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Where are the red bags for all this covid biohazardous waste?

WHERE are all the required rules for red bags and proper disposal of biohazardous waste for every business now reopening?
I have been a RN for over 30 years.I am not working after being forced to wear a precept procedure mask for 12 hours by Florida Hospital for no reason except I was allergic to the latex in the flu vaccine they were using and ended up with anaphylaxis and multiple chemical allergies to polypropylene and propylene glycol.
So I started thinking. The government at every level has scared everyone into believing the atmosphere is so full of covid viral particles that they are all depriving themselves of oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide levels wearing masks, vacuum cleaner bags and thick joanns material with air conditioner filter in between. The police are fine with people like restaurant delivery and amazon prime wearing masks while driving with deprived oxygen well documented on pub med to cause bad decision making, poor judgement, dizziness, confusion and even unconsciousness.These task forces in Orange County FL made up of barber shop owners who have ZERO medical or scientific knowledge are making policies for restaurant and hotel reopening that include taking over half the tables and chairs out to pods, ALL employees are to wear masks and nitrile gloves even those working in high heat and no advisement from an MD as to how decreased oxygen or increased carbon dioxide will affect their medical conditions. Birx and Fauci setting up policies to stop all needed elective hospital procedures. Birx telling the whole country she would NOT let her daughter take her 10 month old grand baby to the hospital ER with a 105 temperature that any intelligent doctor would say get that baby on a cooling blanket before their brain fries and subconsciously scared most Americans away from any medical facility. Birx telling people to NOT go grocery shopping and not use pharmacies for 2 weeks. And scientific studies taken out of context and repeated by health departments that the virus lives in the air and on every box for over 24 hours so keep everything outside and desanitize every box and even your mail which my neighbors are still doing they are so fearful.
So not working anymore got me to thinking. WHERE are all the red bags that would NEED to be being used for all this biohazardous waste of every item that this deadly virus lives on for over 24 hours? All these people self quarantining and also testing positive for a piece of RNA in their nostrils would be coughing up covid sputum and blowing their covid noses into tissues that contains the long living deadly covid. that travels through the air to people outside walking by.The Floirda Health Department tweeted last week to not share plates, utensils or even bedsheets so ALL the Styrofoam takeout plates. plastic utensils touching people's covid mouths NEEDS to be redbagged. AND ALL those masks that we are told MUST be worn by every employee and many citizens to "catch: the deadly covid inside the mask and protect the public from breathing the air and all those gloves that workers and people are wearing that people wrongly touch their masks and faces constantly and then touch the masks and the deadly covid when they remove them - all that requires red bags. AND anyone who actually studied the 18 years of SARS research and the cohort study out of China knows there is covid in the stool and urine so all the body fluids that someone wipes off the toilet seat or all the people in apartments told to stop flushing all the disposable wipes because they are clogging the pipes constantly and are now putting the covid contaminated wipes in the wastebasket NEED red bags. And all the people cleaning covid living on surfaces with paper towels NEED red bags. I can go on and on. BUT this is all being placed into the garbage out at the curb, thrown on the ground, thrown into dumpsters that we park our cars beside and then it gets picked up by a breeze and we are ALL exposed and getting sick again and again.The garbage men do not have any warning - where are the red bags - they need to be in every home, every business, every restaurant, every grocery store, We can't try on clothing or sit together BUT NO RED BAGS??????? We can't have housekeepers cleaning hotel rooms, changing the linens daily and especially can't allow them in to clean toilets during our stay but where are the red bags? We can't sit in a beach chair or even a towel at the beach but where are the red bags? We can't put stage one opening ALL medical offices and buildings, clinics and hospitals but cigarettes touching covid mouths thrown on the ground - where are the red bags?  AND worst of all ALL the collected contaminated Covid waste is thrown on a garbage truck to blow off and blow in the wind - covid throughout the air! And it's all taken to the regular dumps across this county and state, dumped out, not immediately covered, touched by birds and blown into the wind back into nearby neighborhoods - the air completely saturated in covid.
I called the Florida state department of health biohazard waste department today. And I asked where are the red bags? That is their job to make the laws and regulate the correct disposal! The woman hung up the phone on me. Strange response for such a deadly disease! I called back and asked for the supervisor of biohazard waste. Turns out SHE was the supervisor. I explained again and she had no answer and said no need for red bags. SO I asked the next important question since I don't work in the hospital anymore -WHAT specific biohazard regulations has the Florida Department of Health and her as the supervisor put in place for hospitals to follow for this deadly virus to keep it contained. AND here was her answer - NOTHING!!!!!! So Florida hospitals and facilities are NOT redbagging anything contaminated with covid and it is treated the same as any other bodily fluid that isn't contaminated with blood. Doctors, nurses, techs, housekeepers putting used masks in the regular garbage. Diapers with urine and feces thrown into the regular garbage ETC, ETC ETC! Suction catheters, tissues, oxygen tubing all thrown into regular trash and carted to the dump NOT red bagged and autoclaved to destroy the virus!
The Florida Department of Health biohazard division does NOT consider or treat  covid as anything other a normal hospital infection!!!!!! No wonder there are NO red bags piled outside back entrances of the hospitals - this isn't considered highly infectious by either the hospital or the health departments! So WHY did we tank the great economy, WHY did we ban people from doctors and treatment, WHY are people depriving themselves and their 3 year olds of oxygen, WHY are my neighbors wearing masks and driving possibly killing themselves in an accident, WHY are people exercising in 90 degree weather wearing masks 2 sizes too small??? WHY didn't any media, Orange County task force or Fl state task force or any mayor or the governor call a single infection control RN at a hospital to ask what precautions were necessary and if the hospitals were red bagging biohazardous waste? We haven't run out of the one thing that would be needed if this covid was as highly infectious as they keep scaring everyone - red bags! Go back and look at every car line collecting samples -they NEVER change PPE between people BUT there is NOT a single red bag in a garbage can! We've been duped! They can't have it both ways - it's either that covid is so dangerous that we all die if it is in the air and we red bag ALL contaminated objects and dispose of properly using biohazard companies at homes, offices, restaurants, grocery stores etc OR we all return to life as normal and businesses could add viral filters and toilet lids to make their employees and customers feel  a little safer from ALL diseases! 

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