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WHY is Desantis' motto "BUY Canadian?????

Does Desantis not understand the chant "Made in the USA" at every Trump rally? 

Since Desantis became governor and appointed carpetbagger Corcoran to Florida education commissioner, our tax dollars are paying for  a CANADIAN mental health program that is now being implemented into every school district.

AND your kids and grandkids who can't refuse to do "lessons" are being data mined for Dr. Albright and his buddies at  to improve their "research" !

This is being implemented into every school across Florida NOW! FIVE hours MANDATORY mental health education and NO OPT OUT!!!!!! Desantis stripped EVERY parent of their right to control the medical/psychological diagnosis and treatment of their children!!

Read this then email Trump and tell him NO Canadian virtual friends for our children and stop supporting governors who BUY Canadian NOT American or he loses your vote in November!

Contact Desantis or call the legislative affairs line where someone actually answers the phone: 850/488-5000  So he says he got rid of Common Core but replaced it with Canadian programs??????

Contact Florida department of education at: also BCC  and

Call your Florida state senators and house rep - this is a re-election year

Do you want your children talking to their virtual reality "friend" or do you want your children learning how to talk and communicate in the "real world?"

IF this is the new approach to drug treatment maybe the addicts new "friend" makes their problems worse, isolates them more, keeps them from learning coping and communications skills in the "REAL" world not a fake computer world!!!!

WHY is Trump supporting governors who are implementing this form Canada NOT USA????????

"To date, more than 1 million people have engaged in a Kognito simulation."

Check it out yourselves:

"Conversations with virtual humans that change lives"

I"n October 2017, Kognito was acquired by Ascend Learning, a leading provider of educational content, software and analytics in healthcare. Ascend is owned by Blackstone Private Equity and The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board."

Here is your child's NEW BEST FRIEND! Is this why our college students are cupcakes -they want to talk and live in this world NOT the real world!   

"Our tracking and analytics utilize a variety of data sets including users’ actual decisions/behavior in the simulation as well as self-reported data."

That is what Desantis bought to improve your child's education and improve their mental health?????? YOUR tax dollars are paying for this! NO teacher can say NO I'm not teaching this because that is insubordination and they are told no teaching assignment next year!!!!

AND each child's personal medical/psychological information is being stolen and NO parental permission is needed to be put on this program. IT"S MANDATORY 5 hours of mental health education - NO OPT OUT per Desantis and his Canadian buddy Corcoran!!!!

Our online data portal provides clients and research partners with access to real-time usage tracking, a series of dashboards and analytics to gain insights into behavior change, and direct access to the actual data for analysis.


Kognito role-play simulations enable organizations to rapidly build the capacity of educators and students to lead real-life conversations that improve student well-being, including mental health, suicide prevention, and bullying.

Higher Education

Kognito role-play simulations enable organizations to rapidly build the capacity of faculty, staff, and students to lead real-life conversations that improve student well-being, including mental health, suicide prevention, and supporting veterans and LGBTQ students.


Kognito role-play simulations enable organizations to rapidly build the capacity of health professionals, consumers, patients, and caregivers to lead real-life conversations that improve social, emotional, and physical health.

Kognito role-play simulations enable organizations to rapidly build the capacity of health professionals, educators, students, parents, veterans, service members, and others to lead real-life conversations that improve the social, emotional, and physical health of our communities.

Here's the "TEAM" that Desantis has allowed to take over your families' lives!

Even the military is a part of this


**** While all of you were cheering No more common core, Desantis and the FL Department of education just stripped away your parental rights to review curriculum and opt out of courses like mandatory mental health education!!!!!

And none of you realize that mandatory child trafficking has also been implemented the same way - starting in kindergarten. So instead of more playground time which would be great for mental health, your kindergartners on up will be spending 25 minutes a week learning about how people can take them and how they can report people they are scared of and the 800 numbers to call and report problems. 

So as everyone cheers Desantis he has decided that the state of Florida knows best for your children NOT YOU! So he has changed the language arts and math BUT social engineering is more important so LESS hours that your child will learn math, english, reading ,writing and history and NO playtime for any children! WHAT"S NEXT???? .

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Comment by Patty on February 10, 2020 at 2:56am

Florida is scooping up huge amounts of data on schoolchildren, including security camera footage and discipline records, and researchers are worried

Comment by Patty on January 30, 2020 at 1:28pm

Some Florida school districts are using everfi - LOOK who your Florida taxpayer money is funding with this program for mental health!

And everyone believed that Desantis was the next Trump = while everyone looked at Desantis saying that common core is going away - he snuck this into every classroom across the state of Florida. Virtual people socially engineering your children and grandchildren. Which is worse Kognito or Everfi? They both control your children's thinking. Desantis has moved past teachers and Bezos and the rest can now directly affect learning and form little minds as they wish and NO ONE has spoken up to tell Desantis STOP!!!!

Teachers who are unqualified to even teach this self running program are being forced to teach this. NONE of them can speak up and say NO. That is insubordination and the evaluation system is set up as mostly subjective so administrators can easily give bad scores. BUT there are no teacher protections so all a principal has to say is " that teacher doesn't fit in" and they aren't brought back. Every good teacher can easily be replaced by these companies and voila Desantis has not only gotten rid of Common Core - he's got Bezos and his social media buddies and Canadian experts with their socialist ideas controlling what your kids are taught! When your child comes home talking about their best friend Amy, do you really want to ask - is Amy a real person?

By passing the buck to the local level to create this course, Desanits bypassed all the vetting by parents. Desantis forced these school districts to use Kognito or buy their own programs because there are not enough school psychologists to teach this. Desantis and Corcoran just handed over the Florida education system and your precious children to the people you trust the least! And no wonder Bezos and his buddies are laughing - as they are being scrutinized by RINOs in congressional hearings who say they will break up their power, their real power lies in the indoctrination education of the next generation to their ideals through these "education companies" they created. 

Don't let Desantis distract you with a common core victory. This IS fully in place this semester and NO opt out, mandatory 5 hours mental health "education" AND NEVER any parental input! These computerized programs don't even have a place for parents to review the lessons. Many schools using Kognito can only access the program through a state department of education login and can only access the program at the actual school not from home. Desantis evidently believes that parents have NO right to be involved in the education of your children.

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Comment by Raya @ REAL CONSERVATIVES on January 30, 2020 at 8:34am






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