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Many Americans jumped on the Obama train in 2008 as they decided to vote for his promise of “Hope and Change.”  The message was proclaimed loud and clear in the media, and on the campaign trail.  Did America really know what was at stake, or did most people board up only to find out that the message was one of deception?

The time was right for change, and people wanted a new tone in Washington DC, and throughout our nation.  Barack H. Obama seemed to fill this void and he also would make history as the first “Black “President and heal the land of its racial divide.

It did not take long however, for the true Barack Obama to rise up, and for the policies of an unknown figure to begin to raise questions in the minds of the voters.  The first red flag was raised when the media reported that “We Are All Socialists now.”  Also, Executive orders and signs from the White House signaled drastic departures in business as usual in the government.

It did not take long for the question of race to move to the forefront of the discussion after Mr. Obama defended his friend over the police and made statements that gave rise to whether or not race played a part in the situation.

We moved along and most Americans gave Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt.

The President hit the road and put the miles on Air Force One, and The Beast, his official ground transportation.  He place questionable people in high positions, and failed to defend the American Dream.  His apology tour began, and he sunk to a new low by bowing to foreign leaders and making speeches that berated American Exceptionalism.  Americans began to take notice and the Tea Party movement gave rise within a few months of Obama’s inauguration.  It had become obvious to some that America had a problem that went deeper that race. 

The health care debate began, and out of control spending was a norm for this President with no end in sight of the wasteful and reckless disregard for the U.S. economy, The Constitution, and the American people.  Our voices were not being heard, and the Obama regime carried on in the quest to move America in a leftist Progressive Socialist direction.  Obama has decided that he now wants to move us “Forward.” 

We have passed the three and half year mark in the Obama Presidency, and most Americans are asking themselves is this the same America that we had four ago, or is this still the America that our Founders laid the foundation for? 

The policies and actions of this President are destroying our Constitution, laws, and The American dream as we know it.  Welfare rolls are increasing at an alarming rate, more people are unemployed, our economy is in decline, and each new fix that Obama proposes, when he not blaming others for his failure is taking us to a new level of decay.

Race relations under Obama are at an all time low, and we are about to experience the largest tax increase that the world has ever seen.  It also seems more important to this President to bail out other countries first, and to align himself with groups and nations that have no interest in America except to do harm to our way of life.

America cannot withstand four more years of this administration.  We must return to our founding principles, stop the reckless spending, protect our borders, and stand up to the militant Islamic terrorists that seek to destroy our way of life. 

America must also first and foremost once again place her trust in almighty GOD if we want to continue to be a prosperous nation.  We must not allow our faith to be taken away by those that would introduce us to religions and faiths that are hostile to world peace and freedom.

We have only scratched the surface in this posting as to how this President and his Administration are destroying America and the world.  We cannot ignore the fact that our Congress is just as guilty also.

We are Americans, and we are Patriots.  We must stand up to tyranny and against those that would remove the one nation that has stood in the gap for Godly principles, and for the cause of freedom in these troubled times.

We have the ability to share our vision for a greater America for our offspring, and the world.  Let’s keep it alive because this election may very well be our final stand.

God Bless America!

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on July 14, 2012 at 9:59pm

It's been a depressing 31/2 years watching the destruction at the hands of Obama and the democrat machine.

Thanks for the words of encouragement Emery, We DO have a big job ahead of us. "Let’s keep it alive because this election may very well be our final stand."

Comment by Emery McClendon on July 14, 2012 at 5:09pm

WOW! Thank you.

Comment by Deborah Moore on July 14, 2012 at 4:21pm

I will share your wise words. This man needs to hear you.

Rep. Carlos Henriquez (Photo: Henriquez Facebook page)
Rep. Carlos Henriquez (Photo: Henriquez Facebook page)

DORCHESTER, MA – Carlos Henriquez, a young state representative from Dorchester, has been arrested this morning "on a charge of domestic assault and battery", channel 5 WCVB reports.

Below is Rep. Henriquez' biography, which is posted on a Massachusetts legislature website.

"Carlos Henriquez is both a community organizer and leader, working with residents across Boston to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, particularly in Dorchester and Roxbury–where Carlos lives. He is a product of Boston Public Schools, further solidifying his connection to the city’s youth.

Carlos was born and raised in Roxbury. As a child, his first memory of civic engagement was the rainbow coalition pin he wore at the age of seven to support Mel King’s mayoral candidacy.

In his neighborhood he has been actively involved with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), where he worked with youth from the neighborhood on community planning and organizing projects, ranging from clean-ups to planning community centers.

At a young age, Carlos learned what could be accomplished through organization, planning, and collaborative efforts with members of his community. Over the years he has gone from youth-to-mentor. Carlos currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for DSNI. He spends time on the Kroc Community Center Committee, which is working with the community and the Salvation Army in developing an $115 million, 96,000 square foot center being constructed on Dudley Street. He chairs the Workforce Development Committee. His favorite committee to serve on, by far, is the Youth Committee. Carlos is referred to as an “elder” by the youth of this committee. He mentors many of them, providing guidance, training and support for the initiatives on which the group is working in their neighborhoods. He is a personal friend to many of them, often helping with employment, school and personal issues.

Carlos is a member of the Ward 13 Democratic Committee, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, NAACP, Young Professional Network of the Urban League, Roxbury Master Plan Oversight Committee and Roxbury Neighborhood Council (ex-officio)."






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