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Wednesday, May 3, 2023


Good afternoon, America.


Pardon my overactive brain. I’ve been multitasking- using my MacBook to simultaneously watch Newsmax and Bongino- while monitoring my Facebook comments and also improving left-hand dexterity on my Roland keyboard.


First, some random comments…


Abandoning FNC for Newsmax was Divine Providence. I do miss Peter Doocy and his father- mais, c’est fini…


Trump and DeSantis BOTH bury Biden in the polls.  Hilarious…


The Cleveland, Texas shooter has been arrested while “hiding in a closet underneath some laundry.” Hope this derelict piece of subhuman “humanity” gets the death penalty. Good chance in Texas…


Artificial intelligence could be a fantastic benefit to all humanity- except for one small detail. As Dan Bongino pointed out to me this morning, AI would vastly amplify Big Brother’s ability to track our every move. No thanks! You’d be better off with MY limited mental capacity running the world.


Dan also warned on that podcast that ANY microphone in your proximity should be regarded as LIVE. Good advice…


And last but not least, I truly do appreciate you who faithfully read my posts. Also, I do try to read all your comments. Without you, my literary efforts would be less significant than a rotting banana peel. This same expression of genuine gratitude applies to my music videos. Thank you!


Now, today’s message- a personal one.


I enlisted in the United States Army in 1965 as a trumpet player (02B20). Though I retired as an Air Force MSGT, spent most of my working days as a parole officer in New Jersey and even volunteered as a wildland firefighter in Utah, I still identify as a Soldier- an OLD one at that. Turning 79 in the fall, I’ll be at the front end of my 80th year. But, so what?


I did have my own business for a while operating a bed and breakfast in Ocean City, New Jersey- from August, 1996 until it was hit by lightning in June of 2002. My stint as an inn keeper lasted just long enough to prove I could subsist outside public service.


I also served as the caregiver for my mother for about for about four years- prior to her death in 2011. Mom suffered from severe dementia- and that was by far was the greatest trial of my life. I would do it all over again- but am so thankful I will never be called to do so. I learned that there is assuredly a special place in Heaven for those who selflessly serve as caregivers for their loved ones. Not sure that blessing applies to me, but I did the best I could.


Yes, I’ve had my ups and downs- including my own battles with what seems to be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Thanks to the help, patience and long-suffering of our Savior Jesus Christ, my family and friends, especially my wife Sharon, I feel remarkably healed- and also spiritually, physically and financially blessed beyond my mortal ability to measure.


I don’t know what the future holds for me- but we ALL are expected to walk by faith though this confusing maze of mortality.


My point is that Almighty God has given us the power to recover, recharge and repent as we meet the trials in our path. And yes, sometimes recovering, recharging and repenting seems absolutely impossible- but with God, ALL things are possible. We can prevail if we persist- be forgiven if we forgive- and regain trust in our own abilities if we trust in Jesus.


Myself, I am determined to still be among the living when the Savior returns in His glory. I will not give in, give out or give up. I pray each of you will find such strength in Jesus- if you haven’t already.


By the way, Joe Biden gives us oldies a bad name- and the only thing dumber than messing with an old Soldier like myself is messing with an old Marine. Ask General Joseph Francis Dunford, Junior about “messing with an old Marine.”


Yes, America is in a bad place right now- and sure enough, our present circumstances may fester even worse before they significantly improve. Nevertheless, those of us who wait upon the Lord shall not wait in vain. I testify that He lives, that He cares- and with His help, we shall prevail against all our enemies- all demons within and all demons without.


We are never alone in this classic struggle to maintain our precious liberty, to save our beloved country and to feed and protect our loved ones. I testify that your prayers are heard by Jesus, that your needs are known by Him and that all good can be accomplished through Him.


Love you all.


Dickie Allan

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