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Dems Doin’ A Pretty Good Job Of Fixin’ Their Own Wagon?

So what ARE the critical issues in the upcoming election? Having a natural born Kenyan in the White House who happens to be a communist and a closet Muslim? Did I mention that Zero is a pathological liar and that his wife likes expensive vacations on the taxpayers’ dime?

And how about the Obamanable erosion of our traditional Christian values? I’ve previously called attention to Zero’s gay lifestyle and drug use as revealed by Larry Sinclair. When Michelle Obama addressed an LGBT group on 3 April 2010, she not only revealed that Barry’s home country is “Kenya,” but stated, “I’ve lived with this man for twenty years.” Oops! They were married 3 October 1992, a negative difference of 2 years and 4 months. Maybe not a big deal to some folks- but something I’d not expect our first lady to advertise.

However, let’s not waste time on Barry and Michelle right now. Americans finally get it! Believe me, they get it! Having the Obamas in the White House is like subsisting nonstop on moldy jelly donuts and contaminated water.

And yes, the Ground Zero mosque is a big issue right now- but that fiasco will eventually take care of itself. Hannity and the rest of the downstream media can’t seem to get enough of it. Besides- who are they gonna get to build it?

As for the economy, must we badger suffering Americans who are unemployed or underemployed- who have had or are about to have their vehicles repossessed- or who have already lost or are in danger of losing their homes?

Are there any remaining conservative voters who don’t realize that their unborn great grandchildren are already hopelessly in debt- or that enormous federal tax hikes loom the horizon? That the Dow Jones Industrial Average continually flirts with another plunge below 10,000?

The healthcare debacle? The war in Afghanistan? The mishandling of the Gulf oil spill? Deteriorating race relations? Failure to secure our southern border? Illegal immigration? Mexican drug cartels running wild? Disastrous foreign policy? Existing home sales plunging 27% last month? Yikes! The list is endless!

Let me tell a personal story to illustrate a point. I was out in the water early one evening this month- a hundred yards or more from shore. The ocean temperature was far too warm for my lightweight wetsuit, but I always feel safer wearing it. With no waves to ride, I was aimlessly motoring around on my boogie board. Suddenly about twenty yards to my north, a menacing dorsal fin rose like a submarine periscope about ten inches above the surface. It sliced a level course right toward me for several feet- then quickly submerged. Surely not a dolphin. I immediately headed to shore, but not in panic mode- lest I encourage an attack.

Conservative voters already see the dorsal fins of Obama’s hungry sharks encircling their future. We needn’t scream to get their rapt attention- nor create a panic-stricken hysteria that would invite further vicious attacks from the left.

There is only ONE critical issue between now and the election: PREPARING FOR MASSIVE CONSERVATIVE TURNOUT!

Please imagine the voting public as a cumbersome ocean liner- not a nimble kayak capable of making sharp turns. To effectively steer conservative voters into port on Election Day, we must start now.

That’s the main reason that the current Ground Zero mosque controversy is such an unfortunate distraction.

And surely the desperate Dems will use every dirty trick in the book to pull off widespread voter fraud and intimidation! Our best defense? A good offense!

It may seem premature to stress voter turnout- but rest assured there will be an October surprise from the Obama administration that will impede our efforts to get out our vote. Some manufactured crisis will arise to further distract the voting public from tossing out the Dems- and rotten incumbents in general.

In our military, rigorous training teaches members what to do in perilous situations- but such conditioning also ensures a desirable gut reflex in time of crisis. Let voter training begin! Help arrange registration and transportation!

From the horrible hordes of Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades to all those two-legged political predators in Washington DC, we certainly have plenty to fret about. But whatever its faults, the USA remains the world’s last best hope for human freedom, dignity and prosperity- and the ultimate weapon to preserve that glorious hope is still the American ballot box.

It’s time to set all other issues aside for a brief season- and concentrate solely on achieving a spectacular voter turnout for conservatives in November. Anyway- the Dems are doin’ a pretty good job fixin’ their own wagon…

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Comment by Oregon Country Girl on August 26, 2010 at 4:01am
Unfortunately, I have no confidence in the Democrat party at all. But, I do believe in most Republicans (especially Christian conservatives), the Constitutionalists, many Libertarians and many Independents. All polls show "O"s approval ratings are plummeting. The people have lost all faith in him, and don't trust him.
Comment by Oregon Country Girl on August 26, 2010 at 3:58am
Great post, once again. Expect the Democrats to pull out every dirty trick in the their party is currently controlled by the radical, extreme left. I do believe there are many great Americans trying to help restore our country. But, we must have "O" and his corrupt administration removed from office. Unemployment has skyrocketed, and all his radical legislation that has been implemented must be repealed. I heard John McCain won. I truly believe he will be listening to the people, and will do what is right for our country. I think the Republicans who get into office have learned from mistakes they have made in the past, and will be much more willing to listen to the people.
Comment by Vivian Blink on August 25, 2010 at 4:57pm
Allan, my friend! Great post!
For months now, I have had a sickening feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. In some ways it is similar almost to food posioning. It seems to intensify when I log onto the internet and read yet another tidbit of media rhetoric about Zero and another one his audacious, treasonous acts against our country. Now thanks to you, I know it is probably the moldy jelly doughnut and contaminated water from him, his thugs in DC, and the media that is causing the distress I am experiencing. On yesterday's menu it was the news that he is dragging Arizona and Joe Arpaio before the UN (where I'm certain he has his eyes set on the UN leadership). This underhanded assualt of Arizona being done without a vote by Congress or the House and in direct opposition to the wishes of "We The People", is enough in and of itself to charge him with treason. Today's doughnut and water has not been served up as yet but I am certain that when it is, it will be just as nauseating.
If this nationwide sickness is not enough to send every registered, conservative voter running, clamoring, sailing, flying (or even crawling if need be) to the polls in November, then it deserves whatever it gets!
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