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Open letter to Opponents of the Constitutional Confederation of States Project



The Constitutional Confederacy Project is not my only suggested solution to the destruction of our country. I also believe that this coming November we should vote out every encumbent with 8 yrs or more in Washington, D.C. to get rid of as much corruption as possible. That would also send a message to those who are not up for election that they had better start working for the People. If they don't, there is also the recall or impeachment process, which with the help of the newly elected Patriots, could be successful; or we could be sure to take them out in their next election. The Patriots alone (hopefully a majority) could take out much of the corruption before the Con-Con, especially if Obama and his cohorts are arrested for Treason, as they have already proven to be.

We also have to have a large committee to check out the voting records of every State, County and City politician and agency, and vote out any encumbent who is not a Patriot. That is the first priority, we need to take out the CORRUPTION in our government; and if we all stand together, we can do it!!


One other thing that I have done in the past five years of my life is to help create a political web mall that would give every American--from local to national bases--the opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of every political issue through pages of articles written by well-known & informed writers.

After signing in with their Zip Code and then reading the Issue Articles that a member is interested in, the member could click on one or all of the numerous Letter Links about each issue. The page of Letter Links would have Title links to many interactive letters on each issue, to which a member could select one or more, modify ithem if desired, and then click on a "Send" link.  That Link would open up each member's Personal Page (according to their zip code) that would list every one of their politicial representatives' names, phone and fax numbers, email urls, and all their office addresses, from local to national. Each politician would have a box to check mark if the member wants them to receive their lcommunication, or (preferably) they could click on the "All" box, then go to the Box Links for Email, Fax, or Both (preferred) and click to send out thousands of emails and faxes to their political representatives. 

Then they could go back to the Send Page and click on all of the communication mediums (newspapers, radio, TV, & magazines) and click on each of them or "All." That would overwhelm the MSM media too.  All of that could be done within a 1/2 hr. or so--ALL FREE OF CHARGE!...thus giving no excuse to the poor or the people who claim to have no time to become a political activist.  Once it is online with the help of partners, the maintenance of the web site, plus any profit, would be paid for by Banner Ads above each article and letter, correlated with the zip code of the member online so that Businesses could advertise to thousands of their potential buyers inexpensively while contributing to save their country. The Banner ads are what we need marketing experts for, and the entire management of this huge enterprise is the next step. We could also make it a Web Mall, by providing links to the site to every Conservative Website that is already online, so that their members could have the same free benefits that our site provides.

This web site,, is still a skeleton because after five years of trying to find partners that could either provide master webmasters, experienced marketers, management expertise, or the funds to pay for all of the above; I have not had any luck except for design compliments for the site from other commenters. It seems that the majority of Conservatives would rather promote their own ideas or ask for money for them.  The Link "About This Site" is the Executive Summary of the proposal we had planned to send to potential partners, and explains the goals, the contents, and usage instructions of the site.

The others involved in creating this site quit their work after a year, possibly because their primary goal was to make money; while my primary goal is to save our country and our Constitution.


As for the Con-Con, obviously, many of you have not read Article V of the Constitution or Mark Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments." First of all, Article V gives control of setting up the Con-Con to the STATES' Legislators, not the FEDERAL ones, as they knew that the corrupt Federal politicians would never vote for one. (Plus hopefully, we will have voted out all of the liberals and Communists in State Legislatures in the meantime!)  Read Levin's book and learn about all the safeguards that the Founding Fathers included to prevent the Constitution from being perverted by those corrupt politicians.


If you still don't trust the Confederation of States Project to successfully protect our country and our Constitution, please come up with a better idea that will not end with FEMA camps or bloodshed or trying to get the attention of our politicians or the media!!



Edie Boudreau

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