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One Man’s Solutions for America are Lacking/Three Solutions Where Republicans Can Lead America

Three Solutions Where Republicans Can Lead America

One Man’s Solutions for America are Lacking

 By Jerry McConnell  Thursday,
December 30, 2010

Though he is considered by many, including myself to be an
“establishment” Republican, Newt Gingrich unquestionably does have a lot
of ‘know-how’ and practical savvy for governmental affairs, especially
for the
United States

In an article titled “Three Solutions Where Republicans Can Lead America”
in Human Events online, December 29, 2010 in the Newt Gingrich letter,
the man puts in writing many of the things he has been talking about for
many years.

And as a former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives,
which made some significant and lasting impressions on our country with
With America
” in the 1994 election campaign for Congress, he is
someone not to be taken lightly.

However, before we go any farther, let me express my opinion on the man
and his more and more outwardly indications for a run at the Office of
the President in 2012.  And my opinion covers all politicians who
talk out of both sides of his or her mouth. 

You’ll notice in the last sentence I said “out of both sides of his or
her mouth”.  I have specifically in mind a prominent female who is
said by many (although not as yet by her) to already be running for
president, and that woman is

Where Gingrich is doing what he does best, think, create positions and
strategies, and make the rounds speaking of what he thinks would be best
for America and by default, best for Republicans, Palin, in her
‘down-home’ folksy way with people makes the tour of promoting her books
and trying to look and sound like a

presidential candidate

Both come off rather well with the public that listens to what each has
to say and files it away in their memory data
for future considerations.

Newt Gingrich is, this time around, doing what he has been famous for in
the past and that is, offering solutions to many problems that the
country is facing for the near and extended future. 

In his December 29, “Human Events” online column, published exclusively
by Human Events, the author suggests “Three Solutions Where Republicans
Can Lead America” which he also terms, ‘Urgent Priorities for House

“Three vital areas require the urgent attention of House Republicans in
order to set America back on the path of values and prosperity:
  1. Creating jobs to get paychecks in people’s hands.
  2. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with an individually-centered, market-oriented approach to reform.
  3. Replacing bad, centralized, bureaucratic government with smaller, more effective solutions that focus on flexibility, localism, citizen engagement, new technological opportunities, and performance outcomes.”

If you have been listening to Sarah Palin on the campaign, oops, I mean the book sell tour, she sounds just like Gingrich by calling for
government to get busy trying to create, instead of causing loss, of jobs
(Gingrich #1 above); stop BIG
by government (Gingrich #2 above); and cut the size of government
(Gingrich #3 above).  Not mentioned specifically but always on their
minds is a 4th task and that is to cut taxes.

Now here’s where I get around to explaining what I mean by speaking out
of both sides of their mouths.  Quite simply, they each cover the
main causes of why this country is frankly, going broke; how the current
liberal Democrat government administrators and legislators are piling up
colossal debt numbers for our future generations and the two potentials
are to be
commended for keeping these important causes in the public’s

Both of these stalwart warriors are ready, willing and able to produce
their versions of actions that are warranted to help bring about the
necessary changes to, 1. Create more jobs; 2. Cut spending drastically;
and 3. Reduce the size of government; all of which, by the way should
consequentially lead to the possibility of reducing taxes at some

But strangely, both of these two worthy potential candidates studiously
ignore one major cause that contributes to all three of their factors by
the same numbers, loss of jobs, big spending and big government and that
single cause is in two words, “illegal aliens.” 

In their talk from the other side of their mouths they claim that illegal
aliens don’t take away jobs that many unemployed workers could have to
save on government payments for not working; and they ignore the
calamitously large amounts of spending to which their illegal presence
here contributes; also avoiding the problem that their illegal existence
here requires more and more government attention and employees to

I am not a government fiscal guru by any means, but to me, those three
elements when applied to the illegal alien criminals present in this
country due to breaking our laws, totally combined are a huge reason why
the three factors being discussed here by the two “candidates” should be
a paramount issue.

But believe it or not fellow American citizens, BOTH Gingrich and Palin
are FOR AMNESTY!  Both avoid the subject in their speeches but when
questioned, both admit to wanting to provide a direct path to
citizenship.  This reward for breaking our laws is not the normal
American way.  Why should we punish our own citizens and those
foreigners who have applied for citizenship and are waiting to be
accepted just so we won’t have to send these criminals home?

Newt and Sarah might otherwise be great candidates, but to ignore one of
the biggest problems this country suffers is an exaggeration of blindness
for solving major problems that presidential candidates should possess.


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Comment by Sandra on December 30, 2010 at 9:06pm
FYI as a side note;   Newt's "Contract" was a bait and switch, he ran on those things then lead the majority GOP in exporting our industry and jobs. We need to always remember past issues on any of them... Guess that is why he has been labeled a RINO.






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