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Congressman Stephen A. Womack, 55, is a native of Russellville, Arkansas.  After attending K-10 in Moberly, Missouri, Womack’s family returned to Arkansas in 1973, where he graduated from Russellville High School (1975) and Arkansas Tech University (1979).  Womack earned a Bachelor’s degree from Tech and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Arkansas Army National Guard.

In the fall of 1979, Steve relocated to Rogers where he and his father established KURM Radio and he served as station manager from 1979-1990.  In August of 1990, Steve accepted an assignment with the University of Arkansas Army ROTC program and served as Executive Officer of the program for six years.  In 1996, Steve was hired as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch.

On November 3, 1998, Steve was elected Mayor of Rogers and served in that capacity for twelve years.   During his tenure, the City of Rogers experienced exponential economic growth, adding $1 billion in new development with major improvements to the city’s infrastructure, retail services, and quality of life amenities. 

Steve also served on numerous boards and commissions in Northwest Arkansas serving as Chairman of the Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Chairman of Rogers United Way, board member of the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce, and the Rogers Parks Commission.  A former Rotarian, Steve is also a Paul Harris Fellow.

In the House, Steve serves on the Appropriations Committee and the Financial Services, Transportation/HUD, and Energy and Water subcommittees.  He is vice-chairman of the Energy and Water subcommittee.  Steve is also on the Whip Team, House Energy Action Team (HEAT), and various caucuses. 

In the Army National Guard, Steve served in a variety of command and staff assignments, including command of 2nd Battalion, 153rd Infantry, 39th Separate Infantry Brigade. Following the tragic events of 9-11, Steve's battalion was mobilized for duty with the Multi-National Force and Observers (MFO), Sinai, Egypt in 2002.  It marked the first time in the history of the 39th Brigade that a battalion was deployed overseas.  It was also the first time in the MFO history the US Battalion mission was conducted by a pure National Guard unit.  Steve’s task force received praise from the highest levels of civil and military leadership around the world and is credited with convincing Army leadership of the capabilities and readiness of the Army Guard.

Steve retired from the military in 2009 after 30 years of service. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and the Global War on Terror Expeditionary and Service Medals, and the Arkansas Distinguished Service Medals.  Steve was inducted into the Arkansas Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame in 2011.

Steve has been married to his wife, Terri, for 28 years, and they have three grown sons and one grandson, Liam.


January 18, 2013


Dear Mr. Kissinger,


Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns with attempts to increase gun control.  It is good to hear from you.


As tragedy strikes, the debate over the Second Amendment grows more contentious.  At some point in the conversation, policies are suggested to further restrict the ability of citizens to purchase and carry guns and ammunition.  What some of my colleagues fail to realize is that new, more stringent gun laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  There are countless laws currently on the books, and the answer is not additional regulations.  Instead, we should examine how we can prevent these heinous acts from occurring in a manner that is consistent with our rights and values.


The Second Amendment of the Constitution provides each American the right to keep and bear arms.  Like you, I believe infringing on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens is neither the appropriate nor the reasonable approach to protecting the people.  The safety of Americans – particularly, Arkansans – is important to me.  In the coming months, I look forward to discussing with my colleagues the role our federal government should play in preventing mass shootings.  However, the conversation should not be limited to Congress.  We must bring together parents, educators, law enforcement, and mental health professionals to help find solutions as well.  Please know that as a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a holder of a concealed weapons permit, I will continue working to make sure that no attempts are made to limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.


Thank you again for contacting me.  Please continue to keep me informed of the issues important to you and be sure to visit my website,, for more information and to sign up for my newsletter.


Congressman Steve Womack
Member of Congress

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Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on January 19, 2013 at 9:33am


 Arkansas: Two Pro-Gun Bills Introduced In the ‘Natural State’

On Monday, January 14 the Arkansas General Assembly convened its 2013 legislative session and your NRA is committed to enacting several pro-gun reforms this year.  Our legislative agenda this year includes, but is not limited to, passing a Fraudulent Firearms Purchase Prevention law, enacting several Right-to-Carry reforms and protecting your inherent right to self-defense during a declared state of emergency.

Two pro-gun bills have already been introduced!

The first is Senate Bill 71, introduced by state Senator Bryan King (R-5), known as the Church Protection Act, would remove the absolute prohibition on Right-to-Carry permit holders carrying a concealed firearm into a church.  The second, House Bill 1035, introduced by state Representative Denny Altes (R-76), seeks to allow staff members of a university, college or community college to carry a concealed firearm on campus if the staff member has a valid Right-to-Carry permit.

I had contacted Steve and urged him to support SB 71 and HB 1035, and the above message was his reply to me.






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