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MY BELOVED REPUBLIC!!! Poem by Freedom Is Not Free ~ In appreciation of your friendship. Happy Thanksgivings.


221 years go George Washington declare that we should have a day of prayer and thankfulness to the Grace of God, for the benefits that He give upon His people on this Nation. Today is for most the beginning of a Season dedicated to those very words, with the sincere hearts from those of faith, that will always remember the meaning of such day of Unity, Share and Prayer... and so, for the blessings that Him alone has bring in my life I dedicate this poem to all of those that in one way or another has cross the path of my life, when the trials that we are endurance, has make on us to be stronger, with more courage, with the understanding of values, principles and integrity appreciating the gift that God give to all of us through friendship, so we can know that on those down day's that we're about to give up, that we feel the weakness of the spirit, we can look around and tend our hands to others or reach upon them to console and regain our spirit, as the fight will uphold our most precious things that we value as humans, the rights that only our Lord has provide for us, and no one can't take away.




  Thank you so very much and may God be with all of you and those you love, with His Grace, Wisdom and Love, giving in your heart, Courage to defend yourself and those you love, Valor to not give up, Endurance to standing up, Honor to fight for the right cause, Honesty to always look for the truth, Faith to know that it's with Him that we will be victorious, Principles to be in the side of Justice, Integrity to make the impossible, possible, Joyful to be able to bring smiles to others, and Grateful for the gift that we receive every day when we wake up and the peace that we will surrender us with, when we go to sleep at night, knowing that our day was Fruitful and in our battle was able to make one step forward.








  As I pass through the trials of life


fighting for the cause of Freedom,


I sense the pain and the anger


of my beloved Nation...she is dying!




For the last three years


I been talking to many


a bond of friendship has grow


for people that I don't see


nor I can't hold.


  Thoughts crossing the waves


of distress of many... the pain


trying to uphold the Land Law's


That Senate and Congress


destroying with out remorse.




Our Freedoms and Rights


are under heavy attack's


by those that seems to be hungry


from power, greed and control,


searching, as criminals our body's


taking our children with out cause.




WE... Are... Americans !!!


an our hearts and souls!


tyranny has no place


an this Republic, bless by the Lord!


These, is the home of the Brave!


warriors who sacrifice,


to keep broken the chains!


The spirit will prevail


as it's the Land of the Free


where the giant has been awake.




Today we're many UNITE,


by the love that we treasure


to this Beloved Nation,


and through our hearts...


through our faith,


we glorify the Only One


Who has give us the strength


not to cope, but to endurance


to became strong...


to bring together the meaning


of what we celebrate.


Thanksgiving... is the day


that tells to us all


that it's ONLY one Power


who can give control


for is our rights and liberties


giving by the Creator


to make of this Republic


the Last Bastion of the World.




 It's the Republic of USA


the Greater place in Earth


for those rights so dear


that protect us all!


The traitors will run


like rats to the caves,


because they underestimate


the will of the people


and their true faith!




  Raise up Patriots!


 like in army of warriors


you have a duty to defend


Never Surrender !


UNITE... and you will prevail!.






24 Nov.2011



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Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on December 7, 2011 at 4:49pm

Thanks, Antoniette. Love ya, kid!

Comment by Sandra on November 24, 2011 at 7:57pm

Thank you for a good post. It will take many years to undo the 50+ years that has been leading up to this point we are at today. I pray for our Country and it's people every single night.  Happy thanksgiving to all.

Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole on November 24, 2011 at 1:20pm

"A Republic" if we can keep it.  This patriot pastors, prays daily for the Peaceful Restoration of our Christian Constitutional Republic.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING:  Your Chaplain Tom & Gwen Cole

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on November 24, 2011 at 7:53am

Thank you Antoniette for your beautiful poem and your true patriotism.

I thank God for all his gifts and the special gift of true patriots here on REAL CONSERVATIVES.






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