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The Obama Amateur Hour Continues On The Road To Transformation...



The Obama Amateur Hour Continues On The Road To Transformation...

The Anti Israel Jew and American Hating Samantha Power Blames Daniel Pearl For Getting Himself Beheaded Because He Wasn't More Understanding Of Islamo Nazi Terrorist Feelings, While Schmuck Hagel Thinks The Answer To Dealing With The Rising Evil In The World Is To Cut Our Military To Pre World War Two Levels, Just As Our Emperor Decrees... We've Done Enough Austerity Cutting... It's Time To Spend More Money On Social Programs! 

This is what happens when you put Academic Leftist Elites in positions of power to transform American into what their college professors always fantasized it should be.

1. U.S. Ambassador To The UN (that title, like her is a joke) Samantha Power Facing Criticism Over This Tweet: "Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence. "

Then she attempts to correct her comment five hours later after a huge backlash!

Obama's once radical Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein's wife, has put her foot in her mouth once again. May we remind Ms Power, that Daniel Pearl had his throat slashed because he was a Jew, an American Jew! But this is one more example of why she should step down and how Obama has surrounded himself with people that have no clue of how the world works, the evil in the world and their unabashed hatred for Israel, Jews and America's role in the world.

But let's take a stroll down memory lane...

~ Daniel Pearl’s terrorist captors said, “We assure Americans that they shall never be safe in Muslim lands, And if our demands are not met, this scene will be repeated again and again.” WARNING: Graphic Video:

~ Obama Advisor Samantha Power Calls for Invasion of Israel 

~ In 2001 she wrote an essay for The Atlantic magazine that accused the United States of genocide for its failure to insert U.S. military forces in the Rwandan civil war.

~ And it was Samantha Power who first proposed Obama’s notorious 2009 “Apology Tour” as a way to “build credibility” with the international community by “making amends for past U.S. 'sins.'” She wrote that “much anti-Americanism derives from the role U.S. political, economic, and military power has played in denying such freedoms to others.”

~ I'm sure Powers also feels those killed on 9/11 share responsibility for their deaths too. Keep in mind that every democrat and some republicans confirmed this ilk to be Ambassador, knowing full well what her record was.


2.) Secretary of Defenseless Schmucky Hagel (Buffoon) Announces plan to shrink US army to pre-World War II levels... (We must cut our Military in the name of Fairness and Equality, because we wouldn't want to have an advantage over our enemies!)

“While this smaller capacity entails ---> some added risk <---- even if we execute extended or simultaneous ground operations, our analysis showed that this force would be capable of decisively defeating aggression in one major combat theater" ... HOPEfully! 

Another Anti Israel Obama appointee in his destructive administration, Hagel released his proposal for severe cuts in the nation’s military, which will leave the U.S. Army with its smallest force since World War II. The cuts are expected to include the removal of the entire fleet of Air Force A-10 attack jets, reduce the U.S. Army from 490,000 troops to between 440,000 to 450,000, impose a one-year freeze on the salaries of general and flag officers; limit the increase of basic pay for military personnel to 1 percent, retard the growth of tax-free housing allowances for military personnel, and reduce the $1.4 billion direct subsidy which is given to military commissaries in order to lower the prices for soldiers. Eleven navy cruisers will be sent into reduced operating status.


Pentagon budget slashes benefits of active duty members and their families....

The left will never learn! We went through this with the Carter cuts and then the Clinton cuts, and what happened? 9/11. What did we hear? There's not enough troops / there's not the right equipment / there's not enough training and let's blame Bush for not seeing it coming and being asleep at the wheel. So let's do it again! Big difference this time around, the world wasn't in the turmoil it is now. If anything we should be strengthening the military not decreasing it. With communism making a comeback and Islamo Nazism spreading like a cancer all over the world (including in our own country and at both our borders) this is the time when the Obama administration decides to make us even more vulnerable? Brilliant! 

The American left has always hated the military (unless they control it and can use it for their social experiments or to force their will on society, but even then they still hate everything the military stands for), the military is the first thing the left looks to cut, the left never looks to cut their bloated, and ever expanding in size and cost and endless failed social programs. 

The left also never looks at history as a learning experience, the left only sees history as a chance to rewrite it to fit their agenda of the day. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it, the last time we let the military get this weak was just before World War Two, and we paid a heavy price for that stupidity, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives, include the men forever entombed in the battle ship Arizona. The ignorant will praise these cuts, while our enemies will laugh at out stupidity as they continue to arm themselves, as for peace, remember the Japanese were claiming to our face they wanted peace, but that was a stall tactic, as they readied themselves to attack. The best way to secure peace, is to prepare for war, and not be afraid to unleash hell-fire when needed.

But... Our Emperor's court has plenty of money to spend on these....

Feds Spend $356,337 on ‘Simulation Facility’ to Study How People Cross the Road

National Science Foundation Spends $82,525 to Study Self-Defense by Millipedes

U.S. Will Spend $3.35M to 'Improve the Quality of Media Content'--In Armenia

$4.5M Fed Study: 'Effects of Climate Change on Indoor Air

Feds Spent $29 Million on Prescription Drugs for 4,139 Illegal Aliens

HHS Spends $450,000 Promoting 'Long-Acting' Contraception, 'Sterilization' in Dwindling Navajo Nation

Labor Department to Spend $1 Million to Increase Gender Equality in Work – in Morocco

$25 Million NSF Grant to Build Machines Smarter Than Average 3-Year-Old

Feds Give Smithsonian $443,010 to Study Tree Biodiversity – in China

State Dept. to Spend $450,000 for Green Jobs--in Morocco

Obama Administration Announces Another $474 Million in Transportation Grants

HHS Spends $556,000 In Tax Payers Money to Train Med School Students on LGBT Mental Health Care

Gov’t Spends $379,000 Texting Kids to Take a Walk

But that's not enough....

3.) With The 2015 budget request, Obama will call for an end to era of austerity....

Did you know that we are living in the age of austerity budgets in Washington? Hmmmmm, Because Here's Remembering The Top 12 Moments From The Era Of Obama's Austerity

Reality check.... This year’s budget will spend more than last year’s $3.44 trillion, but not as much as Obama requested for FY2014, which was an apparently austere $3.778 trillion.

Obama’s forthcoming budget request will seek tens of billions of dollars in fresh spending for domestic priorities while abandoning a compromise proposal to tame the national debt in part by trimming Social Security benefits.

Translation... Spending money we don’t have on programs proven not to work: Now THAT’s a “Year of Action.” But what do we the peasants know... we're just paying for all of this. These people are dangerous!

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How can any of us feel comfortable enough to get by day to day without going CRAZY? 

I refuse to give up or give in!

There IS a way out of this.

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