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How to Bring Back America as The Shining City on the Hill

The State of our Nation is what caused me to become a political activist about 10 years ago. Before that I had been working >50 hrs a wk as a writer/editor/producer/broadcaster; raising a family; and going to night school to earn my 9 yrs of college education for >30 years--plus I wasn't that concerned about our politics.

But for the past 10 years I realized that we were going down the tubes, and most of it was caused by our corrupt government, corrupt media, and the loss of integrity, honesty, and morality among Americans. So I've been pushing for a do-over every chance I get! 

We have to get rid of every corrupt politician, corrupt business-person, and the corrupt media in order to get back our Constitutional rights. And we have to investigate every government agency, every politician's voting record, and BLAST OUT EVERY SCANDAL that we find and put the corrupt in prison.  And that INCLUDES Obama, his Muslim Brotherhood Cabinet, and those supporters who knew he wasn't eligible to be our leader anyway.  He has been aiding and abetting our enemies since 2008, so we need to try him as a Traitor, not just impeach him. That will make every one of his acts Null and Void right away, and half our problems will be solved right away. We need to elect Conservative Christians to stop the political correctness crap, which attacks our Constitutional rights; defund all abortions; and deport every illegal who has ever committed a crime while putting up a (bullet-protected) fence at our border.

We need to protect our Constitution, our religious values, and stop supporting our enemies and those who can support themselves. We need to get the >34 States to join the Confederation of States to force the FEDs to give patriotic Americans the rights of the Constitution's Article V to propose (and get all 50 States to approve) Amendments that will clean up our country immediately, such as changing the IRS to flat tax, getting rid of ObamaCare; defunding all of Obama's unconstitutional executive orders; giving the American lands that the FEDS have stolen back to their own states and their people.  We need to quit the U.N. and get them out of NY, so we will no longer have them on our backs with IRAN, COMMON CORE, Agenda 21, or any other of their corruption in international affairs.

We need to bring back all of our military personnel currently serving in countries that are no longer at war with our enemies, and put them to work protecting Americans and our borders. We need to work to regain the trust of our former allies.

We need to defund and remove the FED, the EPA, the BLM, and the duplicate FED Depts. of Education and Energy, plus any others that are unnecessary. We need to restart production of our own energy resources to become energy independent. 

We need to stop the government from brainwashing our children and grandchildren with Communism, Islamist terrorism, and climate control; and turn the Welfare Dept. into a Workfare Agency, where able-bodied people have to work for their food, medical care, free housing and education at a minimum wage level while attending classes in fields where they can raise their standard of living with their own sweat and blood.

And we have to cut every government agency by 5%, in addition to not replacing those who retire, in order to pay our debts. Another resource for those debts are all the crazy salaries that our politicians receive for not doing anything to earn them, rid them of all the perks and golden parachutes, and create a permanent one-time term-limit of six years maximum for every politician and judge in the country--including local, state, federal and Supreme Courts, so they can't abuse their power or spend their time fund-raising for the next election.

I'm sure there are many other solutions that I have forgotten or don't know about. But those above would be a good start to bringing America back to become the "Shining City on the Hill."



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