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I'm sorry that I haven't participated in any of my member websites for the last few months.  After Dr. Ben Carson left the presidential campaign when he had reached his limit of victimhood after Ted Cruz and his team sabotaged his race in Iowa, I was depressed for a while; then only found the energy to help him reach out to the evangelicals and minorities. Then I noticed that Donald Trump was taking a lot of Carson's advice when they discussed what he would have done as president if he had won.  Trump listened and held rallies for the evangelicals and minorities too.  He also worked 24/7 going from state to state to reach the people themselves, instead of letting the corrupt media make a victim of him too.

I had been praying consistently for Dr. Carson, but when Trump was endorsed by Carson, and ultimately won the nomination, I realized it was God's will that mattered--not mine.  I am aware now that Donald Trump is the best president we could have in these perilous years. He is tough, he doesn't let himself be victimized, and he is even going around the corrupt media with Tweets much of the time.  He is also calling them out for what they and the politicians they are catering to really are--the scum of the earth. He has chosen the best Cabinet members for our times as well, and I am sure that he will keep his promises to the American people, even though he comes across as arrogant and invincible to many people.  Dr. Carson has chosen his place in the Cabinet as HUD Secretary where he can help most.

I just got the address for President-elect Trump from your open letter about Obamacare; but I also need a way to contact Dr. Ben Carson with certainty. Since Carson left the campaign, I have been trying to reach him in every way possible--by email, all his websites, the address that his Christmas card came from, etc. No one seems to have it or else not willing to share it. I don't think he has ever seen any of them, or he would have the courtesy to reply.  I want to reach both Dr. Carson and President-elect Trump to offer them (free of charge with no strings attached) the political website that a friend and I created when Obama came on the scene. The website: is still a skeleton because it will be a massive effort (the size of Amazon or eBay). (The co-developer of the site stopped his efforts after a year of not getting any Strategic Partners and left future efforts to me. I'm still going after eight years.) 

The problem for me is funding the startup and getting http;// online.  On the homepage link "About This Site," the Executive Summary explains its goals, principles, and how to use the site. I was working for the 2016 Committee PAC for Dr. Carson, and I know that he has enough skilled and willing supporters to help finish the site. The same goes for Trump if he is already President and cannot fund it himself.  It needs IT (computer experts) people to take care of back-door computer codes, marketing veterans to reach out to conservative businesses in every zip code in America, professional writers and website developers, as well as professional managers of the highest rank.  All Dr. Carson and/or President Trump would have to do would be to select an expert Board of Directors, and either act as the Head Director or choose one or two experts who could share the work. 

It will not only inform all conservative and independent voters the details about every political issue that affects America (past, present and future), but gives them a way to contact every politician and judge from local to federal (as well as every medium), with interactive letters that have already been written.  It is a multi-layered site, with (1) a homepage with graphics from the Bill of Rights and a sign-up box that includes the new member's zip code as well as a password; (2) a page full of colored links that are actually titles of Political Issues to study; (3) pages of articles written by either professional writers or from archives of conservative websites (with their permission), with a box next to each article that a member wants to give their opinion about. (4) An article chosen will lead to several inter-active letters that the member can modify when signing and sending his/her zip code.  An advertising banner from that zip code will appear at the top of each article and each letter in order to maintain the expenses of this website, as it will be FREE OF CHARGE in all ways to the member. (6) The link SEND will be at the bottom of each article, and when clicked on, it will forward the members to their own personal pages created especially for their zip codes.  Every local to national politician and judge, along with every means to contact them will be listed there, with boxes next to their names to select, as well as a box at the bottom for ALL. . In addition, every local media will be listed.  At the bottom of all listed information, three boxes will be added for selection to send:  FAX / EMAIL / BOTH.

This website allows every American voter not only to learn about our history and politics; it lets them become a Political Activist.

No excuses--it is free for the poor or unemployed, and even if only one issue is addressed at a time, it will only take as little as half an hour to learn about their chosen issue and to modify and send their opinion, complaints and demands about it. It then lets them send (if ALL and BOTH are chosen to send the letters to), hundreds of thousands of letters each time from them alone. No one will be able to ignore the voice of the people again.

For those of you who would like to help, please share this post in any way possible and to friends who share your views

Edie M. Boudreau

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