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Daniel Malone
  • Male
  • Mariposa, Aguascalientes
  • Mexico
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  • 1.
    Just Can't Be A Cowboy Anymore
  • 2.
    Second-hand Roses
  • 3.
    Side By Side
  • 4.
    Softly Falls The Snow
  • 5.
    The Wall
  • 6.
    Ghost Riders In The Sky
  • 7.
    San Antonio Rose
  • 8.
    Rainbows Above Me
  • 9.
    Kiss Me, Darlin', One Last Time
  • 10.
    Danny Malone
  • 11.
    Give Your Dream To Jesus
  • 12.
    Galway Bay
  • 13.
    I've Got You Under My Skin
  • 14.
    Jersey Devil
  • 15.
    I'm An Old Cowhand
  • 16.
    Dear Oahu
  • 17.
    Ghost Town Of Aurora
  • 18.
    Where or When
  • 19.
    Folsom Prison
  • 20.
    One Little Chink In His Armor
  • 21.
    Even My Happy Songs Are Sad
  • 22.
    Enough Sad Songs
  • 23.
    Sweet Betsy Malone
  • 24.
    Long Road Home
  • 25.
    Yellow Rose of Texas
  • 26.
    Broken-down Musician
  • 27.
    Dead Fred's Boots
  • 28.
    Just One More Time
  • 29.
    Dreams Of You
  • 30.
  • 31.
    I Fall To Pieces
  • 32.
    Maria's Gift of Life
  • 33.
    Down Yonder, Lou
  • 34.
  • 35.
    Did You Think To Pray
  • 36.
    Bitter Tears
  • 37.
    Love Me With All Your Soul (Love Theme from Danny Malone)
  • 38.
    The Black Granite Wall
  • 39.
    Campin' In New York
  • 40.
    Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
  • 41.
    Honolulu Lulu
  • 42.
    You Built Our School
  • 43.
    Black Sheep
  • 44.
    Someone To Watch Over Me
  • 45.
    Battling Bastards of Bataan
  • 46.
  • 47.
    Amazing Grace
  • 48.
    The Gift We Call Freedom

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Do you know anyone alive today who was aborted at birth?
Do you believe that adding zeros to paper currency creates wealth?
Which of these were Right-Wing extremists?
All of the above
Do you believe that "Buying American" is patriotic, or protectionist?
What weakened America's auto industry?
All of the above
Do you believe that tax on incomes (Income Tax) limits your ability to boycott wrong government policies, thereby restricting your rights to petition for redress?
Do you believe "MAN-MADE Global Warming" is a hoax?
Do you want Balanced Budgets at every level of government?

“The Woods Are Lovely Dark And Deep…”

My fellow Americans! When in the course of your human events it becomes bleak and black as the depths of eternal Hell- when things get so damn dark and dank that you feel the commie bugs crawling up your spine- when you think all is lost and that you cannot possibly go on- remember that you are an American. There is no greater privilege on Planet Earth, whether you were born in the United States- or have sought refuge here from foreign soil.

And though it seems the American Dream is currently under attack from every quarter, some dreams are just too tough to die. Consider the Sleeping Giant in every American:

When Darkness gathers around you
And there is no light along the path, look inward.
See the giant that lies sleeping in the forest of your soul.

There the morning is bright.
Birds sing sweetly-
And as the giant sleeps in sunshine, he dreams.

He dreams of the greatness that awaits-
Greatness just out of reach-
And he reaches with arms outstretched.

Suddenly the giant feels your eyes upon him.
He can no longer sleep.
He rises.

Birds become silent,
And as his terrible battle cry rends the silence,
The animals of the forest flee.

His arrows are tipped with fire,
And lightning flies forth from his outstretched fingers.
He roars!

An explosion of light descends upon the darkness,
And darkness cannot withstand a light so bright.
Light spills onto the path before you.

He roars again with deafening intensity!
Lightning bolts strike the dark forms as they flee.
He speaks.

The words shake the very earth beneath you.
You hear these words rumble like thunder through the forest,
“Reach for thy dreams!”

My friends- my fellow patriots! We must now reach for our patriot dreams with all the might we possess. And if our strength is not sufficient for victory, God Almighty will lend his divine fury to lay waste the remaining obstacles before us. Moreover, I promise you that as long as a faithful band of Christians remains to possess the land, the vast armies of Heaven will come to our defense if necessary- and defeat the legions of Lucifer.

Someday we’ll all sit down together on the peaceful sandy shores of Jordan- and speak in reverent tones of the miracles we witnessed in the latter-days. We will recall how we held the line against the enemy- and how we shrank not from neither duty, nor danger. We will again find things to laugh about- and shed tears of joy together as we consider the mercy and power of God Almighty. We will share our stories of triumph from a time when all seemed lost- a time it seemed the very jaws of Hell had gaped open to receive us.

So lift up your heads- and be not shaken. Ye shall yet be borne on the wings of eagles- run and not be weary. Ye shall walk and not faint. Fear not- for those who are with us are many more than those who are against us. Nevertheless, we shall labor as though all success depended upon us- and pray as though all depended upon God.

The legendary American doctor Thomas Anthony Dooley wore a gold Saint Christopher’s medal- and on the back thereof were inscribed these words of Robert Frost, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have many promises to keep- and many miles to go before I sleep…” He also wore a back brace- so he could keep working as he was dying from cancer.

My dear patriot friends, the woods are indeed lovely dark and deep, but we do have many sacred promises to keep- and many troubled miles to walk before we sleep. I pray we shall all be equal to the ominous task at hand- and that it shall be written that the precious gift of liberty was preserved on our watch.

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The Danny Malone Trilogy: The Foreword

I am pleasantly surprised that the author has permitted me to write this foreword.…


Posted on December 28, 2010 at 9:00pm

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At 12:32am on March 30, 2010, Freedom Is Not Free said…
so little one have with words to express the emotion from the gift that your self give to me. The trust and the meaning of your words means allot, for an old heart that of so much love giving, get's emotions when feel the love send by others, for a common cause that unite the hearts as one. That cause is our Savior, despite the bitterness that we have today against His way's, He make possible for us to find one another to complete a task that only His warriors can accomplish. The saving of this beloved Nation, from where I'm not a natural born, nor been the land of my birth, where I have to open my eyes to a different music and different world. he put in me the love for this Country, when I was a kid, He bring me here, now I understand why. It's not the compound of things that bring people together, but the understanding of the soul, the spirit that runs through us all, even when we don't know is there, He bring to us courage when we believe to be cowards, or knowledge when we think that we don't have nothing, or even wisdom to bring words and sense on things that have none. Yes, you and Allan are to me more than brothers, if that is possible, both of you grab my heart in ways that I can't explain, because I sense your soul. Thank you so much. I love my brothers!

God be with you and those you love.

Fighting for Freedom to be Free.
At 8:10pm on March 29, 2010, Freedom Is Not Free said…
Thank you for accepting my request of friendship. I have the feeling of knowing you for long time, as I reading your story, yes, even if it's hard on some things, it's allot love, understanding and the hope of human kind, as the sense of survival has been giving to all of us, eventually we will use it when the time is right, as a happen to you. God is in all things, no matter how they present themselves, an the end we will be victorious for the safety and the sake of this beloved Country.

May God be with you my friend, and keep giving you the courage in the wisdom to keep the fight all the way to victory.

Fighting for Freedom to Stay Free.
At 7:17pm on March 28, 2010, Rocky Apache said…
LOL Good to be back.
At 4:21pm on March 27, 2010, Darlene Littlejohn said…
Thank you Daniel - I am honored to be your friend (Allan's too)!
At 4:10pm on March 27, 2010, Carmen Mesa gave Daniel Malone a gift
At 11:08am on March 27, 2010, Vivian Blink gave Daniel Malone a gift
At 8:28am on March 27, 2010, Roger Dail May said…
Hi Daniel
At 9:24pm on March 26, 2010, Lady Liberty said…
It is a great pleasure to become your friend.






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