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Those who cannot remember the past are destined to repeat it!

Lockdowns sow control over people especially people living in fear and panic. Next step is more lockdown which is happening and will involve all of us and then we start to turn on our family members. My neighbors are all hidden away being controlled, forced apart from their families, forced to stay away from the churches they helped build and not caring. There is a NEW group rising and it isn't who you think. And it isn't people on breitbart. Next people will be reporting their neighbors for gathering and touching each other. Then the food shortages come - they are already set up with cows and chickens being culled and China shutting down food supply of pork at Smithfield Farms. AND Trump is letting it happen - it's China first and they are controlling the food supply here in the US. Wake up everyone this is out of the playbook of Hitler, Mao and Stalin. AND you are all putting on your masks which takes away your individualism and identity - sound familiar? So who is the evil group this time? The EVIL people with NO antibody - the EVIL people who can get the disease and destroy you and your family. The EVIL people are the people who can't carry the passport. They will be denied grocery stores, require masks to be easily identified by all the GOOD people who will report any activity that they try to do or any group they try to form and all of you will be sure to call police and have them taken away to restore the world to safety and good health. AND we will be controlled and confined so long being denied the right to free movement that you will line up your family, freely hand over your DNA to the government and celebrate your new freedom thanking Trump for setting you free when he had NO right to take away your Constitutional rights and hold you hostage in your own homes. BUT WHO will be the people so unlucky to NOT be set free- the smartest people in society who stayed away from a virus, led a healthy life, maintained a healthy immune system and probably defied every order to wear a mask and stay inside with the windows closed and roamed free while everyone else wasn't looking and gathered and loved their families. Those EVIL defiant people who have NO antibody - easily recognized just like that yellow star but now a passport. WHICH of you are those evil people - which of you will be the lepers of society reported by people who used to be your friends and family but now believe Trump and the authoritarian uniparty that tells everyone - those evil people can harm your family and in schools the teachers tell children those evil people - stay away they can destroy you and every store says those evil people they can harm us and bring back danger. BEWARE the evil person could be YOU! Will anyone come rescue you if you are sleeping and your house catches on fire - NO you can harm them you are evil you deserve to not exist. THIS IS how it always begins. Those who cannot remember the past are destined to repeat it!!!!! DON't be the evil person who allows this to continue - speak up now or that is the world we are destined to live in. When someone creates a world of evil you do NOT continue to support them - you stand in unity, arm in arm and fight back! WE THE PEOPLE make up this country NOT political parties that now stand against us arm in arm! Everyone better wake up. This is the first step, next come the ghettos and the gates close and you can't leave! Once that happens we can't stand together - we barely can now with police and city officials obtaining our personal medical tests and taking down our licences for going to church to assemble.and ordering us back inside. Don't let the evil take hold! UNITE to stop the evil NOW! United WE THE PEOPLE stand or divided we fall!

I have a red line and it was crossed in the first minute of Trump and all officials telling me they needed to protect me from myself. I WILL NEVER allow anyone to separate me from my children and family NEVER! I will NEVER forget or forgive what he has done to me. I have a new group of acquaintances - the least likely people in my neighborhood - people who refuse to separate, refuse to stop gathering and people who love their family and will NEVER be torn apart. Some of them do not speak english but they are watching and learning about their Constitutional rights and wondering why the army is blocking citizens from free movement and not focusing on other countries. They wonder why people stay inside separated from family and church and tell me they will NEVER be separated. They were outside together in a large group celebrating God and his great gifts like the air we breathe. When I spoke and said family one woman who didn't speak english ran out with a smile and she knew exactly what I was saying about family is EVERYTHING. My neighbors who are my friends never came out , never went to Church and never gathered together - all their family members scattered across the city ALONE on Easter. We thought we were fighting for this country but now is the time we should all be planning and coming together and yet they were able to keep us apart. Are we so focused on fighting politics that we have forgotten to fight for our families and ourselves - to fight for our country? Every day I go out and speak up and every day my friends hide inside evidently satisfied to live alone. People who I thought shared my values leave the sidewalk to walk on the other side afraid I might give them a disease. And I look and think which one will be the first to call 911 and report those happy people loving their families, living life while the rest whither and the country dies? You all ranted the schools didn't teach the children but YOU all forgot what you were taught - what we all became real conservatives to protect.Children have an excuse but we don't - we were taught the Puritan's struggle for the right to assemble and practice their religion, we were taught about why this country was formed, we were taught our all important Constitutional rights, we memorized the Declaration of Independence, we learned of the evils of Hilter and Mao and lived through communism watching Russian athletes dare to defect at the Olympics.  I am standing up, teaching the greatness of America and the greatness of WE THE PEOPLE but I am walking with only part of my family and we are the ONLY 2 people who care except the few people we meet along the road. We are watching the country we love crumble and die and doing nothing to leave a better place for our children and grandchildren - why? Unless we come together to save it - it's gone forever - so HOW do we save it????? I can't save it walking alone!

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Comment by Patty on April 21, 2020 at 5:46am

Raya you are dear to my heart BUT even a broken clock is right 2 times a day. Even evil Hitler made the trains run on time and created the Autobahn. AAzar is the most powerful man in America as head of HHS. Remember Obamacare made the HHS secretary a totally separate entity that could basically make it's own rules AND even the president of the United States and the legislative branch can't make laws to override him. You NEVER want your medical test results in the hands of the police or government! That IS why police in Altamonte Springs are following people with a positive test and threatening them back inside told they can't even go grocery shopping. That is why people testing positive had ankle monitors applied with ZERO criminal activity. 

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on April 17, 2020 at 9:37am



@ Patty:



Comment by Patty on April 16, 2020 at 11:07pm

Raya Trump has NOT restored our all important HIPPA medical privacy rights. NO business has a right to your test results EVER! What's next the health department showing up at your work to announce your positive syphilis test and your affair with your neighbor? It's possible now yet SILENCE from Rick Scott, Daniel Webster, Rubio, Trump , and every politician. They STILL control us!!!!!!

Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on April 16, 2020 at 10:49pm






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