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Obama Just Set a New Timeline for Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan. Why That's a Mistake.

Obama Just Set a New Timeline for Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan. Why That's a Mistake.


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Dear Leader Gives Surrender Speech At West Point and Cadets Give Him A Very Cold Reception! 

In case you missed Our Glorious Lead From Behind Emperor's latest arrogant speech of self congratulatory pompousness and attacks on those who won't go along with his kingdom, here's a short list of what you didn't miss!

Our Kings Speech was filled with....

~ Incoherent Platitudes and one was about a Hammer and a Nail, (all that was missing was the Sickle)

~ Lots of Straw Men Arguments (again) 

~ More Spiking of the Deflated Bin Laden Football (again and third time in 4 days) 

~ Touted his ability to Cut and Run while Leading From Behind,

~ Announced to the world once again when we'll be pulling out of Afghanistan completely so the Islamo Nazis know when they can move back in

~ Indirectly but on purpose, Bashed Bush Several Times... Still, 

~ Called For America to Sign "Law of the Sea Convention" (That surrenders our sovereignty to the UN) or better called... "Strength through weakness" 

~ Not One Mention Of The VA Scandal or Islam But did tell Cadets they'll be Fighting Global Warming, 

~ Threatened once again to close GITMO, 

~ And basically told Japan, South Korea, Viet Nam, and the Philippines that they are on their own in the face of Chinese aggression.

But Good News, The West Point Cadets Gave Dear Leader A Very Cold Reception! 
In other words, this speech went over as well as the rest of his presidency! A ZERO!

Our Emperor Obama outlined a "new" foreign policy in his boring and self aggrandizing address to the graduating cadets at West Point who gave him a cold reception.. As with a previous address at West Point, in which Obama unwisely announced a deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan yet again, effectively handing victory to the Taliban, this speech was more about politics than policy. Yet in addition to the tired attacks against straw men, Obama also attacked much of what his own policy has been. 

Like these....

~ "We can’t ignore what happens beyond our boundaries." 
Framed as an attack on isolationism, this criticism actually applies to the Obama administration's attitude towards much of the world. Notably, Obama has refused to do much of anything to counter Russia in Eastern Europe, Syria/Iran in the Middle East, or China in the Western Pacific. 

~ "I believe that a world of greater freedom and tolerance is not only a moral imperative, it also helps to keep us safe." - Noble sentiments, but contradicted by Obama's own foreign policy, which has been to appease the radical demands of Islamists in particular against freedom of speech and religion. In fact, the Obama administration co-sponsored free speech restrictions at the UN that guard Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.

~ "I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being." - We know this to be untrue because he once professed to believe otherwise. An administration that took American exceptionalism seriously would not give up unilateral control of the Internet, would not submit domestic policy to scrutiny by the dictatorships of the Human Rights Council, and would not apologize over a phony YouTube video outrage.

~ "Since World War II, some of our most costly mistakes came not from our restraint, but from our willingness to rush into military adventures without thinking through the consequences." - Ironically, President Obama uttered these words on a day when the U.S. is busily evacuating Americans from Libya--a hapless foreign intervention with no authorization from Congress, whose consequences were ignored.

~ "The United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it--when our people are threatened, when our livelihoods are at stake, when the security of our allies is in danger." - This is flagrantly untrue. The president declined, for example, to use military force to protect the U.S. Ambassador, his security team, and the diplomatic staff in Benghazi, Libya.

And my personal favorite....

~ "Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail." - That cliché sadly describes the Obama administration's approach to defense spending, which it always wants to reduce. In 2009, while Obama was busy spending nearly a trillion dollars on government stimulus of every other sort, he was cutting defense spending on "shovel-ready" projects--and those cuts have been followed by more and more. And really, who the hell wrote this speech? Hammer and nail? It should have been a Hammer and Sickle like his communist brethren! 

Now, here's the wrap up of what you didn't miss.....

1. Video: Troops At West Point Gave Obama “Icy Reception”…
No surprise when you consider Obama’s approval rating among those serving in the military is just 32%.

2. Less Than 25% of West Point Cadets Stood Up For Obama After He Was Introduced…

3. Laugh Out Loud Moment of The Day: Obama Declares “I Believe In American Exceptionalism With Every Fiber of My Being” That's Why I Want To Close GTMO and Release Terrorist…
Obama believes in American Exceptionalism like I believe in the Tooth Fairy! 
I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it’s our willingness to affirm them through our actions. That’s why I will continue to push to close GITMO – because American values and legal traditions don’t permit the indefinite detention of people beyond our borders.

4. Five Straw Men Dear Leader Obama Used In His West Point Foreign Policy Address..... 
Throughout his speech, Obama used “straw man” arguments, setting up “critics” or “skeptics” that existed to disagree with the president before being knocked down by his rhetoric. For the sake of his speech, Obama presents these positions as the extreme, while carefully positioning himself in the middle. 
1. Those who believe America is in decline.
2. Those who warn against foreign entanglements.
3. Those who want to intervene around the globe.
4. Those who will send troops into war to avoid looking weak
5. Those who are skeptical of multilateral action

5. Obama Tells West Point Grads They Will Be Fighting Global Warming…
Because that's the real threat facing America! I’m pretty sure fighting a figment of Al Gore’s imagination isn’t what they had in mind when they signed on to serve in the Army.

6. Obama Omits Any Reference To Islam Or Jihad During Speech At West Point, References “Violent Extremism”…
Alternative Key Buzz Words: al Qaeda affiliates and extremists - violent extremism - extremism 
Gee, just wish away Islamo Nazism and POOF! They're gone! Isn't utopia just wonderful?

7. Obama Spikes Bin Laden Football At West Point For Third Time In Four Days…

8. Obama Spikes Bin Laden Football For Second Time In Three Days…

9. Obama Spikes The Bin Laden Football . . . Again…

10. Obama Attacked His Own Foreign Policy At West Point...
Confused? You should be, he read these off his magic teleprompter, which means his cracked writing staff came up with these ideas. That's scary!

11. Obama Calls For Increasing US Cooperation (Surrender) With The UN…
So they can issue what... joint sternly worded letters together? The Law of the Sea treaty (LOST) has been rejected by the Senate since Reagan. This horrible treaty would not limit China's land grab, but WOULD reign in and cost the US its sovereignty and give the UN authority over our waters. 

President Obama Wednesday offered the clearest view so far of his progressive-style national security strategy, when he told graduating cadets that the U.S. will be stronger if it entangles itself in a net of international organizations and treaties. Institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations should be strengthened, he said. “Evolving these institutions to meet the demands of today must be a critical part of American leadership,” he said. And the United States will gain by relying on these international groups, he said. ”We can’t call on others to make commitments to combat climate change if so many of our political leaders deny that it is taking place.

~ And my finale synopsis.... How sad is it, when you stand before young cadets, that will soon be putting their lives in danger to serve this jackass and you spend most of your speech congratulating yourself on what you think are your many great accomplishments, that have only made the country weaker. And then you spend the rest of that speech trying to convince those same cadets that your country isn't weak! This speech was another lame attempt to prove to a smaller and smaller audience that he hasn't been a failure, when everyone now realizes that he is and the Emperor is actually naked. And that's why he continues to bash Bush, as a last ditched attempt to say, I was better than him. Very sad and pathetic, that this great country has sunken this low and knowing we still have another two and half years.

US President Barak Obama at fundraiser

Photo: Newscom

Top 5 Things resident Obama Should Do Today

Once again President Barack Obama is trying to split the difference with his military commanders. On the positive side of the ledger, he has acceded to U.S. Commander in Afghanistan General Joseph Dunford’s request to keep nearly 10,000 troops in Afghanistan post-2014. That is the bare minimum of what is necessary, but better than other options the president was reported to be considering.

However, by announcing that the troops will only stay two years, Obama seems also to be trying to stake out a political legacy of being the president who ended two wars. That is why he insists that all U.S. troops will be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016.

It doesn’t make sense to put a timeline on the U.S. troop commitment to the country. The number of troops and the duration of their presence in Afghanistan should be driven by national security imperatives, not the president’s desire for a particular political legacy.

It is no secret that some White House officials, namely Vice President Joe Biden, favor leaving a very minimal presence of around 1,000 troops. But recent credible reporting has made it clear that such a small troop presence would be detrimental to U.S. national security. According to an article that ran earlier this month in the Los Angeles TimesU.S. intelligence officials are drawing down their operations in Af...They say that without forward operating bases and logistical support from the U.S. military, the CIA will be unable to sustain its operational tempo in the country. Without a robust intelligence presence in Afghanistan, U.S. counterterrorism efforts will suffer.

If Obama genuinely wants to achieve his stated goal of making sure that “Afghanistan can never again, ever, be used again to launch an attack against our country,” then he should stop issuing arbitrary timelines for the U.S. troop presence there.

In a commentary last month for, I wrote that the recent elections in Afghanistan should restore some optimism about Afghanistan’s future. The high turnout in the face of Taliban threats and violence should remind Americans why the U.S. went to war in the first place...

It is vital that the U.S. partner for as long as necessary with the Afghans to prevent a Taliban resurgence, which is fundamental to combating the global terrorist threat. We have seen the impact of the U.S. completely withdrawing from Iraq, where al-Qaeda has made a comeback. While Obama’s pledge to leave nearly 10,000 troops post 2014 is better than leaving fewer, his timeline for their withdrawal is disappointing news for Afghanistan and U.S. counterterrorism efforts in the region.

Only some of each president’s speeches are billed as “major,” and today’s is one of them for President Obama. His commencement address at West Point is a “major” foreign policy speech at a time when America’s friends and adversaries are questioning U.S. leadership.

The Obama approach has weakened the world’s superpower, creating a dearth of leadership that is increasingly being filled by hostile, dictatorial nations from Moscow to Beijing. If he is serious about turning around U.S. foreign policy, here are five things the president should do in his West Point address today.

1. Acknowledge the Russian reset is dead.

As Moscow’s invasion of Crimea amply demonstrated, the much-hyped “Russian reset” has been a foreign policy disaster. The Obama administration’s reset, designed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was built on the idea of Russia as a partner with the United States. Supposedly hand in hand, the former rivals would address the major international crises of the day. This initiative, however, will be remembered as one of the biggest foreign policy follies of the modern era — a staggeringly naïve exercise in appeasement that encouraged Moscow at Washington’s expense.

>>> See what the administration should do to show the Krem...

2. Announce U.S. withdrawal from the New START Treaty.

The president should announce the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction) Treaty. New START is a fundamentally flawed treaty that dramatically undercuts the security of the U.S. and its allies. It is an extraordinarily good deal for the Russians, as it significantly limits Washington’s ability to deploy an effective global missile defense system. It does nothing at all to advance U.S. security while handing Moscow a significant strategic edge.

3. Shore up America’s alliances.

The West Point speech is an important opportunity to reiterate America’s commitment to the NATO alliance, as well as to the Anglo-American Special Relationship, the U.S.-Israeli partnership, and key allies in Asia, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

If it sounds like that’s a lot of catching up to do, that’s because it is. The first five and a half years of Obama’s time in office have been marked by a striking indifference toward America’s most important alliances, as well as an open disdain — and even outright hostility — toward America’s most important ally in the Middle East, Israel. In Eastern and Central Europe, key allies including Poland and the Czech Republic have been thrown under the bus to appease Russian interests over missile defense. Even America’s closest friend and ally, Great Britain, has been slapped in the face through Washington’s support for Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

4. Pledge that the United States will halt the rise of a nuclear-armed Iran.

The president should make it clear that Washington will strengthen, not weaken, sanctions against Tehran while deploying a comprehensive missile defense system to defend the U.S. and key allies from the growing Iranian threat.

The U.S. should advance a long-term goal of regime change in Iran, coupled with forceful condemnation of human rights violations by the Islamist tyranny. Last year’s flawed deal between the P5+1 group of powers (the U.S., Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) and Iran sends the wrong signal to Iran and has been rightly described by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “historic mistake.” Tehran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and continues to build its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

5. Be bold.

The Obama Doctrine has been a monumental failure because it fails to protect and advance U.S. interests. Farming out America’s foreign policy to the United Nations, European Union or to the likes of Paris and Berlin will never be a recipe for success. It is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan’s bold approach, which was based on powerful American leadership on the world stage, including a willingness to firmly stand up to America’s adversaries. This robust stance was reinforced by a strong investment in America’s defenses, including a commitment to missile defense, a factor which was crucial in convincing the Soviets that they could not win the Cold War. Reagan also championed the ideal of economic freedom across the globe. President Obama needs to commit real time and real assets to the same priorities.

American leadership matters on the world stage. The alternative is American decline and a vacuum of leadership that will be filled by hostile powers. A president who believes in apologizing for his country, appeasing his nation’s enemies, undercutting U.S. national sovereignty, and sidelining America’s traditional allies cannot hope to operate an effective foreign policy, one that commands respect both at home and abroad.





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