Now, he was a murderer solely responsible for the breaking of the St. Francis Dam. Residents across the region put up signs in front of their house that read simply, ‘Kill Mulholland.’

A coroner’s inquest began in earnest, at the public’s demand, on March 21. Witnesses testified to seeing leaks, drips and cracks in the dam in the days prior. A statement made by William Hoke, a friend of Harnischfeger, indicated that 'Harnischfeger] had made some remarks to the unsafeness of the dam and was told by some of the higher-ups... that if he had wished to retain his position, that he better stop talking about the dam as unsafe..'

Trained civil engineers explained faults they found in Mulholland’s dam design. When it was the Chief's time on the stand, his expression was pained and his words more so, 'Don’t blame anyone else, you just fasten it on me. If there was an error in human judgment, I was the human, and I won’t try to fasten it on anyone else. On occasion like this, I envy the dead.'

Mulholland also insinuated that he thought the dam had been dynamited; perhaps a callback to his days building the aqueduct, saying that the location in the canyon left it “vulnerable to human aggression.” Furthering his thoughts, he had 'a suspicion' of whom to blame, but didn’t want to say whom because 'it is a very serious thing to make a charge- to me it is a sacred thing to make a charge, even of the remotest implication.'

In a rather emotional testimony before the inquest, he attempted to resign as Chief Engineer, but the board refused it saying, “The board hereby declines to grant such a request and urges the chief to remain on the job he has so faithfully filled for half a century.'

After weeks of interviews, the inquest cleared Mulholland of any charges, but did declare that, 'the construction and operation of a great dam should never be left to the sole judgment of one man, no matter how eminent..'

The Commission’s report was released a few weeks later in April and, while also not blaming Mulholland of any intentional wrongdoing, it added, “The failure of the St. Francis Dam was due to defective foundations.” Despite these rulings, many still blamed Mulholland for his negligence, lack of formal engineering training, and arrogance – his belief that he could control the immense power of water.”

Fast forward from March 12, 1928 to present day. There is another “dam” about to break- which is now leaking badly- and foreboding impending disaster. We call that “dam” our Southern border- and on May 11, 2023, it is scheduled to burst with catastrophic fury.

Like the obvious False Flag at our Capitol on January 6, 2021, this impending disaster at the Southern border is preventable- but all warnings, just as Dam Keeper Tony Harnischfeger’s warning was ignored, are being ignored by the inept and/or treasonous Biden administration.

Moreover, sending 1500 troops to the border to do paperwork is not protecting the American citizens in the wake of the coming flood- nor the lives of migrants themselves, many of whom will lose their lives.

And Biden wants to “finish the job?”

Love you all.

Dickie Allan


Photo: Image of the St. Francis Dam prior to its failure circa 1927. It illustrates just how much water would have flown through the Santa Clara River Valley. (PN43262 OS, MVC Library & Archives collection)


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