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King Rat’s Grimy Tail Caught In A Mousetrap Of His Own Making…

Apparently Joe Sestak’s brother conferred with Bubba and the Rat before it all hit the fan yesterday- so they could all get their stories straight?

Let’s look at this Sestak mess without any liberal bias obfuscating the issue. Joe Sestak repeatedly trumpeted his virgin integrity before the mainstream media- bragging about how he was offered a job by the White House and how he righteously turned it down- so he could continue his quest for a US Senate seat and better serve the people of Pennsylvania. In case you missed the pertinent video, Joe at one point had a fat cheesy grin on his face- like it was a REALLY BIG job. Of course, he wouldn’t say exactly what.

Now, all of a sudden he was only offered the chance to do charity work for the White House- as an unpaid advisor? Give us a break, Joe. So much for your virgin integrity…

And Joe’s excuse for not letting us know that he talked with Billy? The relevant 30-60 second conversation should remain private- out of respect for the ex-Pres. That didn’t stop Joe from constantly portraying himself as a hero on camera- telling us how the White House had offered him a job and he declined.

Watch this CNN video of 19 May. Sestak was asked a direct question by Rick Sanchez- whether or not Joe had been offered the Secretary of the Navy gig. Joe refused to answer it. Instead of simply denying that he had received that particular offer from the White House, Sestak launched into a doubletalk soliloquy that would put Robert Gibbs to shame.

This is like: “Joey, did Billy offer you a bribe last summer?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m an honest and upright little boy- and I cannot tell a lie!”

“Was a $20 bill involved, Joey?”

“Uh, I don’t think I really wanna answer that.”

A few days later, however, Joey says, “No, it was only Monopoly money.”

By covering for the Obama administration, Sestak has now painted himself into a tight little corner. He can’t tell the truth now- even if he wants to. He would lose that Senate seat for sure- and maybe even go to jail for obstruction of justice. Of course, there is the remote possibility that that Joe would be granted immunity in exchange for testifying against the White House.

And perhaps there WAS another offer by the White House- maybe from Rahm Emanuel that DID include the Secretary of the Navy job- and maybe Bill Clinton DID only offer Joe the opportunity to do charity work. All we know for sure is that something stinks like rotten fish- and the Clinton story may be a Chicago ploy to feed the public some red herring as a sleight of hand replacement for mahi-mahi. Be sure Bob Bauer’s fingers have been busy.

Mainstream CBS actually posted Michelle Malkin’s “Look Who’s Behind the White House/Sestak Stonewall” of 26 May in which she said, “After three months of zipped lips and feigned ignorance, the Obama White House is finally taking real heat over Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak’s consistent claims that the administration offered him a job to drop his Senate bid. Now it’s time to redirect the spotlight where it belongs: on the top counsel behind the Washington stonewall, Bob ‘The Silencer’ Bauer... As I’ve reported previously, it was Bauer who lobbied the Justice Department unsuccessfully in 2008 to pursue a criminal probe of American Issues Project (AIP), an independent group that sought to run an ad spotlighting Obama’s ties to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. It was Bauer who attempted to sic the Justice Department on AIP funder Harold Simmons and who sought his prosecution for funding the ad. And it was Bauer who tried to bully television stations across the country to compel them to pull the spot. All on Obama’s behalf… Bauer has served as Obama’s personal attorney, navigating the corrupted waters of former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s pay-for-play scandals in Illinois. Bauer accompanied Obama to an interview with federal investigators in Chicago. And he’s got his hands full fighting Blago’s motion to subpoena Obama in the Senate-seat-for-sale trial- a subpoena that included references to a secret phone call between Obama and Blagojevich; an allegation that Emanuel floated his own suggested replacement for Obama’s seat; an allegation that Obama told a ‘certain labor union official’ that he would support (now-White House senior adviser) Valerie Jarrett to fill his old seat; and a bombshell allegation that Obama might have lied about conversations with convicted briber and fraudster Tony Rezko…”

Remember Al Capone, how that after all his storied and ruthless criminal activity, he was finally nailed by the Feds for income tax evasion? Well, it looks like King Rat, after his lengthy litany of lies and corruption, will also find his long grimy tail caught in a tiny mousetrap of his own making- and Memorial Day celebrations notwithstanding, this story is not going away…

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Comment by Katy on May 30, 2010 at 1:33am
We all need to push this issue, and insist that a legal inquiry is done. Sestak needs to be put under oath and required to answer truthfully or face prosecution for lying.






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