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In the rough and tumble arena of American politics, Paul Ryan has endorsed Mitt Romney just in time for Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday- and Rick Perry has enthusiastically endorsed infamous “pink slime.” Then there’s Newt Gingrich, who fired a third of his staff- including his campaign manager. And not to be outdone, the Supreme Court (as best we may discern until June) has finally taken revenge upon President Obama for his arrogant disrespect during a certain State of the Union speech. So long, ObamaCare!


Yet a bigger (never-ending) story, though it remains well below the surface of our lamestream media’s consciousness, is Barry’s belligerent refusal to provide legitimate proof of his American citizenship. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is hot on yer trail, Pres!


But Obama really outdid himself when he was caught on tape committing treason- assuring the outgoing Russian president that after the upcoming US Presidential election, he (Barry) would have more flexibility to sell out US national security interests…


Ironically, despite all Obama’s crimes, it will probably be “pain at the pump” that finally rids America of the Kenyan imposter. Soaring gasoline and diesel prices are thankfully grabbing the attention of Americans who fail to notice much of anything else.


In regard to the soaring price of energy, however, please understand that the root cause is our deficit spending and the trashing of the US dollar. The price of EVERYTHING is going up. Even the DOW creeping above 13,000 is nothing more than inflation. No government can spend its way to prosperity or print its way to solvency. And sadly, the poorest among us are first to feel the effects of taxation by inflation.  


But back to Obama. I can’t help but wonder what this monster will try to pull off before the November election. By executive order Barry now has power to lock up any American citizen indefinitely without a trial. That doesn’t bother you? Moreover, we have a spineless Senate which will do absolutely nothing to stop this self-declared dictator- and we suffer with an insipid mainstream media that hiccups every time somebody mentions Barry’s Presidential ineligibility. (That topic is apparently even forbidden on FNC.)


And yes, I started watching Fox again. What’s a news junkie to do?


But what are WE THE PEOPLE to do? We are faced with the most significant election in our lifetime- with the possible exception of the LAST Presidential election, the dire consequences thereof having nearly ruined our country.  


My solution is simple. With unmatched religious fervor, we must all speak up. Yes, every man, woman and child who will espouse the cause of liberty! In the spirit of Paul Revere, it is time to spread the alarm!


Barack Hussein Obama is the Muslim king of chaos. He is a puppet of the international banking cartel. He continually kowtows to the commies and apologizes for America being America. The Mexican drug lords have been supplied with Barry’s guns and empowered by our porous southern border. By trashing our currency, Obama has robbed our poor and substantially weakened our middleclass. The Kenyan imposter is the greatest traitor since Benedict Arnold! And I remind you that American citizenship is not a prerequisite for treason!


I call on all Republicans, Democrats and independents to arise and join the fight! Think of your children and your children’s children! Will ye stand idly by as the hopes and dreams of unborn American generations are incinerated by a narcissistic dictator? Will ye remain silent as a criminal Presidential administration continually lies to Congress with apparent impunity? Can you really stomach four more years of Barry Obama?


I especially make a personal appeal to the patriots of California. The EPA has ruined the Central Valley’s capacity to feed America. The DEA is arresting your citizens and seizing their property for what your state government has deemed legal. Barry Obama would apparently be happy with the Golden State being returned to Mexico. Is there a another state in the Union that more sorely needs its tax dollars to remain at home- rather than sending that money to Washington only to be squandered by brainless federal bureaucrats?     


“O that ye would awake; awake from a deep sleep, even from the sleep of hell, and shake off the awful chains by which ye are bound…”

Richard Allan Jenni

Hobble Creek, Utah
Real Conservatives

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Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on April 2, 2012 at 7:18am
Comment by Leon Ewers on April 2, 2012 at 5:03am
Baa... Baaa.... Baa... Baaa...

You can't wake someone that is already awake. They are all sheep and will be led to slaughter soon.
Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on April 2, 2012 at 12:59am

We ARE in HELL! We're in a political Hell from which there may be no escape. We need a savior . . . .

or we need to awake from that deep sleep.






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