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Fox News: Fair and Balanced? That is a total lie, and it is because of Roger Ailes!!

Hi, I'm back, and I'm sorry that I was gone for so long. Since before Dr. Ben Carson was drafted to run for President through ", I have been busy every day promoting him, and I am now the NV Publicity Director for him, with Press Releases, blogs, comments refuting negative posts about him, and helping to set up and run the various NV events held here. Plus, I am still busy with the Confederation of States project, trying to protect our Constitution. I wrote to yesterday to ream them a new one because they are in bed with the Republican base and the Dems in trying to destroy his potential primary victory. He is the biggest threat that the Republican base has, as he doesn't owe anyone a dime (the grass-roots voters are supporting his runs because they refuse to put up with our corrupt government anymore). Plus, he doesn't believe in Political Correctness, which everyone knows is Unconstitutional. He is the smartest man I know, has written eight or more political books in addition to all his other accomplishments, and has promised to surround himself, if elected president, with all the most expert patriots in all areas of government to work together on the best strategies possible--something Obama (the traitor) refuses to do. What I sent to Fox last night is shown below, and if any of you agree with me, please send your own edited version on to whomever or wherever you think it will do the most good. Thanks again, Edie Boudreau


To Fox Nation:

I happened on this message box by accident, after requesting contact info on who was in charge of the changes made about the coming election. The main complaint--not only by me but by millions of other Fox news fans--was your obvious attempt to take Dr. Ben Carson out of the running for President.  I worked as a writer/editor/investigative reporter/producer in all the mediums for >30 years, and well know that the type of corruption and control you are guilty of can be caused not only by what is said, but by what is withheld from the news.  This includes in newspapers, radio, magazines, TV and the Internet.

I know that he is a threat to the Democrats and also the Republican base, since he is an outsider and doesn't believe in "Political Correctness," which as everyone knows is Unconstitutional.  But Ben Carson has been victimized by not only FOX, but by all the rest of the MSM. However, FOX is supposed to be known by its "Fair and Balanced" coverage.  Since Dr. Carson has reached 2nd or even 1st place in some of the polls, he has been deliberately ignored as much as possible, even verbally in the comments while the poll lists show he is 2nd or 3rd on the list. The same polls show that he is viewed much more favorably by high numbers in the election polls.

The commentators talk about people who are near the bottom of the polls, and deliberately promote Cruz and Rubio (both of whom are not natural-born citizens), even though they know that the majority of voters are "Mad as Hell, and aren't going to take it anymore."  They recognize that the majority of our government is corrupt, and they want to replace them with people with integrity. The same goes with the media--most of it is corrupt, easily bought or threatened, and the rest are interested only in their careers, fame, and money.

They ignored him as much as possible in the debates, except when they used Gotcha questions on him much more that the others.  They over-rated anything he said, especially if it was Politically Incorrect.  They belittled the fact that he went to Jordon over Thanksgiving in order to learn more about what the refugees want and need, when he was attacked about his own views on refugees staying in their own areas, even through the majority of Americans agree with him that refugees should be provided for and protected in their own countries.  We are afraid of ISIS terrorists infiltrating the refugees and killing us and destroying our country.  At the same time, their rich neighbors can finance their needs and maintenance, and provide the fly-free zones.

I have been voting for 60 years, and have never been more impressed by a candidate. His life history is awesome; his accomplishments innumerable; his integrity, honesty, philanthropy, and Christianity are higher than any other man I've heard of.  He has received >65 Honorary PhDs, the highest civilian Medal of Freedom from Pres. Bush, and was honored by the Library of Congress as a "Living Legend."  He is also a genius, and has proven that he can learn anything he needs to, while surrounding himself with experts in every necessary field. We have never had a better President, so his fans expect you to start supporting him. I plan to copy most of this post, and will place it in as many web sites, editor letters, and social media as I can, so you have adequate warning to stop your attacks against Dr. Ben Carson.

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Comment by PHILIP SCHNEIDER on December 3, 2015 at 11:07am

Keep your energy level high and your eyes on the prize Edie.

If hard work and true patriotism guarantee victory, you're going to win.

Thank you.






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