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Donald’s On The Warpath- And I Don’t Mean The Duck…

Living so close to Atlantic City since 1974, my opinion of Donald Trump has been less than complimentary. Shyster maybe? But guess what! I am rediscovering “The Donald” these days- seeing him in a new light. Why? He’s had the moral courage to challenge Obama’s Constitutional eligibility.

Frankly, I believe Obama was born in Kenya. Nothing against Kenya. It’s a beautiful country- not that I’ve had the privilege of seeing it up close and personal. Most Kenyans insist Barry was born in that African country- and Barry’s step-grandmother Sarah Onyango Obama even said she was in the delivery room. Pretty sure she wasn’t referring to a hospital in Hawaii. And speaking of Hawaii, there seems to be a little confusion as to which hospital that would be in the Aloha State.

Michele Bachmann of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District recently said of Barry’s claim that he was born in Hawaii, “I take him at his word.” So much for her credibility. She takes him at his word? Really, Michele! Political correctness is gonna be the death of this country. No burkas in public, Frenchy? Works for me!

That’s another reason I like Mr. Trump. He’s gotta be the most politically incorrect guy around. Well, next to James David Manning anyhow. I heard “The Donald” give Greta Van Susteren a bagful the other night. Loved it! (Greta’s apparently in the tank for Obummer, too- just like O’Reilly.)    

Ann Coulter’s another one. Heard her saying on FNC how real conservatives don’t dispute the fact that Barry was born in Hawaii. Ever heard of the Taxed-Enough-Already, Ann? You're on a par with Barry’s half-sister Maya Soetoro- and I don’t believe her either.

And Sorry Glenn. While I’m loving you a lot more since your departure from Fox was announced (even if you were dumped because so many of your sponsors jumped ship), the birther thing is not “a distraction.” I believe it will be the hottest political issue in 2012- perhaps the most crucial topic in America right now, even topping our massive debt, our never-ending foreign wars, murder and chaos on our southern border- and the infamous ObamaCare fiasco. Why? I’ll tell ya why! Because is we don’t flush Barry down the hopper right now, he’s gonna be re-elected. Bet on it!

By the way, let me tell ya what’s finally gonna jumpstart our economy. All these Presidential wannabes blowing their campaign bankrolls! This is gonna be the biggest dog and pony show in American history- and it has already started. Barry himself has over a billion bucks to con the masses.

Don’t get me wrong, folks. Not sure I could stomach a “President Trump,” although he’d be head and shoulders over Obummer. It’s just that it’s so refreshing to hear somebody tell it like it is! That’s why so many Americans like Governor Chris Christie! For better for worse, the guv tells it like it is!

My favorites are still Allen West, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul- but all three need to seriously turn up the heat- like Trump. All three could use some blistering rhetoric- and stop treating Obama like he was born in Brooklyn. 

As far as Mitt goes, don’t give me that crap about RomneyCare. He helped give the people in Massachusetts just what they wanted- and it apparently didn’t work out so well. So what? Congress should have gleaned a lesson from that colossal mistake before they handed us their own healthcare monstrosity. And while I’m on the subject, if something goes wrong in a particular state, it’s a small thing compared to springing a disaster like ObamaCare on the entire nation…

And Obama? Now hear this! No matter WHERE this prevaricating fool (blithering idiot?) was born, his father was both a Kenyan citizen and a British citizen- NOT an American citizen. End of story. That undisputed fact tops the Constitutional ineligibility chart!

Impeachment now! There are certainly plenty of reasons for it. Maybe start with unilaterally declaring war on Libya because the UN said it was okay- but don’t overlook his blatant lies to cover his Constitutional ineligibility. If America’s house is on fire with our kids are inside, we don’t wait even a New York minute to take immediate action! I’m tellin’ ya right now- if we sit back and let Obummer pour all those (probably foreign) bucks into the mix, we’re toast! And what a sad commentary on America that we might be looking to the likes of Donald Trump to get us out of this mess. Yup, Donald’s on the warpath- and I don’t mean the duck…

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Comment by Edie Boudreau on May 22, 2011 at 7:40pm

I just watched the video you referred to by Rev. Manning, and he was very persuasive and powerful.  However, I've also been saying to anyone who would listen:  "Why are you concentrating on his long-form birth certificate?  We know that all of them have been frauds.  What about his dual citizenship, with a Kenyan/British father, that also makes him ineligible?  What about his Indonesian citizenship through his adoption by his Indonesian stepfather, which also gave him access to countries that refused to allow American citizens' passports?  There is no record of him ever requesting American citizenship to be returned to him.  What about his mother's missing passports for the years before and just after his birth, when all the others were available?  What about the testimonies by his Kenyan grandmother and other Kenyan VIPs who bragged about him being born there?  Why aren't all these records being spread through every political and media source there is? 

Does no one read the Constitution where it requires an American natural-born citizen with no dual loyalties?

How many people have to be "BOUGHT" for him to get away with this treason?  Where is the COURAGE TO STAND UP AND STAND TOGETHER!  If every patriot used all this information and spread it throughout the nation, the lame-stream media could no longer denigrate the "birthers."

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on April 13, 2011 at 6:39pm

Each of us does all we can do with the strength and guidence of the Holy Spirit. We pray and turn the rest over to God Almighty. The LORD is in control anyway, and it's going according to His plan. We put our trust in Jesus Christ and have faith.


I wrote Donald Trump's legal counsel this morning regarding Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) ineligibility issue. Feel free to contact him yourself.


Mr. Michael D. Cohen,

Executive Vice President and Special Council

The Trump Organization

725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022
Comment by Richard Allan Jenni on April 13, 2011 at 3:29pm
Thanks, Gordon. Ya gotta LOVE James David Manning- and he's right on the money! Thanks everyone for your comments!
Comment by Vivian Blink on April 13, 2011 at 2:20pm
Thanks for posting the video, Gordon Ray! I applaude Rev. Manning for his comments. If we are the ones to do it, HOW is it to be done? Seems we are in a real minority, although it seems the numbers are increasing recently.  This is why I said, Trump has the money and the means. With him behind us, perhaps we have a chance.
Comment by Vivian Blink on April 13, 2011 at 1:45pm

Chaplain Cole, Allen West is definately the one to lead our nation. Both because he is a Christian and for his military experience and ability to deal with foreign issues. The "ace in the hole" regarding Trump refers to the money, connections, and fortitude to expose the current evil one and perhaps oust him before 2012,which is over a year away.

I don't think Lt. Col. West is going to take that on right now.

Comment by Gordon Ray Kissinger on April 13, 2011 at 1:43pm
Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole on April 13, 2011 at 1:34pm
Allen West?
Comment by Vivian Blink on April 13, 2011 at 12:41pm
Allan and Tony, you are both so right on the mark! "The Donald" may be the only ace in the hole we have at this point! He has both the money and the means and obviously the intestinal fortitude to stand up for us!






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