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Oh, That We Could Awake From This Awful Nightmare!

Lack of progress in stemming this horrible disaster in the Gulf is most upsetting and infuriating. Something is very wrong here. As for the President, his usual vapid rhetoric is especially painful right now.

There are apparently two viable simultaneous alternatives to begin fixing this mess. First, weighted charges could be lowered into the well by our military (inserted like the heavy mud BP fooled around with) and then detonated at sufficient depth to seal the well. Second, the crude already fouling the Gulf waters could be sucked into tankers, separated from the seawater- and perhaps refined like any other crude. This video mentions these options. Watch it. See for yourself. And here’s a fellow with another idea.

Why isn’t American ingenuity being used to clean up this mess? Why did Obama virtually ignore the problem for five weeks- essentially just telling BP to stop the leak. And right now I don’t trust BP any more than Joe Sestak…

Speaking of Sestak, here’s an excellent article from Douglass J. Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence dated 29 May, which reads in part, “Recalling the days of Watergate, it is important to understand that it was obstruction of justice charges that ultimately brought down the Nixon administration. Obstruction of justice can take on different forms, including but not limited to obfuscations, equivocations, denials, as well as lack of cooperation with investigative bodies. So far, the White House has failed to cooperate or provide any specific answers to questions posed by lawmakers. The Holder Justice Department has also declined to investigate.”

And here’s another from the same author, “Drawing a line in the dust at Ground Zero.” Hagmann writes, “Even before the dust began to settle over New York, Americans were being sold a bill of goods about the agenda of Islamists. The fact that Islam is much more than a religion is carefully omitted from academic discussion. The fact that Islamists, having found common ground with progressives, are deliberately infiltrating all aspects of our government, our military and our law enforcement and adversely affecting our policies is being hidden from the public or mocked by the media.”

North Korea denies sinking that South Korean warship. Did it ever occur to you that the North Koreans might actually be telling the truth for a change? Please look back through history- and how the international banking cartel and their nefarious associates, headed most notably by the Rothschild crime syndicate, have fomented wars for centuries.

Or just hearken back to the terror of 11 September 2001- and all the mystery still surrounding those chaotic events. For openers, the freefall of the Twin Towers was assuredly assisted by something other than the malevolent aircraft which struck them. Do I know exactly who was involved- other than the obvious Islamic extremists? No, but something still stinks- and I suspect a significant portion of the stench is coming from rogue factions which have infiltrated our own federal government. Think I’m delusional? If nothing else, ask Larry Silverstein why Building Seven was wired for demolition in advance of the terrorist attack…

On this Memorial Day 2010, we have at least been spared an appearance by Barack Hussein Obama at Arlington’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Nevertheless, our military men and women continue to risk their lives in foreign countries while our own homeland remains under continuous attack by a complex cabal comprised of the international banking cartel and their complicit international corporations- as well as hardline communists and Islamic extremists from around the globe. And all those evil entities have infiltrated our federal government! But this is not all. Mexican drug cartels openly export their criminal activities across our porous southern border. Illegal aliens continue to stream across that border- further debilitating America’s fundamental economic framework. Many of those illegal aliens are OTM (Other Than Mexican) and add to the terrorist threat against our national security. Our Republic is now in greater danger of extinction than at any time since the Civil War.

My heart is deeply troubled by the perfidy within the United States Government. We have a President apparently committed to the malicious design of a New World Order- the treacherous plans thereof now impossible to deny or ignore by thinking Americans- except those yet unshaken from their slumbering stupor. The present majorities in Congress are also complicit- and our federal courts offer us no redress.

Worst of all, we stand on the brink of another civil war- and the attendant threat of martial law, perhaps even assisted by foreign troops. Large camps have already been prepared to receive patriotic dissidents. Our economy is in virtual ruin. Our traitorous leaders in Washington only drag us further into the abhorrent abyss. Our precious Gulf waters and wetlands are being destroyed before our eyes. Our beloved Constitution hangs by a thread- and who shall save her? Oh, that we could awake from this awful nightmare!

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