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Hello to all the patriot movement of conservatives, patriots who care's for this Republic and has said many times that they will do "anything" to protect and fight for this Nation that we love.

  As many know, I have live dictatorship, the last thing I want for our own sake and mostly our children is a solution with blood, the blood of great people from a great Nation, our children will be the most punish if this is to happen. We should do "Anything we can" to assure that this will never take place, but at the same time everything to protect and defend this Country and the Constitution.

  The Constitution is there to protect our freedoms and rights that was giving to us when born by the Grace of God, was created to assure that no men will ever have the power to remove those rights, so they make it law.  The We the People is there to defend the Constitution, so one can live with out the other one. If we don't have the Constitution, we don't have WE THE PEOPLE, with out both, we don't have THE REPUBLIC. It's that simple.

  For the last three years, this Nation is living not just a nightmare, but the bigger treason and fraud in the 235 years of History, against both the people and the Constitution. We know that this things has been organize way back, with the help of a Country to ego to live their lives, or sleepy or lazy, few has been raise from time to time to alert the people, but pity and apathy has been stronger.  So the tentacles of government has been grow and grab just about anything and everything... many of our rights has been tramped, even if in the general contend most people do carry gun, we know that in some States this rights has been take away from the citizenry by corrupt politicians.  Politicians coming from the populate if the populate is corrupt by design the politicians are to be the same, only by integrity, principle and values can we survive and bring Justice to this Nation, with the guide that our faith in God will provide us the strength and the right direction to take.

  We have a Constitutional crisis my friends! I know, most of you like a particular candidate, someone who goes for most part with your ideas... I don't believe in collectivism, but I believe that when the life and freedoms of in entire Country is in the verge of collapse, collectivism imply for all of us to think not in candidates, but in Country, to UNITE.   This crisis we face today if not solve, will make no difference on who is the President that you want to place on top of the hill, because a has been open a door that MUST be close, for the sake of our personal freedoms and the promise to our children and grand children that has been make to all of us, with the blood of so many throughout the history of this Republic.

  Information and knowledge is a powerful tool, but to be able to make that tool right, people need to see the scope and the dangers that one see, not for personal interest, but for the interest of us all.


   This door open is the fact that we have a party that with out hesitation has commit treason and fraud against the people, by placing in the White House a total stranger, a person that many of us know, was living in the streets of New York as a dope dealer and prostituting himself to get to the dope, a person who has ties all his life with people that if  nothing else, hate this Nation with all they are, a person of no identity,full of shadows and wonders, but with clarity vision of one goal, the total destruction of this Republic no matter the cost ( not his, but ours, even if lives represent that cost) thuggery, threats, steal, corruption, character assassination, imprisonment, a person of not honest reputation, someone who is friendly with the enemy and in enemy of our friends... it's more to said that we have discover all this years...

  Because he was never vetted, because he's last known citizenship is from Indonesia, because the father that he call as being his father was never legal resident, not even citizen of this Country, who was kick out by Immigration of the Country for harassing women in Harvard and by the request of the Dean, we know that by the Constitution, he's "Not" a Natural born citizen, that required that BOTH parents in the time of the birth of the child be citizens of the USA, no just one, but both... BEFORE the child born. He don't comply with this clause... he's illegal and a fraud. WE KNOW.

  He has been allow by the complacency of the two Houses, to damage, steal, destroy, tramp on the Constitution and the people, for almost three years. people has wake up to some extend, and I said some extend because many still follow the news, still being indoctrinated by the tube, still "believing" the lies and the game play on their minds, a good example is when Donald Trump came with a question, many fall for it, and were asking for a progressive businessman who only look into popularity and $$$ to be the president, many even willing to give money and open groups calling for him to be president, with out thinking on his background, the fortune accumulate by several bankruptcy's, that has take the assess of another companies with out paying for his debt. A question that many patriots has been asking for long time, by putting their lives at risk,they been mock, insulted, putting their lives and hold while at the same time, they didn't stop fighting, getting in jail ( Colonel Fitzpatrick, Lt Col Lakin and others) but no one either support or fight for, just very small among of has to wonder what happen to the American Spirit.

  This crisis if not solve is the open door for others to come, anchor baby's, that by their parents are educated to hate this nation, the UN appoint provably for a dictator, the Constitution totally destroy and our rights lost, with that this Nation.  Remember with out the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE this Republic is dead.  This is what we face today. No matter the up come, we can't allow for him to be free, we must bring justice in or out of politics.


  I said that God is good, He give us BO to wake up the masses before was to late, now the masses has to fight back and bring this Nation to justice and stop the corruption in the gov. elite. on both sites.

  God has giving us as well, true patriots that keep coming forward, we need to support them, because their quest is our quest. and this bring me to John Albert Dummett Jr.

  The federal court has said that ONLY a presidential candidate can bring a law suit against this corruption, as been the only one who has STANDING, while the other candidates has been ask about the issue and their response with out change is been " this is NOT important, will serve only for distraction "  John, has come forward to do what all the others should do, defend and protect the Constitution, for that WE THE PEOPLE, John is one of us, a patriot.  I can't said with better words than Bob Russell said on his article.

"John Dummett is a common man, not a politician, not a wealthy wanta-be looking for a title to make him a legend in his own mind as most of the ruling class tends to be.  His desire is to live by the Constitution and bring this country back to its design.  I support him, as do many other “commoners”, the “country class” of America.  We have been ruled by the Ivy League know-it-alls for much too long.  Our nation has turned into a quagmire of evil, increasing poverty, class envy, and divisiveness by those who seek to rule rather than govern.  Both parties enrich their friends while promising We the People the moon.  You know the old saying, “divide and conquer”.


  It's time to choose the right person for the Country, by stop playing the media and the politicians game, this Nation was build with the intention that ANYONE can became the President of these Republic as a servant to the people, not their pocket.  This government was not created for politicians and lawyers, but for honest citizens that love their Country and will protect and defend from any enemy, foreign or domestic, this Nation was created so the common men/woman can have the privilege to do something for it, as it's the common person the one who suffer and sacrifice, give and work hard to build the Republic to it's greatness.  To do the right thing, people must not only know the Constitution ( many don't know, nor even the intent of it ) but to understand why was created for WE THE PEOPLE...was not for WE THE POLITICIANS, the mind set of the patriot must change, stop the compromising, whatever is do is for Country, not for party, with integrity and principle, with faith.  The power is on WE THE PEOPLE if they have the UNITY that they must, to bring together the CHOICE OF WE THE PEOPLE, not the choice of the media and the GOP. it's out to us, the election campaign shouldn't never be about who has the money, but about who the people want,who has the integrity, who is wiling to fight for all, for the Constitution, it's ok to said that one is a Constitutionalists, but one must put it into action, not by voting because is expected, but by expose the corruption where it's and fight to corrected, by stand up and speak up, by using any meaning to bring the rule of law equally to everyone, to not be silence, because silence is consent, we must demand this changes, and we must support the better of all, not the best of two evils, because evil still evil no matter the quantity, after all this years, the people should know better,  and if people were smart enough they will look for one of them, one who understand their sweat, their sacrifice, their hard times, responsibilities, endurance and harsh situations that we all have to go through, because we're the ones who understand the very heart of the Republic, that heart is YOU, it's time to fight for YOU, NOT THEM...

  Learn about what is taken place and learn about John... became his friend in facebook, and support him, because his cause is our cause THE WE THE PEOPLE CAUSE, to defend and protect the Constitution, and get back this Republic, it's on us... the bus don't stop on us, START ON US!!! Please share this if you believe to be important.


Here is some links that will let you know about John his quest to protect the Constitution and bring Justice to this Republic and Her people.


  God bless you all, and God bless the Republic of USA and Her True Patriots!!!


  If You don't fight for FREEDOM you don't deserve to be FREE. Thomas Jefferson.





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