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The perfect storm of Obama's stonewalling and an establishment willing to cover up and lie for him

 Liars vs Racists

 - Daniel Greenfield  Saturday, April 30, 2011

The combination of Trump, Obama and the media insured that this week’s story would be the birth certificate issue. Even though there isn’t much of a story there. The birth certificate has been part of the much larger underlying issue which is the lack of transparency by the Obama Administration in even the simplest things. And that may not be a resolvable issue anymore.

It’s not just that Obama has lied too many times. Most politicians lie or stretch the truth or hold back information. The problem is that the media and too many institutions have been willing to lie for him. Take a simple story like Obama Sr’s time at Harvard.

The Arizona Independent filed a Freedom of Information Request and turned up INS records that showed Harvard thought Obama Sr was a “slippery character” and wanted him gone. But Harvard today claims their records don’t support any such thing. So whom are you going to believe, period government records or the spokesman for Harvard University?

This problem repeats itself over and over again. Not only do negative stories on Obama’s background not get reported, but people in high positions continue to cover for him. The contents of Sarah Palin’s personal email account were sprawled over the internet­ but the LA Times won’t release Obama’s Rashid Khalidi tape. Yet is there a single person who honestly believes that if the Khalidi tape starred McCain, that it wouldn’t have been out there and on Page 1 of every major newspaper? Or if John McCain had attended a violently racist church or Cindy McCain had a photo op with David Duke’s wife that these wouldn’t have equally been Page 1 stories?

The perfect storm of Obama’s stonewalling and an establishment willing to cover up and lie for him

The perfect storm of Obama’s stonewalling and an establishment willing to cover up and lie for him, means that people legitimately distrust anything that comes out of his mouth or the media. In such an environment, a culture of conspiracy theories may be wrong, but not irrational. And it also means that there’s no real way to prove or disprove anything anymore.

Is it irrational to believe that the media would like to us about major documents that are a factor in a presidential race? It should be. But in the 2004 election, the highest profile news program around presented a document indicting Bush for draft dodging that turned out to have been written in Microsoft Word.

Media talking heads complain that the internet has proliferated conspiracy theories so that there is no longer a consensus on what’s true and what isn’t. But who do you blame for that, except a media which has been willing to sell lies in order to achieve political victories. This is no longer just about the big lies, like Walter Duranty insisting that Soviet Russia was a happy worker’s utopia, it’s even about the most ordinary things. Like a birth certificate. The liberal establishment has completely discredited itself. And with liberal ideologues controlling most of the media, a rational consensus can no longer hold up.

A consensus only works if we agree on some things. We can disagree on taxes and stop signs. But we don’t disagree that blatant lies are wrong and that politicians from all parties should be equally subject to scrutiny. Except we don’t agree on that anymore. Instead we agree that you’ll lie like crazy and we won’t believe a word that comes out of your mouths. What’s truth? Nobody knows anymore.

What is really disturbing about the birth certificate issue is that Obama never took it seriously as an obligation. Instead he threw it out to counter an opposing candidate who was rising in the polls. And the media narrative is that this is a shameful\triumphant event that humiliates\uplifts Obama. No it doesn’t make any sense. But when you lie all the time, you stop noticing when your news reports follow contradictory, but useful narratives.

Obama has become an event horizon beyond which truth no longer seems to exist anymore

Obama has become an event horizon beyond which truth no longer seems to exist anymore. The birth certificate release no longer has any real meaning. It’s always possible to find more ‘questions’ to ask about it. There’s no objective way to finalize the issue, because the consensus has broken down.

The left’s unprecedented corruption of government and the media which could have played a watchdog role, means that those institutions can no longer serve as watchdogs, only propagandists.

When you can no longer trust institutions, then you either drink the kool aid or refuse to drink anything at all. The question isn’t are they lying, it’s how much are they lying. And when you’re dealing with that kind of framework, to ‘trust’ you have to argue that they would lie X amount, but not Y amount. Because lying Y amount would be just crazy. Right?

The left is free to believe that asking for Obama’s birth certificate is racist. And plenty on the right will believe that the birth certificate is fake. The Racists vs Liars debate of narratives has been going on for a while now and it transcends the birth certificate. It’s the larger story here. The zero sum struggle. And it’s only going to get uglier.

Are we in a recovery or an economic disaster? If you believe the liars, we’re in a recovery. And the only people denying it hate socialism, which as we all know is code, for race. Is Global Warming a serious problem? The liars say yes and that anyone who disagree is a racist who hates the Third World countries that are suffering from GW. Is ObamaCare… well, you get the drill. Ground Zero Mosque, yep. Big government. You know it.

If you agree with Obama, you’re a liar. And if you disagree with him, you’re a racist.

If you agree with Obama, you’re a liar. And if you disagree with him, you’re a racist. It’s useless to conduct a political debate under these conditions.

This level of divisiveness is less about Obama, and more about the way the left has used institutions under its control to promote him and silence his critics. And there’s a price to pay for that. Constant propaganda works. And it doesn’t. You end up with two types of people. One type who believes everything the authorities say. The other who wouldn’t believe them if they said the sun was shining.

The media was meant to be a forum, instead it’s become a propaganda megaphone. And the alternative is a crowd-sourced media. Which is exactly what we have on the internet. Crowdsourced media means more mistakes, but it still beats a one note media apparatus which spends all day blaring OBAMA IS GREAT LOOK HOW GREAT OBAMA IS ISN’T HE GREAT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE HIM ARE RACISTS. Of course conspiracy theories flourish in such an environment. How could they not. And how do you disprove them when is no longer a consensus on much of anything anymore.

The media talking heads like to solemnly blame the internet for this chain of events, but the internet is an outlet. It’s their lies that have gotten us here.

But let’s turn to Trump for the moment…

Obama and Trump are now feeding off each other in a successful political relationship

Obama and Trump are now feeding off each other in a successful political relationship. Establishment Republicans are infuriated that Trump continues to drive the narrative. Grass roots enjoy someone landing a few populist punches on the big zero. If the establishment outlets work hard enough, they may convince the grass roots to pull back. Or it may backfire on them.

Trump polls badly in a national election, no matter how well he polls in GOP primaries. Which means he’s not a viable candidate. Not unless he can change that soon. But in light of Walter Russell Meade pegging Obama as the bet hedger, Trump is the gambler. Or at least appears that way.

But Trump’s biggest advantage is the lack of viable candidates in the field. Go and look around. There are few conservative bloggers or writers who are really 100 percent enthusiastic about any candidate. Instead you’ll see smears of one candidate or another percolating.

Romney is a liberal. Huckabee is a slimeball. Gingrich is a lobbyist (whether or not we should have ethanol subsidies, they’re certainly cheaper than fighting three wars fueled by oil money.) On and on. Is it any wonder that few are paying attention to Trump being labeled a “carnival barker” ( the barkers object by the way). We have a large group of not very likable candidates tearing each other down. They front runners are all establishment candidates, all more liberal than their grass roots and all dull. If things go on this way. Then we will lose.

Trump’s entry, whether he’s serious about running or not, is shaking up the race. And that’s a good thing. This race needs shaking up, before we stumble through a series of dull primaries, in which the front runner with the most money and the least objectionable personality makes it through the gate.

Let’s remember that the Republicans didn’t turn the tide by being nice, but by being loud and in your face. I’m not suggesting that Romney or Pawlenty get up and start cursing, but some populism wouldn’t hurt. It might even make them a little popular beyond the people bussed in to support them.

Obama’s message is… well he doesn’t really have one anymore. Trump’s message is, I’m going to make America great again with common sense smackdowns. What’s the message of the Republican front runners? Boiled down, it’s “We’re the adults in the room, so let us clean up this mess.” It’s a serious message. But not a very exciting one.

Right now no one looks good. And we’re wasting time. Trump has been an unexpected splash of cold water. A warning to the frontrunners to step up their game. It’s not really about the viability of Trump as a candidate, but the viability of his approach.

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Comment by Sandra on May 1, 2011 at 10:19pm
As always a good one Gordon.. I do believe you have shared this a few times before.
Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on May 1, 2011 at 12:02pm

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