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Death by Distraction.


All our lives, we’ve been told to pay attention, to be on the alert, to keep a watchful eye on our surroundings; that being distracted can get you killed. Lose your concentration for just a moment and you can get into an accident or you don’t notice a stranger until he’s got you by the throat. Not being aware/being distracted has caused more than just inconveniences. It can kill.

And, being distracted doesn’t apply solely to individuals. It applies to races and entire nations.

Most of the time distraction isn’t done purposefully. Sometimes you just aren’t paying attention- you’re driving in your car and you’re listening to loud music, engaging in a lively conversation or screaming at your kids to get back in their car seats. You don’t notice the light has turned red and BAM-you’re injured. These are examples of incidental distractions.

But sometimes distraction is done purposefully to keep you from being aware of situations that you should be aware of. Animals are coaxed into cages by the sight of food. They aren’t paying attention until the door slams shut behind them then its too late. Same with humans- they are distracted by something so appealing its disorientating- brand new furniture or car. They want it but they don’t have the money. No problem. They are extended a line of credit that has no interest for a year but at the end of the year, they’re still paying. Without noticing, 25% interest is slapped on the entire amount not the balance owed.  Too late- they didn’t read the fine print because they were distracted.

Lacking awareness is what caused great empires to fall. The destruction of the Byzantine and the Persian empires were caused because they were too distracted to notice the threat in Arabia. Two advanced powers crushed by an illiterate army of Bedouins because they were caught with their pants down - the world hasn’t been the same since.

Native Americans suffered the same humiliation of defeat because they failed to understand the seriousness of their situation until it was too late. One tribe was too busy worrying about what the other was doing instead of uniting to drive the Europeans out. Tens of millions died because their leaders weren't paying attention.

Once Syria, North Africa, and Egypt were majority Christian lands then Islam came. But the Christians were too distracted to pay attention to the Muslim invaders until it was too late. The Christians constantly squabbled amongst themselves, distracted by silly nuances instead of uniting to defeat a terrible enemy. Throughout history, hundreds of millions of men, women and children died because they failed to understand until it was too late. Yep, not paying attention can get you killed.

The same is happening today. Humans never learn. Plato's Allegory of the Cave is as timeless today as it was 3,000 years ago. People thrive on illusions. They believe what they are told, thinking that the famous and mega rich know more than they do. They trust their leaders to do the right thing even when the evidence tells them otherwise because they want to believe that their leaders want what is best for them. The American media babbles about gay rights and transgender rights or race relations. They bash Christianity or the police while hyping the latest fad or celebrity. In the meantime, our infrastructure has crumbled, our schools have failed, our economy has contracted, our core faith shattered, our family foundation ruined.

Its so insidious yet so glaringly obvious that these distractions are deliberate. People don’t notice because they’ve been trained not to notice. Their sense of reality has been blurred by the unreality of imagery, fantasy, social media and relentless propaganda. Many of our children have lost a sense of self and community. They prefer to interact with strangers in a virtual landscape of fantasy games; distracted to the point they are rendered detached, stressed, and vulnerable.

When people are distracted they don’t know what’s going on and when they don’t know what’s going on, they lose control of their lives.

Our kids are indoctrinated instead of taught but no parental voices are raised in protest. Their parents are too distracted to perceive what is happening to their children.

This is how Hitler took power. One day, the German people realized their rights had been snatched away. But, the thing is it didn't happen in one day. It took years for the destruction of German rights to take place. Germans weren't paying attention until it was too late, and they paid dearly for that- still are to this very day.

The same thing happened in Russia. The Russian people were too distracted by the lies and promises of the Bolsheviks to notice their harvests were being taken, millions were deliberated being starved as others were herded off Gulags to be worked to death. The same happened to the Iranians. They were too distracted by the lies and promises of the Mullahs to notice the chains of Sharia Law being placed around their wrists and ankles until it was too late.

All over Europe, Muslims are pouring in; threatening European sovereignty yet the Europeans are doing nothing to stop the invasion. They are too busy vacationing and partying to notice that their continent is dying.

America is dying too.

The evidence is everywhere yet most Americans don't notice. They are too distracted by what is happening in their daily lives. So many things take up so much time and energy- texting, taking selfies, going to the gym, running 5Ks, school, partying, hanging out, shopping, using FB/twitter. They are mesmerized by the latest trends and fads to notice that their once prosperous country is no longer prosperous. They are too distracted to notice that their natural right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness are being eroded.  

Americans have their eyes glued to the shadows dancing on the wall of their cave. They aren’t aware of the fires raging outside. When the fires finally reach the cave and block the entrance, Americans will be astonished and wonder how could this have happened. They’ll be outraged. They’ll curse their elected officials. They’ll gather in force to fight the fire but by then it will be too late.


Or maybe it’s not too late. Maybe Americans still have a chance. Paying attention is our “intellectual firepower.” Paying attention enables us to focus and regain control. Awareness is key. Knowing what is happening empowers us to understand that being distracted not only kills individuals, but nations.




Jackson, Maggie. Distracted. (2008) Prometheus books

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Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on June 30, 2015 at 7:40am



Comment by Wolfy Ghalkhani on June 29, 2015 at 11:59pm

Philip, people are still in their comfort zones; a virtual reality. I believe Americans think they are immune to the sufferings others endure. Unfortunately, its going to take a horrific event to wake them up. Its coming. Obama and his Muslim/marxist comrades are going to make sure of that. In the meantime, all we can do is trust in the Lord and in our own resolve. its going to get very ugly. 

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on June 29, 2015 at 9:30am

"Or maybe it’s not too late. Maybe Americans still have a chance. Paying attention is our “intellectual firepower.” Paying attention enables us to focus and regain control. Awareness is key. Knowing what is happening empowers us to understand that being distracted not only kills individuals, but nations."

Wolfy, the original set of checks and balances has failed.

If We the People are to "recover" what's been lost, we have to devise a NEW WAY to regain the power.

How do we start?






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