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"Shadow Government"

The Clinton/Obama/Soros TROIKA


30 October, 2016:

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?.....The SHADOW knows!

It has been a long time in coming, but we are fast approaching the day of reckoning.

Our current circumstance had it's beginnings in what we now know as the Watergate Committee. That inquisitional body was formed for the sole purpose of bringing down America's faith in it's self, and it's institutions. Hillary Clinton was influential in that covert mission, and In the wake of Watergate, Hillary managed to emerge from those shadows as the wife of a demagogue, who was cleverly manipulated and molded from the shapeless mass of a 60's-styled radical, Bill "BuBa" Clinton. Bill Clinton was a wholly-owned creation of Hillary, and the rest of the true 60's Liberal establishment.

"BuBa", however, was merely a prop, a "Trophy Husband" for the lesbianesque Hillary. She had higher aspirations. He was a conveniently, but counterfeit, crafted character-with no character. Perfect for her diabolically inspired circle of influence, as was her version of  Rosemary's Baby, her daughter, Chelsea. And now, her only child, Chelsea, has now produced a new generation, a Grandchild, which Hillary can now use to further craft her fabricated image of the innocuous, harmless but loving Grandma.

Once evolved, Hillary's insatiable ambition now has no humane constraints, and no ethical boundaries. From the fervent defense of a plainly guilty child rapist of a 12 year old girl, as a rookie lawyer in Arkansas in 1974, to her enabling, vicious attacks on the women that her predator husband ravaged and preyed upon, this terrible,  termagant woman has managed to fashion her "public" image into one of a protector of women's rights. Only a diabolical, sociopathic narcissist would take such a perverse delight in defeating the very institutions that were designed to protect the rest of us from predators such as she and her husband, and getting those very women to support her political drive. Truly a marriage made in hell.

Hillary's unbridled arrogance has inspired her to rhetorically declare, in the ensuing investigation of her Bengahzi Fiasco, when interrogated under oath, in reference to the deaths of four men, three of them true patriotic heroes, who died defending other of their comrades on that fateful 9/11 day, "What difference, at this point, does it make? "

In the 90's, from her perch in the eaves of the cloistered White House, her newfound roost, Hillary, this human vulture, then managed to grasp in her taloned grip the keys to a far more insidious, dangerous weapon, : SECRET  F. B. I.  files...weapons with which this beguiling witch could then mix her poisoned brew of Blackmail, Bribery and Bolshevism. The Clintonian version of the B B B, not your consumer-friendly version of a Better Business Bureau.

At the beginning of the Obama era, in 2008, it became undeniably clear to the seasoned political observer that the Cavalcade of Czars that he appointed ( most of them cohorts in the former Clinton administration ) were the real government, the SUPRA-government, that supplanted the duly appointed sham cabinet that was consented to by the U.S. Senate, the SHADOW GOVERNMENT operating in the shadows away from the scrutiny of the very congress that supposedly had the duty of oversight. No wonder there were secret servers and e-mail accounts.

They didn't want us to see the treason they were conjuring behind the backs of WE, the people. Thankfully, there were enough savvy patriots who took to the streets in 2009 and 2010, in the movement called the " Tea Party " to hold them in check, and slow their "Progressive" progress. They had the effect of slowing down the "forward" momentum of the American communists, A. K. A. the democrat party. The subsequent electoral victories of 2010, 2012, 2014 and apparently, 2016 are tributes to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Thank God they constitutionally mandated to us the duty to elect our representatives every two years. This was their way of giving us term limits. What we as a people have condoned over the years in our failure to be sufficiently vigilant in the exercize of this duty is a shame on us, not them.

All of Hillary's efforts, guided by Alinsky principles and funded by Soros blood money over the years, have been consolidated into the Clinton Foundation, a mafia-styled front masquerading as a charity. Daily, It is becoming more apparent the corrupt nature of this mega-leviathan, power-grabbing juggernaut.

Logic would demand that we must conclude that none of her successes could have been achieved without the co-conspiracy of many like-minded fellow travelers, who would, in lock-step unity defend this shrew no matter what purported crimes she commits. The level of sociopathic deniability is perfectly illustrated in this exchange between Fox News' Tucker Carlos and former primary-staged shill opponent, Governor Martin O'Malley and former governor Bill Richardson

The hubris of these sycophantic surrogates is breathtaking. And it is clear that Hillary is relying on the Cloward-Piven strategy of " Overwhelming the System". It is clear that she is overwhelming the system...with her corruptions. It boggles the mind of ordinary citizens. They have scandal overload. From the Cattle Futures deal in the eighties, to the Server/Benghazi scandals of today, they have been inundated with sleaze.  They don't quite know what to make of it.

We're still trying to keep you up with it....but It's hard. 

And I feel your pain.








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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on December 22, 2017 at 12:37pm

" It is clear that she is overwhelming the system...with her corruptions. It boggles the mind of ordinary citizens."

 Not only does the breadth and depth of her corruption boggle the mind of us ordinary citizens, it has successfully overridden the ordinary protocols of all of our checks and balances.

Our congressional watchdogs have been compromised. They have even voted themselves a secret slush fund to pay off their own sexual excesses.

Our congressional committees can't find enough time to do thorough investigations before the next elected congress appears to "take-over" which it can't possibly.

Our own congress has spent the nation into debt from which we can never recover. That huge mountain of debt hides the theft by those unscrupulous democrats who use those millions to cheat and lie and steal from We the People via a never ending shopping list of so-called "poverty programs.

From where then will our hero riding in on a white stallion come from?

President Trump has been in office for about a year. Take a look at how much of our nation has lined up against him? They have been effective at slowing the pace of everything he is attempting to do. Is he powerful enough to take down all the powerful entities that are threatened by his position in OUR White House?

I can't tell yet.

What color was the horse he rode in on?






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