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Does Santa Claus Kiss His Reindeer On Christmas Eve?

First, an urgent plea to all you patriots who consider yourselves Taxed Enough Already! Today’s piece is extremely important. Please read it to the end, and give it your careful consideration.

Yes, it is rather obvious that Barry “The Ultimate Zero” Obama has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt to be a foreign-born Muslim who has half-heartedly masqueraded as an American-born Christian to get himself elected- and a paucity of American voters have yet bothered to peer beneath the thin veneer of his Halloween costume. And yes, Zero is certainly a blatant socialist- his apologies for all things American now legendary AND both his foreign and domestic policy disastrous. Also, the international banking cartel clearly pulls Zero’s strings- and his Teflon immunity from prosecution is rooted in the CIA.

To illustrate the nonstick issue, if like the prevaricating William Jefferson Clinton, Zero exclaimed, “I have NOT had spiritual relations with that god,” would you believe him? Of course not, but he’d surely get a pass from the mainstream press. However, there is a related political snare laid for Taxed Enough Already patriots- and that trap is my subject for today.

There has been a great volume of media attention to the proposed Muslim facility at Ground Zero. However, I beg you NOT to get involved. This is not a Tea Party issue- and it represents a potentially catastrophic distraction when we can least afford it.

For openers, I remain convinced that we still don’t know exactly what happened on 11 September 2001. Certainly there was a Muslim extremist element- but assuredly the Neocons and the rest of the New World Order crowd were somehow involved. For example, there’s no doubt in my military mind that the Twin Towers, along with Building Seven, were carefully prepared for demolition well in advance of the attack. By the time we finally find out the whole truth, both W and Zero will long be relegated to history’s scrapheap.

I reiterate: whatever the motivation behind the current Ground Zero controversy, we cannot afford to get involved in it.

First and foremost, our gallant military men and women are still mired in a most unfortunate conflict in Afghanistan. Exacerbating our deteriorating relations with Afghan Muslims at this time can only result in heavier US casualties and further prolong the Afghan war- all the while diminishing our chances of success. Make no mistake. I am no fan of the Afghan “conflict” and consider it another Vietnam. However, I suspect the current Ground Zero controversy is being exploited by the Neocons to prolong US involvement in Afghanistan. At the very least, this raging controversy endangers the lives of US military personnel in Afghanistan and elsewhere by stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment. (This tactic is similar to the ongoing rhetoric against Israel.)

Second, Taxed Enough Already patriots have bigger fish to fry right now- namely the pathetic scoundrels in Congress, both Democrat AND Republican, who got us into our current national Constitutional and economic crisis. Pelosi, Reid and McCain, for example, all gotta go!

Third, as I mentioned earlier, we still don’t know of a surety all the facts surrounding the terrible attacks of 11 September 2001- and I am convinced that assigning the entire blame to extremist Muslims, especially impugning the Muslim community at large, would be a grave mistake. Do I think that Muslim facility should be built so close to Ground Zero? Absolutely not- but I would rather that we stay out of the surrounding controversy.

Fourth, Zero’s apparent approval of the Muslim Ground Zero project will seriously damage Democrat prospects in November- and the absurdity of this unwise political position on that issue needs no help from us. For one thing, Zero has once again demonstrated that his commitment to Islam is greater than his commitment to America. For another, this controversy will yet prove to be the ultimate political distraction when Democrats can least afford it. Take care that we do not allow ourselves to fall into the same trap!

Fifth and finally, when a police officer is called to the scene of a domestic dispute, all too often the warring parties cease fighting each other and turn on the cop. For this reason, violent domestics are regarded by law enforcement as dangerous assignments. Let’s allow Zero and his fellow Dems to self-destruct on this issue without our interference- lest we needlessly endanger ourselves.

My fellow marathon runners, please pick up your pace. The November elections are soon upon us! Let us focus our efforts solely on getting out the conservative vote and our support of righteous Constitutional candidates! We are assuredly in this race to win- and cannot allow ourselves to be distracted as we sprint toward the finish line.

And Barry, as for ya not havin’ continuing relations with the god of Islam, give me a break! Does Santa Claus kiss his beloved reindeer on Christmas Eve?

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Comment by Vivian Blink on August 23, 2010 at 9:59pm
Great post, my friend!
Glad to hear that someone besides me sees that the Ground Zero controversity is a distraction coming so close to the November election! The "birther issue" was called a mere distraction and I still do not see it that way. It could have been the very best way to oust Zero from office had we the support. Now, we have to focus on the election and as you said...."pick up our pace"!
Comment by Linda Maddox on August 23, 2010 at 12:06pm
Okay, I got it, thanks!






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