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The politicians and the media ignore the people. We have to get their attention in a big way!

I have blogged on many conservative websites for four yrs, most of the time without a response.  I keep reading the blogs of others who are speaking to the choir about political treason and unconstitutional acts by our politicians, and none of it seems to make a difference, no matter how treasonous they are acting.  Politicians and the media don't care about anything but keeping their careers--not the Constitution, nor about protecting our rights and freedoms. 

However, I also created a Web Mall about 3-1/2 yrs ago that is so big that it is impossible to bring it online without support from one or more Strategic Partners.  Since then I have contacted 100s of so-called conservative TV commentators, organizations, and wealthy individuals, but the only response I get are replies from other bloggers that it is a good idea.  It is a GREAT idea, which politicians would be afraid to ignore, because it would result in each politician--from your mayor to the Congress, from the Senate to the Supreme Court, as well as every media receiving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LETTERS DAILY WITH VIEWS OF THE VOTING PUBLIC about their past, present, and future corrupt acts, along with warnings that we are going to take them out of office!

My Web Mall,, is still a skeleton except that the logo, domain, goals, and design are finished, along with the Link on the top left of the Home Page "About This Site." This is the Executive Summary of the proposal to be sent to prospective Strategic Partners.  This link illuminates the goals to protect our Constitution, our country's rights and freedoms, and clean out every governmental body of corruption. 

A page with article title links comes next, where any member can click on one or more title to learn the history, pros, and cons of each political issue. A banner ad from that member's zip code will appear on the top of each article to fund the maintenance of the site, so that the use of the educational articles and the faxes and emails are FREE TO ALL MEMBERS.

At the bottom of each article is a box with the word Letter. By clicking on that Link, a page with numerous interactive letters will appear.  The member can choose the letter that most agrees with his/her view and then either modify or add to it, and add their contact information. At the bottom of every letter are three boxes for Sending: "Email," "Fax," or "BOTH." The best choice is BOTH, because it doubles the number of communications each politician/media will receive. After clicking on a choice to send, a personal political representative page for each member (chosen by their zip code when signing on as a member) will appear, with the names, titles, contact information (email, phone & fax numbers, and all office addresses).  The member can click on each box beside names or on the box "ALL," which is, again, the best.

I call the site a Mall because we also make it possible for every conservative web site to to link to it in order to learn and communicate with our "so-called" representatives FREE OF CHARGE too.  I've put years into creating this website to try to protect this country and its God-given Constitution.  But I am not a "Big Name" and have no contacts with any who have responded.  I am, however, a writer/investigative reporter/magazine editor/newspaper reporter/poet and TV writer & producer for more than 30 years, and went to night school and extension courses during those same 30 years to earn a Valedictorian HS diploma and nine years of college, while also raising five children. I know what I am doing, and I still have the motivation and God-given strength to keep up the good fight.  If any of the readers of this blog knows or "is" a Big Name who can help get one or more people to either fund or volunteer the talents necessary to get it online and promote it so that 100s of thousands of members will use the site to make a difference, please find me on LinkedIn or Facebook.  For busy people, reading an article a day and writing one letter will only take 1/2 hour.  For the poor people, there is no fee to do their share to save us.

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Comment by Bruce O'Hara on October 27, 2013 at 7:23am

Edie, I put out a small Conservative morning newsletter. It gets to about a thousand people daily. I would be glad to run an "ad", or appeal, or whatever it would be called about your website concept. I don't know if it would garner any response, but I've seen some pretty amazing results, occasionally, from my readership.

I have both a mailout list and a website.

The content is Conservatively political Monday thru Saturday, the Sunday edition is devoted to religious themed news and articles.

If you go to the site today (Sunday), please also click on to a weekday blog to get the full flavor.

Here's the blogsite link...

My email address is if you'd like to contact me about it.

~ Bruce ~

Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole on May 19, 2013 at 10:14am

WITH Almighty God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost): "We The People" are the majority.

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on May 19, 2013 at 9:05am

Our donations by definition are free, our Freedoms are NOT free.

There are times when we must pay, sometimes dearly

Thank you for being a True Patriot Edie.

Comment by Edie Boudreau on May 19, 2013 at 2:45am
No Philip; it is still a skeleton, as I still haven't found a (any) partner(s) to help fund (or work on) the technical and marketing work. It could be a great source of profit from the banner ads for the partners (unless it is used as a source of protecting our Constitution), as each advertiser is also linked to the member's local or state area according to the zip.

One thing I have started to do since the latest fiasco of a fraudulent election is to have a conversation with every caller for every person asking for donations to some Conservative organization or cause. I tell them that the only time I hear from them is when they want money, just like the politicians do. They don't have the courtesy to respond to my letters about a Web Mall that might save our freedom and the U.S. Constitution. I feel that effort is worth much more than I could possibly donate to each and every patriot, so I will not longer contribute any money at all to any of them. May 19, 2013.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on February 9, 2013 at 12:45pm

Great work Edie!

Is the site up and running and fully functional?






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