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Afghan Poppy Fields And American Napalm- Perfect Together!

Sunday night- 18 March 2012. Governor Romney has topped 50% in Puerto Rico- bringing his delegate count to about 525. Hey, Rick- are you listening? Are you beginning to understand why the Obamanites are in your corner?


But my main topic tonight is SSGT Bobby Bales- now residing at Fort Leavenworth. My personal opinion? Whatever he did in Afghanistan was enhanced by the Taliban- and that there is even a darker side to this tragedy. And when I say “tragedy,” I refer to the ongoing American tragedy playing out in that war-ravaged country- one far more serious than a few dead Afghans.


“Callous,” you say?


And speaking of Fort Leavenworth, I suppose Michael Behenna is off your radar screen. Do you even remember him?


My own children have served nine combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11 (the ninth now in progress). My future son-in-law will raise that wearisome total to five children serving thirteen combat tours- not to mention two more on the horizon. I understand the prolonged stress on our military families. Moreover, having one son suffering from post-traumatic stress, I understand first-hand how the VA drags its bureaucratic feet when it comes to saving our troubled Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen from psychological and/or financial disaster.


Let me also point out that it is inappropriate for the Obama administration to profusely apologize for accidently burning some religious books or causing a few unfortunate civilian casualties while treacherous Afghan soldiers (with a small “s”) are shooting our boys in the back of the head with impunity…


Yes, SSGT Bales snapped from prolonged combat stress- but from what I’ve learned about Bobby, he was a patriotic American and a good Soldier. There, but for the grace of God, goes one of my own children. Please don’t rush to judgment. And when a Muslim member of our military goes berserk (as in the unspeakable Fort Hood tragedy), it seems the wheels of justice turn slower…


And what do I really think about our involvement in Afghanistan- “the right war” as Barry Obama called it? From one of my earliest pieces:


“Forgive Me If Blood Is Spurting Out My Eyeballs!


What part of the word ‘quagmire’ do you frickin’ stone-headed Congressional Neanderthals not understand? How many more American dead are you going to sacrifice to the Taliban roaches before you sadly realize that you have failed to prevent another Vietnam? You can only patch your neighbor’s water pipes so many times before you say, ‘Enough is enough!’


Yes, Taliban roaches- the lowest form of life on Planet Earth! You know how it is. You come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night- you flip on the light- then kill as many as you can before they scatter back into crevices so small, you wonder how they do it! That’s the way they beat the Russians. That’s the way they will defeat us by a war of attrition if we insist on fighting them in that rugged and tortuous Afghan terrain…


You spineless Washington creeps were all too willing to cut off funding to our troops in the midst of a necessary and winnable war in Iraq- but now you let this wannabe Usurper-in-Chief lead you deeper and deeper into a quagmire that may prove to be the demise of our beloved republic.


And for all you liberal wimps who are still whining about the war in Iraq, I’ll see you in hell! I’m GLAD Saddam is dead. My daughter was but a few miles away when they pulled that stinking rat out of his miserable hole. Would to Almighty God that we would put an end to all Hitler protégées before they ripen in their horrible iniquity and wallow in the slaughter of the innocent!


Want to stop the terrorist threat to our republic? Start combing our own rugged terrain within the lower forty-eight to rid us of the dozens of terrorist training camps. We have enough Muslim extremist roaches on our own soil to deal with!


Use some of that American military blood, a fair share belonging to my own family, to seal our porous borders. You miserable weasels think we have problems now? Wait until a dirty nuclear device is smuggled through a clandestine tunnel beneath the US-Mexican border. Wait until that device explodes in mid-town Manhattan or downtown Philadelphia…”


Please understand that the war in Afghanistan is like dropping our precious blood and treasure down a worthless rat hole. No matter how many enemy combatants we kill, there will always be a relentless international insurgency seeking an opportunity to kill US troops without bringing armed conflict to their own native soil. Heaven only knows, for example, how many of our military members have been murdered by personnel and weapons from Iran and Syria.


It is so sad that the rising price of gasoline is much more on the minds of Americans (military families aside) than the endless carnage in Afghanistan. Moreover, the international terrorist community can set up camp anywhere they want. These ruthless creeps are certainly not dependent upon the blood-soaked terrain of Afghanistan. And by the way: “Afghan poppy fields and American napalm- perfect together.”

Richard Allan Jenni

Hobble Creek, Utah
Real Conservatives

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Comment by Your Uncle Sam on March 19, 2012 at 12:23pm

Oh, such irony! The Germans and Japanese, once our bitter enemies, are now our trusted friends, and the evil Soviet Empire has crumbled- albeit Russian chicanery continues. Also, the wonderful people of China, for whom we shed our precious patriot blood during WWII, have now become our most powerful adversary by the sad and unfortunate circumstance of their oppressive communist government. Nevertheless, all this is overshadowed by the nefarious enemies of liberty within our own government who threaten to destroy our Republic! But this is not all. Our military is being misused and abused abroad while our own borders are under attack! We have a Kenyan in the White House and far too many self-seeking traitors in Congress! SSGT Bales, whatever your faults, whatever your troubles- you and your family are in our humble prayers.    

Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on March 19, 2012 at 11:51am

Sgt Bobby Bales is an American tragedy.

This current administration does NOT know how to fight a war and as you've perfectly pointed out,

when to end it.

Obama and the democrat machine have changed the rules of engagement into a "Soldier's trap".

There IS no way our Soldiers can win.

There are FAR TOO MANY coming home broken and twisted in mind, body, and spirit.









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