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" THE FOREIGNER and the IDEAL call THE REPUBLIC OF USA " 21 years later


  Two years go, I wrote a blog about the affairs that at that time, I felt happening in this Country, I wrote about it as as my personal gathering of all I have observe throughout of all the 19 years I was here at the time... the conclusion of those observations and the path way that was going to lead us, if we didn't do nothing to where we're today.

  To my sadness those things I was telling at the time, has became a reality in our day's, I wish many times that I was not just one person, but many more like me, to speak up and express to the American people, our experiences and life from far-away lands that speak the truth of today in this Republic, has been few of us if not many, some of witch I hear myself on tea party's, obviously not enough.

  But even if this affairs are not as good as we wish to be, one thing I can said, it's that today we have many more people, who is coming forward, because they has notice that something is very wrong.

  I can only speak from my heart, from the knowledge of my own story and experience in life, the history of humanity as well, because with out history, we are doom to do the same thing over and over... and this takes me to what this Republic has been build upon, and why has became the very reason of many around the world to look for better life, but for most FREEDOM.


  I remember when I came to this Country, I didn't speak English, can't carry a conversation, nor understand the street talk that many times people use as conversation, some people thought because this, that I was to some extend in ignorant person, or someone who don't know much about anything, because I can said with honesty, that those that come to this Nation with out language, start very hard to make it possible to move forward, so I was offer to get involve with the welfare system... when I found out what welfare was, and who were to be part of, I decide that this people didn't know nothing of us "foreigners" one thing that allow us to looking for better life and better opportunity is the direct knowledge of understanding that everything where the government has their hand on, are nothing but a way of controlling people, and leave them way in the bottom to assure that those people will always be at their use anytime they need them, to do their dirty work... good example is this agency's that provide to those that don't want to be responsible citizens, believing that they have the right to demand something that is not theirs in the first place.  I can said I was not just surprise by the offer by very insulted.  I was only 29 years old, very capable to make anything possible giving the opportunity, opportunity that must be found by me.


  The effect on me from that day on, was to learn the language, no matter how long that will take me, as I have to provide for a young little girl, the learning was to be done in my own, so I put hand on and start that slow process, today I still in the learning process, it's always much to learn.

  When I was capable to use the language, I was able to start speaking with my heavy accent, about the reasons of why this Nation was, and it's so especial.

  You see... everyone knows what "a foreigner" is, someone who leave from their original country and move to another, the difference is, to those who decide to come to this Republic and a very enormous among of choices... why America?  What was so especial to so many to cross a danger ocean, with their families, days and moths in the sea, abuse in the ships, killing and so many other things just to get to a Country that for most people hear about as "AMERICA" if they don't know about the Country, why to go there?

  For the foreigner America was not just a land of opportunity, was the land where prosecutions, extermination, abuse, killing, was not part of their culture, America for them was not just any land, but "The land of the FREE" not for those that were inside already, but for those that were to look for their freedoms... when they were to talk about the Land of the Free, they refer as themselves, because they will finally be free.

  This Nation has been build by those people, by people that knew to well what a was to not be free, and so they fought with their hearts and souls, they fought and give their lives, because they knew that freedom has that prize, that if you want to keep the freedom you have, you must be willing to fight for it, and stay in eternal vigilant, because they knew, that from time to time, someone with the intent to control, abuse others for greed and use power to manipulate and destroy, will try as best to take the liberties of the people, just to conquer that.

  So here you have, by Divine Providence, I don't doubt about it, the best men of all place at one time in one place, the founders of this Nation, not just whites, but blacks as well... the Founders knew what they were fighting against, not the control of a Kingdom over people's property, but the control over peoples heart and mind, the ideological control, with out ideals, you have nothing. 

  Our war today, is not different from their war so many years go, it's base on the same ideology tyranny vs.freedom, the choice is clear, one can kill the body, but the ideal move from heart to heart and soul to soul, it's the very reason why so many has call upon the "American Spirit" the spirit that has make the very strength of this Nation, from the Founders, pioneers and even for most the courage and free will of the Indian Nation... that spirit is express on every corner and every tree, land scape of this Republic, because represents the heart of it's people.  If God has choose a place call Eden, I don't doubt for moment about, that place is the Republic of USA.

  The Founders create documents that by themselves became a weapon to stop anyone who try to bring dictatorship here... did a great job, that even today, many quote them in their wisdom, with the hope that the rest pay attention and understand how important is what you have.  The create a tool that to work, The Constitution, must be defended by WE THE PEOPLE and protect the people at the same time, one can't be with out the other in order to subsist.

  They create in ideal dream, hoping that will work... the advice was simple. " We give you a Republic if you know how to keep it"

  Has been the "foreigner" throughout time, the one who has build this Nation, the foreigner who teach their children the meaning and importance of what this Nation is about, they teach them pride, honor, duty, love, values, integrity, principle, faith, family... they teach them that with out faith the Republic will not subsist because it's faith that bring strength into the family, and the family is the pillar and bastion of any successful Nation...

  When foreigners start dying and 3 and 4 generations start being the left over of this Nation, the message start getting lost, the vigilance became apathy and laziness... and yet, I know that we have among patriots those that came far go from those ancestors, but they are allot fewer than the others, that we have today fighting in the streets, for entitlements that don't deserve, because they have never move a finger for this Country, it's not our generation of middle class kind of old people, but two generations down from us, the children of our children.

  Now the classic understanding of what a foreigner is, apply to the present circumstance we live today, is to understand that for most part, those that come to this Nation today, by following the rules, has became the citizens, as they will fight for the freedoms that had fought so hard for them and their families, by leaving their life's behind, and assimilate to a different culture, that does more to their values and ideals,they believe in the Constitution, they will fight to preserve it, because to leave from their country of tyranny they have someone to look upon out shore, but if those very things they scape from, show in this Country, they don't have another Country to go, this is "IT" so it's no way back, nor a giving up, but a fight back.

  Many citizens in this Republic, has became the foreigner, an stranger for most part who don't want to follow the very things that has make this Nation unique, the " BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" for it's eternal fight for life, liberty and the pursue of happiness  They looking over their shoulder to Countries that they never been, to replace the only thing that give them freedom, by the wrong education and deception feed on them for so many years, with out understanding that the very things they protesting about, will bring them nothing but misery as they been and still are use by the gov, to became the " tool of fools " that they make them to be, to manipulate and destroy eventually.


  They lost their values and principles, because they forgot how they get where they are,they forgot the sacrifice of their parents, and so many alone the line who fought for their way of life, it's  because this Nation was created with the ideal that we all are equal and we can reach as far is we want, with responsibility, dedication and hard work.  Those are in the media, the political spectrum, Hollywood and all of those that follow agendas that has must to do with no moral values, using political correctness and civil rights as a tool to castrate the rights of others, for most the majority.

  We must became the spirit and the soul of the foreigner, the ancestor who came here because they knew that this land was " The land of the free" because their spirit has teach us the value of principle, honor and duty, the love for Country and the understanding that to have freedom, we must willing to fight for it.


  An here it's my story, a foreigner who understand the very bases of this Nation, because I love her, with the good and the bad, but if we don't start getting hold of our heritage, we going to loose the dream and the invention that this Country has being created upon.  If we don't fight for this heritage, that is so wonderful and rich, other heritage will take over, for instead Spanish and islam... think about it... our duty is to teach the truth, and preserve what has make this Nation the very last Bastion of freedom in the world.  If we fail so it's the rest of the world, most especially Israel.

  We must stand up speak up and NEVER SURRENDER...


  God bless you all, and God bless this extraordinary Republic of USA and Her True Patriots.


  "If you not willing to fight for freedom, you don't deserve to be free"  Thomas Jefferson


"Dictators came in all forms or shape, the worse one's are those that through their position of little power, try to control and dictate the people that follow them, with out understand the deception they are play upon." Antoniette D. Walker

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Comment by Teresa Smith on November 19, 2011 at 10:54pm

How beautiful I find your true words. How wonderful to  have you in our Republic.  How wonderful to have you understand and appreciate what America is.God bless us all.

Comment by christopher e. savard on November 18, 2011 at 12:09pm

I agree my grandparents were played, bought into it,My Irish grandmother was a democrat by default , she died a week before the 2008 election , and mailed her absentee ballot in for Obama.She knows the truth now!

My mom bought into it trusting FEDZILLA. One exception when FEDZILLA stopped allowing your school taxes to be used anyplace you wanted to send us to school =We went to Catholic schools any how../

My dad Never bought it and imparted this unto me and my bros.. Do not trust the Government they will screw you every time and always vote against tax increases they will get the cash anyway some how....My dad also stood up to the sheet metal unions because they colluded to keep "The Blacks" out of the union..

My experience and beliefs means there is hope ,My kids have been raised as I was tons of hands on experience lol,They are very smart and question everything..also they understand American history and the proper attitude for success , now if FEDZILLA can just be made to get the hell out of MY way!  word from Detroit

Comment by Freedom Is Not Free on November 18, 2011 at 11:30am

Leon, because it's a deception play by the gov. for long time on the American people, if it's a democratic Nation, they will have the power to destroy and do whatever they one, if the people know the meaning of being a Republic people will claim back what belongs to them. Many people said " they work for us" but many more they don't know what they said that, just hear and follow.  We must educate the masses.

  I love this Country, Gordon know me for very long time, my wordy never change, because even if I write with accent, the content of my heart is on those words, and it's that language the one that matters.

  The teaching start on us, I use to give mad when people said democracy, now I don't get mad, I explain why is NOT a democracy and I make sure that when I write something I use the word Republic as a Country or Nation, so they understand that this Nation is a Republic for the people, by the people, to the people... that we're the one's who give them their job, and the one's who has the power to remove them.  So every time you write, use the Republic of USA, as part of your writing, or even talking, allot people is not going to paid attention in the beginning, but eventually someone will ask or paid attention and start doing the same thing, we hammer and hammer, until everyone start using that, and understanding the true meaning, it's out to us to change it, as has been for them to destroy started over 100 years go, will not take us that long, because people is waking up, but now we must use the right words and bring the truth to people's heart, that is how we take the Nation back.

  God bless you all, thank you for your kind comments, Gordon, we been friends forever, and you will be in my heart always my dear friend.



Comment by Leon Ewers on November 18, 2011 at 10:41am
It is good to hear someone call her (this nation) a Republic and not a democracy for once. I get so mad when I hear those in Washington calling this country a democracy. How can they be American when they defile it so.
Comment by Katy on November 18, 2011 at 12:02am

Thank you , my sister and friend.   You have an understanding and faith that comes from GOD, and the spirit that formed America.  May GOD continue to bless this nation, so that all who yearn for freedom will still have hope of a new home.   I am so proud to have great americans like  you.

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on November 17, 2011 at 10:53pm

God Bless You. I'm so very proud of you. You're a remarkable woman. I remain your faithful friend, fellow-patriot and brother in Christ Jesus.






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