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                                        DATE: MAY 9, 2013

                                        PLACE: NATIONAL PRESS CLUB (HOLEMAN LOUNGE)

                                        TIME: 9:30 AM-11:30 AM

(Washington, D.C.). Three families of Navy SEAL Team 6 special forces servicemen, along with one family of an Army National Guardsman, will appear at a press conference on May 9, 2013, to disclose never before revealed information about how and why their sons along with 26 others died in a fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, just a few months after the successful raid on the compound of Osama Bin Laden that resulted in the master terrorist’s death.

Accompanying the families of these dead Navy SEAL Team 6 special operations servicemen will be retired military experts verifying their accounts of how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as is the Taliban.

The areas of inquiry at the press conference will include but not be limited to:

1.      How President Obama and Vice President Biden, having disclosed on May 4, 2011, that Navy Seal Team 6 carried out the successful raid on Bin Laden’s compound resulting in the master terrorist’s death, put a retaliatory target on the backs of the fallen heroes.

2.      How and why high-level military officials sent these Navy SEAL Team 6 heroes into battle without special operations aviation and proper air support.

3.      How and why the military brass carries out too many ill-prepared missions to boost their standing with top-level military brass and the Commander-in-Chief in order that they can be promoted.

4.      How the military restricts special operations servicemen and others from engaging in timely return fire when fired upon by the Taliban and other terrorist groups and interests, thus jeopardizing the servicemen’s lives.

5.      How and why the denial of requested pre-assault fire may have contributed to the shoot down of the Navy SEAL Team 6 helicopter and the death of these special operations servicemen.

6.      How Afghani forces accompanying the Navy SEAL Team 6 servicemen on the helicopter were not properly vetted and how they possibly disclosed classified information to the Taliban about the mission, resulting in the shoot down of the helicopter.

7.      How military brass, while prohibiting any mention of a Judeo-Christian God, invited a Muslim cleric to the funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 heroes who disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them as infidels to Allah. A video of the Muslim cleric’s “prayer” will be shown with a certified translation.

This press conference takes on special significance given that our government has over the last twelve years since September 11 committed brave American servicemen to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which, in large part as a result of politics, were poorly conceived of and implemented, resulting in the deaths of thousands and the maiming of tens of thousands of our brave heroes. To make matters even worse, America has effectively lost these wars.








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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 10, 2013 at 8:58pm

The SEAL Team 6 families held an extraordinary press conference today, laying blame directly at the feet of the Obama administration for the service members’ deaths in 2011.

Larry Klayman, the attorney representing the Seal Team 6 families, stated that the dead SEALs were “victims of our political establishment who would rather protect radical Islamists than our own people.”

By way of background, the identity of Osama bin Laden’s killers, Seal Team 6, was classified but Obama and Biden publicized who they were, effectively painting a target on their backs.

They then went into battle with an inadequate helicopter, an inadequate pilot, and pathetic rules of engagement that generally required the soldiers to be fired on before firing back.

To add insult to injury, at their funeral, the Department of Defense had a Muslim cleric offer a prayer that apparently damned the heroic soldiers to hell as infidels, desecrating their memory.

What follows is a full, thirty minute video of the press conference. Included in it is an interview with General Jerry Boykin as well as an interview with Representative Gohmert.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video (not professionally edited, but worth the time to watch it), please take the time to review the short news clip below it.

Here’s the news clip of the press conference:

According to the Washington Times, a Pentagon spokesman responded to the press conference with this statement:

“First, I want to say that we share in the grief of all of the families who lost their loved ones. The loss of 38 U.S. and Afghan military personnel was a tragic loss during a difficult campaign. The 30 U.S. casualties represent the diversity and talent of America and its military; these warriors served in three services (Army, Navy, and Air Force), in special operations and conventional units, and represented Reserve and active-duty units from 20 states.”

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 10, 2013 at 8:34pm
Navy SEALS sacrificed - dead men don't talk
“The Navy SEAL Team VI parents' press conference held yesterday (Thursday) at the National Press Club is heartbreaking, stunning, chilling… it is imperative that as many Americans as possible understand what's going on within our Federal Government.”
-Andrea Shea King (“The Radio Patriot”)


I stayed up until the wee hours watching this Navy SEAL Team VI parents' press conference held yesterday (Thursday) at the National Press Club. It is heartbreaking, stunning, chilling -- and compelling -- to hear the parents of three Navy SEALS describe the deception and run-around they've gotten from the White House and the military brass about the Chinook helo crash that took the lives of the SEAL Team that killed Osama bin Laden.  Combine this with the testimony we heard at the House Oversight Committee's Benghazi hearing on Wednesday, and it is imperative that as many Americans as possible understand what's going on within our Federal Government.  
I strongly URGE you to carve out some time this weekend and watch this press conference. You might be surprised to see who ELSE stepped up and participated in the press conference. And one more thing...  Please SHARE this.  

The press conference WAS NOT covered by anyone but conservative and social media. Please push this out. SHARE it. -- Andrea

The National Press Club in Washington fell silent as Charles Strange recalled how he leaned over to whisper into President Obama’s ear to ask if there would be a congressional investigation into the death of his son.

President Obama whispered back, “We will look very, very, very deep into this.”

Strange says he hasn’t heard a word since that encounter with the president at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Aug. 9, 2011, when the remains of 30 U.S. troops were brought home from Afghanistan."

Read more at 
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 10, 2013 at 8:03pm

Obama 'Put a Target on Their Backs', SEAL Team 6 Family Members Say

Deadly crash in Afghanistan could have been avoided, they say

May 9, 2013 

Brian Bill, John Douangdara, Kevin Houston, Jonas Kelsall, Jon Tumilson, Michael Strange, Stephen M. Mills and Jason Workman, members of SEAL Team 6, were among the 30 Americans and eight Afghans killed when a rocket-propelled grenade fired by a Taliban insurgent downed their Chinook helicopter en route to a combat mission on August 6, 2011.

Brian Bill, John Douangdara, Kevin Houston, Jonas Kelsall, Jon Tumilson, Michael Strange, Stephen M. Mills and Jason Workman, members of SEAL Team 6, were among the 30 Americans and eight Afghans killed when a rocket-propelled grenade fired by a Taliban insurgent downed their Chinook helicopter en route to a combat mission on August 6, 2011.

The families of 17 SEAL Team 6 commandos who were killed in an ambush in Afghanistan during a helicopter flight to help Army Rangers pinned down by Taliban gunmen accused the Obama administration of deliberately endangering their loved ones for political ends.

[PHOTOS: America's Elite Navy SEALs]

During a press conference on Washington Thursday, family and advocates for the fallen troops called into question the rules of engagement that they say prohibited their sons from being able to return fire, and the White House's decision to announce shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden that SEAL Team 6 was responsible for the raid.

"In releasing their identity, they put a target on their backs," said Doug Hamburger, whose son, Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Hamburger, served among the helicopter's crew.

The event was organized by Freedom Watch, a conservative advocacy group, at the National Press Club. One by one, fathers and mothers of the victims of the crash spoke about what they see as gaping holes or inconsistencies in the review of what U.S. Special Operations considers its most deadly incident.

In all, 17 members of the SEAL Team 6 counterterrorist force were on board the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter, along with its Army National Guard aircrew, several support personnel and seven Afghan commandos. In all 38 troops died after the helicopter was shot down by what a review determined to be a Taliban RPG over Wardak Province, Afghanistan, on Aug. 6, 2011.


The team was responding to an Army Ranger unit that was engaged in a protracted firefight with Taliban fighters and needed reinforcements.

The families hope to raise awareness of the incident, which they say the government has largely forgotten since the official report was released in October 2011.

Some congressional lawmakers demonstrated their support for the group, including former Florida Republican Rep. Allan West -- an Iraq war vet -- and Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

[PHOTOS: Killing Osama bin Laden]

While the press conference was long on speculation and short on concrete evidence, the family members and their supporters didn't pull any punches.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who served as deputy undersecretary of defense for Intelligence and was a commander in the Army's super-secret "Delta Force," denounced politicized rules of engagement as a "deliberate plot" within the American armed forces that he says puts political correctness above the safety of the troops.

"We've allowed politics to become more important than the lives and safety of those men and women," he says.

Petty Officer 1st Class Aaron Vaughn was one of the SEAL Team 6 operators who died in the crash. His father Billy Vaughn recounted Thursday a phone call from his son following the White House decision to credit the highly secretive military unit for the bin Laden raid.

"He said, 'Mom, there's chatter. My life is in danger. Your life is in danger. Get everything off your social media. Our families are in danger,' " Vaughn recalled.

[PHOTOS: Fighting in Afghanistan Continues]

Aaron Vaughn's mother, Karen, also demanded an explanation for why her son and his team were not using a special operations aircraft, such as the Chinooks flown by special operations pilots, which have specialized defenses designed to fly commandos deep behind enemy lines. The CH-47D that embarked on the mission that day had been built in the 1960s, she said, and last retrofitted in the 1985.

It is not uncommon for commandos to fly some of their missions aboard such aircraft in the war zone, however.

She also said the team was hindered by rules of engagement that prohibited their firing on potential targets unless they could see a weapon. Military officials told her operating outside of these rules "damages our efforts to win the hearts and minds of our enemies."

"The hearts and minds of our enemy are more valuable to our government than my son's blood," she said. "We have an ideology problem with this war, and we need to address it."

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 10, 2013 at 7:47pm

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 10, 2013 at 7:45pm

Destroying our country, our military (SEAL Team 6) and our very existence .. By Paula Helton

navy seal funeral in iowa


How many Americans have  heard of Extortion 17? Extortion 17 was the call sign for the Chinook helicopter  shot down in Afghanistan on the night of August 6, 2011. Killed in that crash  were 25 special ops forces, including 15 members of Seal Team 6, 5 national  Guard troops and 8 Afghans.


Today, the families of  the military killed in that crash held a press conference to lay out the cover  up by Obama and the military that has gone on since that crash. The video of the  press conference can be found here


I watched the live stream  of the press conference, admittedly crying throughout. Then the point came that  the tears turned into white hot anger. Every American citizen must watch this  video. The major Obama regime cover-ups did not occur only in Fast and Furious,  the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and Benghazi. The man sitting in  OUR White house is methodically destroying our country, our military and our  very existence.


Islamist Imam praying  over our soldiers at Bagram Air Base


At the beginning of the  video is footage of the Islamist Imam praying over our soldiers at Bagram Air  Base. Of course he prays in Arabic, but in the English translation he sent our  heroes into eternal hell as infidels while praising the Islamist relationship  with our country. You read that right, and our Government and our military let  that happen.


This operation reads like  a set up from the beginning. All the Special Ops forces were packed into one  National Guard Chinook. There was no escort for the Seals that night, no  pathfinder, and conveniently the “eye in the sky” (drone) didn’t work. The seven  members of the Afghan military that were to accompany our service members were  switched out just prior to take off. The names of the seven Afghans appearing on  the flight manifesto were not the seven that boarded that helicopter on the  night of August 6, 2011.


Apparently the call to  switch out these seven Afghans was made by an “out of theater” commander. To  this day, no one has come forward identifying that commander. America needs to  demand an answer to that question. Remember, prior to this crash, Barack Obama  and Joe Biden had identified Seal Team 6 as the forces that killed Osama Bin  Laden. One has to ask, “were they a tradeoff for Bin Laden?”


In October 2011, US  Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that an investigation carried out following  the shoot down concluded “that all operational decisions, linked to the  incident, were deemed tactically sound” and the helicopter crashed after a RPG  round impacted the aft rotor assembly.


While the Obama  administration was busy spinning the cover up, other reports were surfacing that  the Taliban had laid an elaborate trap for U.S. special operations forces,  luring them in with false information. A senior Afghan government official,  speaking anonymously, said that Taliban commander Qari Tahir had fed U.S. forces  false information about a meeting of insurgent leaders and fighters waited for  the helicopter from both sides of a steep valley: “The Taliban knew which route  the helicopter would take. That’s the only route, so they took position on  either side of the valley on mountains and as the helicopter approached, they  attacked it with rockets and other modern weapons. It was brought down by  multiple shots.”


It was heart wrenching  listening to Karen Vaughn, a mother who lost her only son. He was a proud member  of Seal Team 6. She is angry that current rules of engagement put her son’s  life, and that of every son and daughter serving in the military today in grave  danger. She demanded to know if reaching the hearts and minds of Muslim  extremists is more important than her son’s life. She also expressed anger at  the form letters the President keeps sending out when our children are killed.


Her husband, Billy  Vaughn, recounted the visit they received from Admiral William McRaven, who was  apparently sent to put a lid on their inquiries. The Admiral was the head of the  Joint Strategic Objectives Plan (JSOP), as well as runner up for Time’s Man of  the Year in 2011.


As the Vaughns are  residents of Florida, they also approached Sen. Marco Rubio to enlist his  assistance in their quest for answers. Sen. Rubio told him he would talk to his  new BFF, John McCain, and see what they could do. Mr. Vaughn’s response was “No,  thank you, I’ll do it myself, I don’t trust John McCain or the GOP establishment  to pursue this.


Doug Hamburger, another  grieving father has questioned why no interviews were done with Afghan Command  or military in compiling the 1,250 page official report.


Charles and MaryAnn  Strange lost their 25-year-old son, who had been a Navy Seal for 6 years. Mr.  Strange made inquiries as to the whereabouts of the black box. He was told it  washed away in a flood. His response was, “in Afghanistan?” After repeated  questions, Mr. Strange was told everything was in “the book”. After requesting a  copy of said book, he was presented with a book with no ink in it. When he  questioned this and requested a true copy, he was told the original had been  burned. They were then given a disk. Unfortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Strange, the  disk was full of white outs.


Also present at the press  conference was retired Admiral James Lyons. Admiral Lyons has a distinguished  36-year Naval career, most recently as Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet.  Admiral Lyons has also called for an answer to the question, “who made the  decision to put them all on one helicopter”? He stated emphatically that this  mission was compromised as the Taliban knew we were coming. The Admiral stated  emphatically this was a dereliction of duty just like Benghazi; not to come to  the aid of our people is unconscionable.


Joining the press  conference were Army Major General Paul Vallely, General Tom MacInerney, Lt.  Colonel Allen West, former Seals, Benjamin Smith and Larry Bailey and Act for  America’s Brigitte Gabriel. From all of them came an admonition and dire warning  that the American people must wake up and realize who the true enemy is:  Islamist Jihadists. They are all unanimous in the belief we are being destroyed  from within. Former Seal Benjamin Smith went so far as to say he believes Barack  Obama is guilty of treason. I share that belief.


A recurring theme during  this press conference was that we, the American people, must stand together and  demand a Congressional hearing into Extortion 17. To date, only three of our  House Representatives, Michelle Bachman, Louis Gohmert and Trent Franks have  been actively working to assist the family members. Unfortunately, the same  Congress that held a hearing to address drug usage in the NFL, has no interest  in holding hearings to get to the bottom of what actually happened on the night  of August 6, 2011 and the ensuing cover up.


It’s up to “We the  People” to demand a hearing and help the families of our fallen heroes get the  answers they rightfully deserve. Please not only watch this video, but make sure  it goes viral. Then pick up the phone and call your Representative in Congress  and demand a Congressional hearing. Keep calling until that hearing is  scheduled. We’ve kept up the pressure on Benghazi. These families deserve no  less from us.


Paula Helton  BIO

Paula Helton is a tea  party activist at the local level in Gainesville, FL as well as belonging to  both a Statewide and National Coalition.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on May 8, 2013 at 6:36pm

This administration has more ugliness to it than any other in our nation's history.

Our soldiers lives mean '0' ZERO to these traitors.






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