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The Las Vegas Sniper(s)...thinking outside the box


PADDOCK ?   or    I S I S ?


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In the blazing light of the recent truths which are being revealed daily to American Citizens with reference to the ongoing "Spy Gate" affair, I am now compelled to offer this further observance on the sorry, criminal demonic corruption manifested by the unethical, illegal, corrupt operations of what we now call " The Swamp" or the "Deep State", the existence of which we all have suspected, and now being revealed in frightful, shocking detail, I now offer this vivid observance in the interest of acheiving one and only one purpose: TRUTH...Truth which cannot be found in the murky depths of that box we call "The Swamp".

The Truth will eternally exist, but one must think deeply in order to see it, beyond the confines of the Bureaucratic Mud Box that has been constructed by the villainous liars in our "sacred" government into which only the Gullible still choose to wallow, and believe.

Keeping in mind that the basic tenants of Crime Solving demand that a competent investigator should first apply these tests to any mystery:  Motive, Opportunity, and Means. Here is a more plausible explanation of the puzzling seemingly ineptitude of Law Enforcement in this disgraceful sham (cover-up) they are calling an "investigation" and a more believable theory:

1.  The F.B.I. D.O.J, and Homeland Security before, during and after the grisly event of October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas were far too preoccupied with perpetrating the Russia Hoax on a gullible public to have had the proper level of attention to such mundane matters as fighting terrorism threats on our people...and far too political.

2.  Then, as early 2018 to the present day has sneaked up upon them, the disgraceful truth of their dastardly, and treasonous deeds began to dawn upon those in Congress determined to exhume the dead corpse of Truth in matters "Russiagate" and resurrect that Truth with the blinding light of credulity, while the Swamp doubled down on their "Big Lie" (remember the fictional Video of Benghazi infamy?)

3.  The subtle, diabolical messaging of deranged Islamic Terrorists.  " 9 1 1 " is the universally understood symbol of EMERGENCY, BEWARE. They attacked us on September 11 at the heart of our Finances and Government. The massacre occurred on October 1 (  10 + 1 ) = 11, in the Heart Land, Las Vegas a symbol of America's wealth and Prosperity. Strange coincidence? ...or deliberate?  I think the latter.

The evil forces that hate America are all around us. The "Deep State" was created by Obama, and has survived beyond his 8 year tenure. Consider this:

" Why would the Obama Family all appear on Election Night, 2008 all wearing the known communist colors of RED and BLACK? " ...Subtle Messaging?

Thinking minds know that Obama is a Closet Muslim and an Openly Brash Communist...and he HARMED America in so many ways, from deliberate suppression of the economy to Fast & Furious, to the Deep Horizon Gulf Oil Spill, to Benghazi, to the I. R. S. scandal treachery (Lois Lerner plead the fifth), to the Uranium One deal and to the Iran giveaway, (150 BILLION DOLLARS), the Racial agitations, etc., he harmed America because he hates America. It is no longer in question, or covertly secret. It was an AUDACIOUS, open assault on all of us...LOOK:

Image result for THE OBAMA FAMILY ON ELECTION NIGHT, 2008    



" ...Consider this:

What if Mr. Paddock was lured into that hotel room and then, himself, murdered? The real killers, having moved all of that artillery into the hotel room, and his other residences, without his knowledge, would then have the time, with automatized, rapid fire weapons to spray the tightly packed crowd below with a rain of high-powered bullets ...and then flee the scene, before anyone could locate the source of the relentless fire?

A perfect scenario for terrorists, still at large, waiting for their next opportunity.

The Professional Investigators need to stop acting like Keystone Cops and get serious about this. It may require thinking outside the box. They should start by pin-pointing Paddock's exact time of death. "

The preceding, most thinking people would agree, would be far more plausible than the heretofore excuses we have heard from the Swamp Weasels, and the Las Vegas police.

This is a job for Detective Columbo, not them.



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Image result for STEPHEN PADDOCK

Young Stephen Paddock, alleged sniper


Ever since last Monday, the police have been puzzled over the fact that the alleged sniper has manifested no classic indicators of a typical mass murderer...and NO MOTIVE.

He had no ties to Islam, Muslims, or any other radical fringe group that would indicate a traditional profile in murders of this category. He was "apolitical", and displayed none of the fanatical traits of a so-called "religious nut-case". He was not a reclusive "loner", nor was he an oppressed minority type seeking any particular revenge on any group or person.

To the contrary, he was a wealthy, successful businessman, a millionaire, who had everything to lose by his alleged actions and nothing to gain.

He, therefore, is a paradox to the professional crime fighters who are frantically searching for a motive. Forensic doctrine practically dictates that in order to qualify him as a valid suspect, or at least a person of interest, his history must demonstrate the three essentials of a classic criminal: Motive, Opportunity and Means. The theory of whether or not he is guilty is a riddle, because one of the puzzle pieces is yet missing-MOTIVE.

But, what if he didn't do it?

What if he was a patsy for a darker, deeper, more sinister agenda?

All of the previous mass-murderers had some connection to liberalism, socialism, communism or jihadism (From Lee Harvey Oswald to the Colorado theater killings to Fort Hood and Sandy Hook, etc.). Radicals all. But not Stephen Paddock. Stephen Paddock is an enigma, and will be, until the professional investigators, the pros, widen their hypothesis to include the possibility that he was a patsy, taking the blame posthumously, in order to have his profiled persona, as developed by those experts, the profilers, included into the plausible rogues gallery of mass killers:...that of an "average Joe" Mr. Anyman from anywhere. Anyone of us. Having the same macabre potential as traditionally run-of the mill killers.

That scenario would fit the Gun Controllers' agenda nicely, making all citizens, ALL OF US, potential killers and therefore subject to restrictions on their second amendment rights, just like common criminals, thereby strengthening their argument. Remember Eric Holder's "Fast & Furious" operation? He refused to answer questions from congressional investigative hearings, and subsequently found to be in contempt of congress. A sitting Attorney General, who was clearly attempting to artificially manufacture a plausible rationale for gun confiscation. (There is also evidence that the great Gulf Oil Spill of 2009, known as Deepwater Horizon, was deliberate sabotage to create an artificial justification for shutting down the energy industry in this country.)**


**The Obama administration lied about everything, from Benghazi to Bergdahl, to the "Arab Spring"  ( which spawned I S I S, ) with utter contempt for truth, while undermining the nation's institutions, and called it "Fundamental change".

Consider this:

What if Mr. Paddock was lured into that hotel room and then, himself, murdered? The real killers, having moved all of that artillery into the hotel room, and his other residences, without his knowledge, would then have the time, with automatized, rapid fire weapons to spray the tightly packed crowd below with a rain of high-powered bullets ...and then flee the scene, before anyone could locate the source of the relentless fire?

A perfect scenario for terrorists, still at large, waiting for their next opportunity.

The Professional Investigators need to stop acting like Keystone Cops and get serious about this. It may require thinking outside the box. They should start by pin-pointing Paddock's exact time of death.

Columbo, where are you when we need you!!?

...just sayin'






Former employee of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock makes unexpected comment

A former employee and close friend of Stephen Paddock, the gunman who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, has spoken out to say that the man she knew was seemingly incapable of committing such a horrific act.

In a Monday appearance on Good Morning America, 54-year-old Lisa Crawford, who managed a Dallas apartment Paddock owned between 2006 and 2012, opened up about how her interactions with the gunman gave her no indication of what he was apparently capable of doing.

"He actually cared about everybody," Crawford said. "He tried to make people happy, he tried to make people care and I don't know what happened to him."

Here's what we know about Stephen Paddock:

Crawford also described Paddock as a humorous man who was generous with his employees and tenants.

She said the last time the pair spoke was a couple of weeks before the attack when Paddock emailed her to make sure she made it through hurricanes Harvey and Irma unscathed.

"I have read [the emails] over and over and over again," Crawford said. "I've even looked at some photos online of, I guess, him and his girlfriend. You know, I was even trying to look into his eyes to see if I saw something that wasn’t normal, you know. No, I didn’t see anything."

Crawford said that she had a mental breakdown after learning about the massacre which left 59 dead, adding that she feels "guilty" for even having known the shooter.

“I can’t believe that the person that I knew would even consider hurting somebody. I want so bad to have answers for people," Crawford said. "I want to solve this. I want us to do whatever I can to tell the authorities to look here, look there.”

"I have cried for those people so many times, I almost feel like I’m out of tears sometimes," she added. "It could have been my mom, my children."

Crawford is currently cooperating with the FBI in hopes that she can provide authorities with any relevant information about Paddock and his potential motive.

Law enforcement continues to investigate Las Vegas mass shooting

Law enforcement continues to investigate Las Vegas mass shooting

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police near the scene of the recent Las Vegas mass shooting on Oct. 8, 2017, in Vas Vegas, Nev. (Photo: Doug Kranz/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Federal investigators returned to search the home of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock on Sunday, while the officers who raided his hotel room door the night of the shooting gave a harrowing account of a barricaded door they had to bust through and the booby-traps they feared they’d find.

The search of Paddock’s three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, was for “re-documenting and rechecking,” said local police Chief Troy Tanner, who accompanied FBI agents as they served the search warrant.

“I don’t think they are after anything specific,” Tanner told The Associated Press. “They’re going through everything and photographing everything again.”

The home was first searched Monday by Las Vegas police, who said they found 19 guns and several pounds of potentially explosive materials at the house that Paddock bought in early 2015.

The search came exactly a week after Paddock opened fire on a country music crowd, killing 58 and injuring nearly 500. (AP)


MAY 26,  2018  "SHOCKING"

( not really shocking ) UPDATE:


Lombardo Lied: New Vegas Shooting Documents Reveal Three Women Found In Stephen Paddock’s Room


Recent documents released regarding the the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting are beginning to shed light on more discrepancies and abnormalities surrounding the official timeline and narrative of the tragedy as originally stated by Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Special Agent Aaron Rouse of the Las Vegas FBI , including documentation that three women were found in the alleged shooter's room.

The most recent batch of documents that were released include witness reports, dispatch logs, and officer reports that recount the events that took place that night and further reveal that Paddock was not alone in his room as was was first stated by Sheriff Lombardo.
Page 26 of the dispatch logs that were released by LVMPD details the moments when the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was located by a security detail at the Mandalay Bay. As actions were taken to assemble a team of officers to apprehend the suspect, a dispatcher shared the name of the alleged shooter located in Room 32-135, along with three females that were reported to be in the room with Mr. Paddock. However, the names of those three women are redacted from the report, while the checkout date listed for the women aligns with Paddock’s planned check out date of October 2, 2017. In the log, as seen on page 26, the following was documented as having taken place at 11: 02 pm the night of the shooting when police breached Paddock's room. "Units in control room 32 135. Suspect name of K(P)addock, Stephen. There three females in room."
The three women are then listed at #1, #2, and #3, with their check in and check out dates, but their names are redacted from the log. "Checked on (in) on 9-25 scheduled to check out Oct 2nd."
Shocking details such a the one above are found all throughout the nearly 2000 documents that were released following a court order after The Associated Press and additional media outlets had to sue the LVMPD for the release of this information, information that the public has the right to see, as there are many questions left unanswered due to communication shut down by Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Other details revealed in the dispatch log include calls that were made to report multiple gunshot wounded victims hiding in fear for their lives all over the strip. There were panicked calls made from Sundance Helicopter about possible hostages taken.
The details of the LVMPD dispatch log on page 26 specifically reveals that dispatch received information from Mandalay Bay regarding guest names, additional parties in the room, along with check-in and departure dates for Paddock and the three women found in his room, all of which completely contradicts information given to the public in early reports from LVMPD and Sheriff Lombardo. In press conferences held shortly after October 1, Lombardo specifically stated that Paddock checked into his suite at Mandalay Bay on September 28th, 2017 and that he stayed in the room by himself.
Sheriff Lombardo was challenged on the initial timeline by investigative journalist Laura Loomer at a live press conference based on evidence to support an earlier check-in date of September 25, 2017, and only then after being exposed as a liar on live TV did he provide the correct details. The newly released logs provide documented proof that Lombardo was aware of the check-in date of Paddock and his guests.
LVMPD and FBI have maintained for almost eight months that Stephen Paddock was a lone gunman. Their reports state that he did occupy two rooms during his stay, the 32-135 suite and an adjoining room, 32-134, which was registered under his girlfriend’s name, Marilou Danley.
Information within the official LVMPD reports also stated that Ms. Danley was out of the country on a trip to the Philippines at the time of the shooting. Despite her fingerprints being present on ammunition, and her own personal admission of helping Paddock load ammunition into his guns, LVMPD maintains she is no longer a suspect in the shooting.

However, police documentation of the three females who were found in Paddock's room, and whose identities have been redacted from the logs, leads to questions of additional persons of interest involved, including Marilou Danley. There are several witness accounts that state Danley was in town with Paddock, and had foreknowledge of Paddock’s talks about a potential shooting at an open air concert.
One of the recently released witness statements includes a witness who recounts seeing Danley and Paddock at The Noodle Shop the Friday before the shooting. A hairdresser shared a wild story of Paddock rambling about an open-air concert and easy access for shooting. The hairdresser claims she shared her concerns with Ms. Danley and reported them both to the police, according to her statement.

LVMPD dispatch logs show documentation of ISIS activity on page of Danley's Facebook friend

There are also dispatch logs showing that the night of the Las Vegas shooting, LVMPD knew that Danley had followers on her Facebook page who showed ISIS “beheading videos” on their Facebook pages. While independent journalists were first to report that Danley deleted her Facebook page immediately following the Las Vegas shooting, it was later confirmed in January of 2018 when police search warrants were released. It is also worth noting that immediately following the Las Vegas shooting, ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting, claiming Paddock was an ISIS terrorist who converted to Islam six months prior to the attack. Even after the FBI said ISIS wasn't involved, ISIS has continued to take responsibility for the Vegas shooting nearly four times, and has even published ISIS propaganda since the shooting in which they promise to attack Vegas again.
Besides proving that the public has been mislead about Paddock being alone in his suite at Mandalay Bay, dispatch logs confirm that Sheriff Lombardo had knowledge of the accurate timeline and check in date, as well as the three women the public is just now learning about when he held his press conference the day after the shooting, where he intentionally gave the public misinformation.
Although LVMPD and the FBI have remained adamant that Paddock was a lone shooter who acted alone without any outside help, these newly released police logs and witness statements are further evidence that there are possibly additional suspects or people of interest who were not mentioned in Lombardo's press conferences, or at any time within the eight months that have passed since the horrific shooting.
Despite the new details in the logs, investigators have yet to provide a motive for Stephen Paddock, or any additional information that gives the public any answers or understanding as to why a gunman or gunmen decided to open fire from a 32nd floor hotel suite onto a country music concert, killing 58 people and injuring nearly 800 more. Yet, there continues to be multiple inconsistencies in what was originally stated by Sheriff Lombardo and the LVMPD.
In the coming days as more of the logs and witness statements are examined, more shocking information about the Las Vegas shooting will come to light. Information regarding the Las Vegas shooting that has yet to be process and released includes more than 20,000 hours of video footage, 251,099 images, and thousands of witness accounts and police phone calls.
It has been eight months since the Las Vegas shooting, and the world still doesn’t know what happened in Vegas that night. Why did the Las Vegas shooting happen? Who are the three women who were found in Paddock's room? Was this an ISIS terrorist attack? These are only some of the many unanswered questions surrounding the mystery known as the Las Vegas shooting. However, one thing remains undisputed and continues to present itself to the public. Sheriff Lombardo intentionally misled the public about the details surrounding the Las Vegas shooting, and he continues to do so as he asks the public to grant him a second term as Clark County Sheriff on June 12, 2018.
In the meantime, the citizens of Clark County must decide if the lies, misinformation, deception, and corruption that has been demonstrated by Sheriff Lombardo, and proven in these newly released documents is the type of leadership and protection they are comfortable with in the upcoming election for Clark County Sheriff.
Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.





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Comment by Patty on June 9, 2018 at 3:55am

Laura Loomer read the statement wrong. It says MariLou Danley's DTR's blank has a follower on FB. Is that MariLou Danley's daughter's blank has a follower. And then what is the missing word. It could be any relation like father, father in law, aunt, uncle, husband, friend so we still don't know who they are talking about because the main word is redacted. Sheila Darcy's FB page is here set to private:   and instagram here set to public:   No mention of Las Vegas in Oct. 

Comment by Patty on May 27, 2018 at 2:07am

Raya go look at all of the tapes they just released. Watch the part where the police who go into the 31st floor suite, go to the bathroom, grab a Fiji water and then start walking up the fire stairwell to the 32nd floor. Now look really closely as they open the fire stairwell doors. Notice these is moulding on the inside of the fire stairwell door!!! Now think about a fire door - it MUST be made of metal and it MUST be a solid door so it stops a fire!!!! The doorframe is cement and the door is ALWAYS metal by code and law EVERYWHERE in EVERY hotel and motel. 

Here's 2 videos of the Mandalay Bay hotel to prove it:

So the SIT report pictures with the L bracket is a wooden door with moulding and the FIT report is deceiving us because this is NOT the fire stairwell door, this IS the hallway door! The 60 minutes interview stated that the 4 policemen ran up the stairwell and they encountered a door that wouldn't open because of a metal bar and they pried it open. It NEVEr worked because the fire stairwell door is metal and requires special drill pieces and tapcons to screw it in place and it is very loud as everyone who has ever fitted their Florida house with plywood for a hurricane knows. So this would have been done hours in advance. Problem: What happens at EVERY hotel and motel - the security walks the stairwells at regular intervals to check that the doors are clear so security would have found the blocked door BEFORE the shooting started! The 60 minutes interview made it sound like the metal bar was placed on the side of the stairs because they easily popped it off. That would require that Paddock or someone else went into the stairwell, put the bar in place and then took the stairs up or down a floor to get back to the room. It also would prevent Paddock from an escape route which Lombardo stated he had an escape plan before the FBI shut him up. So the story can never work because the police and FBI forgot about how doors work!!!! Also why would Paddock block the exit that would let him climb up to the 40th floor and enter a hallway for the Four Seasons that would take him to a separate elevator system that no one would be searching and he could easily escape?

So the door pictures that the FIT report gives us are a LIE. AND the video has the wrong door being opened to match the FIT report. This means the video after this door opens is spliced with the other video and is a lie! WHY are they lying????

Also the very first police video they released of the bodycam has the WRONG date and time.It says Oct 2 5:11pm ( I'm doing this from memory and so my time isn't completely correct.

The security guard was blocking people from climbing past him in the stairwell on the 32nd floor whenever anyone tried it after the shooting. He can block the doorway into the 32nd floor BUT that is a fire exit and anyone should be able to use the stairs up and down yet he told them NO. Where was the fire marshall - in a fire, people who were stopped would have remembered this and tried to use a different exit and that is how people die. 

What if the reason people aren't allowed on the 32nd floor is because nothing happened in  that room? OR what if those 4 policemen ran up the stairs and in their rush to get the shooter, entered and shot a man in the wrong room? Paddock was multiple chemical sensitive and that is why he had to have the rugs cleaned with only water and wore gloves and flippers on carpeting. It's why he never went on his lawn and stayed inside. He slept in the day so he could have been sleeping and made a move and was shot by accident.

Hover your mouse over the top of the police report. It says FIT report NOT homicide report or mass casualty report. In the foornotes it is called LVMPD Internal Oversight & Constitutional Policing Force Investigation Team.  So I looked up what FIT is. It is their department that investigates officer involved shootings!

Also here is the crime mapping page that is part of the LVMPD official website.  When I went to it after the event, there was an entry for Mandalay Bay and there was a red fist – clicking on it pulled up ASSAULT/BATTERY W/A 10/1 at 10:08pm Incident # LLV171001003519 which matches the number on the preliminary report PDF file put out by the LVMPD. Then I changed the date to 10/2/2017. Clicking on the red fist pulled up ASSAULT/BATTERY W/A Incident #LLV171002000458 at 2:18am. That’s a different incident # and it is never referenced in the preliminary report. The crimemap lists other homocides as homocides so WHY is this mass even listed as assault/battery W?A???  The incident # for Stephen Paddock autopsy is under 2 different numbers with the FBI and coroner’s office and they don’t mention the LVMPD incident #. What happened at 2am in the same exact area that was a crime and was it related to the shooting????

Also interesting in this FIT autopsy report is the gloves Paddock or whoever this was are missing.Where did they go? An easy gunpowder test would have proved he shot a gun. Also there is no matching of dental records or DNA testing to prove it is Stephen Paddock. Who identified the body as being Stephen Paddock?

So the real questions are WHY are the police and Lombardo lying and even changing videos???? Did the FBI have an operation going and the police reacted wrong because they were never informed? OR did the FBI know something was going to happen but didn't know details and the shooting happened. 

People have reviewed every video available frame by frame.There are strange people all over the field and even one found on the stage. WHY hasn't the press sued for this document listed in the footnotes on page 24?? Specific officers and assigned locations can be found on the Assignment List, ICS Form 204 for the event.There were 51 personnel working overtime - this document would show you where they were!

Also in the 60 minutes interview, the 4 police stated that they stayed away from the windows and  didn't open the curtains because they knew that there were snipers out there that would shoot them if they saw movement. YET the police entered the 31st floor and walked in front of windows and moved curtains a few minutes before????

We do NEED Columbo Raya! If the FBI and police are covering this up, they sure never watched him or they would have created a cover story that got the doors correct!!!!

Look at the FIT report pages 54 and 55 and the hallway door doesn't have the L bracket and the video has the fire door with moulding and a L Bracket. The FIT report on page 41 states "Metal “L” bracket with three screws securing it to the interior door/frame"  that is a description of the hallway door in my opinion.- why lie to us???? I guess they think we are stupid!


Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on May 27, 2018 at 12:22am



"...Consider this:

What if Mr. Paddock was lured into that hotel room and then, himself, murdered? The real killers, having moved all of that artillery into the hotel room, and his other residences, without his knowledge, would then have the time, with automatized, rapid fire weapons to spray the tightly packed crowd below with a rain of high-powered bullets ...and then flee the scene, before anyone could locate the source of the relentless fire?

A perfect scenario for terrorists, still at large, waiting for their next opportunity.

The Professional Investigators need to stop acting like Keystone Cops and get serious about this. It may require thinking outside the box. They should start by pin-pointing Paddock's exact time of death.

Columbo, where are you when we need you!!? "

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on May 27, 2018 at 12:19am



@ Patty

" comment! "

( I WROTE this article )


Related image



Comment by Patty on May 26, 2018 at 11:17pm

Raya your comment isn't showing!

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on May 26, 2018 at 8:23pm


Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on November 1, 2017 at 10:00am



33) "...That meeting was verified by Mandalay Bay room service receipts, recording 2 guests were served in paddocks room on that date "

Comment by Patty on October 11, 2017 at 1:38pm

I didn't realize the LA Times left the stairwell out of their picture. It's right in that section where the words 11:20 officers breach main entry and find shooter's body.

The bottom of this Daily Mail has a full picture:

Comment by Patty on October 11, 2017 at 1:20pm

Here's some of the police video released with the wrong date and time

Comment by Patty on October 11, 2017 at 1:19pm

Raya you are so right that we need Columbo! Even the Conservative Treehouse has messed up the significance of the change in the time that the security guard was shot. They are writing incorrectly that Stephen Paddock was out in the hallway screwing a metal bar into the exit doorway and the security guard saw the door to the room open and caught him drilling and Paddock shot 200 rounds and wounded him   -   CAN'T be the sequence of events!!!!

First of all - think like Columbo and ALL fire doors open into the stairwell for easy egress during a fire!!!! Otherwise people would die trying to leave in a possible panic. If this is true then Stephen Paddock would have been in the stairwell because the SWAT team had to pry the door open with a crowbar that they had. And then Stephen Paddock would have to either climb up or down one floor and take the elevator back to his room. A fire stairwell is made of concrete so a special drill and drill bit is needed and tap cons. And it's not a fast job and it's really LOUD. When we fitted our sliding glass doors for hurricanes it took a long time of drilling and several trips to Home Depot to get the right length tap cons and even an extra drill bit. Paddock was seen on video supposedly earlier in the evening gambling. This project would have to be done in the days leading up to the shooting. But in the hotels I stay in ( the cheap ones!) there is always a security guard walking each floor opening and closing or walking through end to end to the next door and next floor. Why? because they have to make sure the fire exits doors aren't blocked in case of fire. So when was the last time security made rounds checking the fire doors on the 32nd floor and did they sign off it was open? And as Columbo would say, why would  anyone who wants to escape after shooting ever blockade the fire exit they need to escape?

What you have to do is take the new timeline and fit in the 60 minute interview done on Sunday and nothing adds up. I can see Columbo pacing in his raincoat as he explains the obvious!!! Even McCloud could see the inconsistencies and call foul!!!

Here's the 60 minutes interview. Use the text quotes to determine event times  There are 3 of the 4 improptu SWAT team policemen at this interview - the actual 4th man was SWAT and he is not present. Joseph Lombardo who speaks at the end is with the police but was not one of the SWAT and does not finish the key sentence after 12 minutes.

Here's the new timeline as written out by LA TImes ( I'm only using them because they include a picture of the suite and extra bedroom and times doors breached.

What's wrong with this picture? Even McMillan and wife would put it together yet NOT ONE reporter caught on to question the sheriff on this! I even called the CBS FOX Las Vegas newsroom and told the woman to superimpose the new timeline with the CBS 60 minutes interview and she told me "WE are local news and that story was national so I wouldn't even know what it was about." And FOX Las Vegas newsroom told me I had 30 seconds to finish my ranting because he had work to do as I explained all the problems with the timeline before the change in security guard shooting. When I called them back to say told you so and put the 60 minutes into the events the woman hung up the phone and I called back twice and they ended the call without picking up. I even called FOX Orlando and was put through to the producer for the 10pm news - he listened but said we reported on Pulse.

Here's some of the problems - The impromptu SWAT team got to the scene in about 5 minutes from different directions after hearing Mandalay Bay hotel on their police scanner ( yes that scanner that we all listen to but shouldn't believe). In lobby they were told shots being fired on 29th floor at security guard and officers had identified suspect on the 32nd floor. One officer even takes off his boots and goes up the stairs barefoot to get there as quick as possible - he's risking stepping in blood ( HIV, hepatitis) or explosives injuring his foot etc to stop the shooting of police and innocent people in the stadium. He's following the sheriff's policy of how to handle a mass shooter. They get up the steps in 12 minutes and pry the door open. That puts them outside the shooters door at around 10:30 or maybe a little earlier. THEY are the ones who breach 2 doors and first enter the room NOT the officers down the hall with the security guard. But according to the timeline the door was breached at 11:20 so they just sat in the stairwell for 50 minutes doing nothing??? They rushed as fast as they could even without shoes to just sit there? They had the SWAT policeman who set the charges with them why wait?

Only reason would be to clear the people off the floor so they don't get hurt. BUT this witness disproves their timeline again. The SWAT set off the fire alarm with the explosive to breach the door. This woman was still in her room when the fire alarm went off so the story that they met the security guard at the elevator and 8 policemen plus him went room to room evacuating people isn't correct. If the timeline is room breached at 11:20 then the people's rooms were not searched until after! How is it safe to not evacuate people when you know a breach will set of the fire alarms on at least that entire floor. What if the man across the hall had been in his room sleeping? He would have heard the fire alarm and gone out the door towards the fire exit right into a firestorm if the shooter had still been alive.

There's more - this is just one small piece. Every change leads to more questions not answers. Hannity nothing. Carlson nothing.Trace Gallagher nothing. Conservative Treehouse still turning security guard into a hero - for what? Lou Dobbs turned it into the Mandalay Bay is now set up for huge lawsuits. But it sure looks like the police didn't get there fast and then just sat. Why doesn't any reporter get this? 

And to figure out the timeline and what time the canine officer would have heard the policeman at the scene say it was from Mandaly Bay, I went to the police body cam video footage the sheriff released. Guess what - the time and date in the corner says 2017 -10- 2 Oct T05 and minutes and seconds ticking. That's NOT the date or time of the shooting - do they time stamp with the date and time video was pulled????? Where's Trace on that one?????

Well there's TONS more but time for a commercial break!!!And don't forget as you put this timeline together that the top floors above are the Four Seasons hotel. That just adds another layer of questions that need to be clarified.!!!






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