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This post is in regard to a lengthy comment by Member Patty to a previous post,

that is entitled:

The official "Death Rate" is erroneous if we don't know the H C D ( Highest Common Denominator )...READ ON!!!

published on March 30, 2020.

It addresses the valid concerns that Conservative Americans rightfully have about the danger that mass fear and panic pose to our Liberty, and our precious Traditional Values.

Public safety during a Pandemic is a vital component of legitimate governmental power, as is governmental attention to the virus' impact on our economy. But of equal concern should be the impact it is having on that most precious aspect of our National soul - our LIBERTY.

Member Patty has articulated those concerns in a most eloquent fashion, and should be read by all who value LIBERTY, and recognize it as the lifeblood of a free society.

...and President Trump would do well to heed her words with the most attentive scrutiny. Please forward this to him at the link Patty has provided in her very sobering commentary

American founding father Benjamin Franklin said something like “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”




Comment by Patty 11 hours ago:

WHY isn't everyone on this site emailing Trump demanding that Raya's medical bills be paid for the disease he is fighting? WHY should people who just walk onto a ship in NY get their hospital bills paid while the rest of us pay all of ours. IF Cigna and Humana can write off all the copays for Covid then why are we all paying copays for our diseases?  IF Trump has pushed us into socialism and we are freely printing trillions of dollars at will then why are all of us honest people who never took a dime from the system and actually went without to save for a rainy day still the ones getting screwed by the system?????  We also need to demand bigger checks in round 2. This isn't money we have and we can print as much as we want so we need to demand more  - it's not worth anything at this point but at least we can all feel better and hide in our homes for NO reason with smiles on our faces and pretend the government didn't take full control of our lives in the name of safety. NOT a single comment or post about needing a immunity passport and a mask to be allowed to go back into society.


AND Desantis just locked down a whole state when the Orange County convention center is EMPTY of cars needing a test. WHY are we begging people to be tested and lowering the requirements and Dr. Birx begging people to get more tests to Abbott labs?  IF there are no cars, there are NO people with symptoms and we should be celebrating and sending everyone back to work. But Desantis gets the message from Trump to shut down the state - for what purpose?????? Birx NEEDS more cases to hide the fact that she totally overblew the numbers for a disease and convinced Trump to tank the economy and our children's futures that we used to care about. Are you all going to sit at home and then submit to testing so you can go in the databank being proposed to allow you to return to society. Trump got rid of HIPPA laws and can distribute your name, address, test results to any police, fire, county agency for anyone to read and then rat on you to your landlord, neighbors etc. The homosexual community had more guts standing up to the government than any of the tea party people have who spouted their fight to the end for their constitutional rights.


You are all out there making useless dangerous masks. Has a single person emailed Trump demanding that he stop this control and force everyone back to their jobs so people who are ill like Raya can get their treatments in a safe manner not with masks that can spread more disease than this virus spreads through surfaces? Are all of you going to praise Trump when he forces you to get a blood test , enter your information into a databank just to go to work and LIVE????? Everyone better start demanding the end of the governmental control of our lives for a virus that has ONLY killed approx. 4000 people out of a country of 3.27 MILLION.


Please Raya make a meme to show these people how small the death rate is. Trump is LYING to you to save his presidency - there was NEVER going to be 2 million deaths from this disease. Turns out we were WRONG - Trump is the biggest politician of all and doesn't have the guts to open up the country. Are we all going to get tattoos on our arms to prove we are SAFE to re-enter society? You don't need governmental permission to have unprotected sex  with someone with HIV or hepatitis. Hepatitis C causes 350,000 to 500,000 deaths from complications each year yet you aren't shutting down society and demanding social distancing and a registry and card before having sex,  yet you are all willing to be stripped of your Constitutional freedoms for a virus we do not understand anything about. You all would rather be banned from seeing your children and grandchildren to save yourselves from a virus that you statistically will not encounter. 


Trump is NEVER going to tell you the truth about the number of deaths from a deadly drug combination. WHY did Fauci send the ONLY potential drug to allow for recovery named remdeservir to China for ALL the testing and which allowed them to  helping the Chinese people recover that has a proven effect on RNA protease and is the ONLY drug that could possibly stop or decrease the viral replication of this minimally deadly virus. Fauci promoted and deceived all Americans into using and starting trials using a deadly combination of Plaquenil and zpack which results in severe cardiac disease and DEATH. So an American NIH scientist sent the most promising drug to the Chines and lied to Americans who are begging for a drug combination that can kill them. Did Trump know this was happening and approve the drug being sent to China rather than America or did Fauci do this on his own and has more power than the president of the US? 


Here's Trump's contact page.  We better be demanding the answers - this isn't politics - BOTH sides have come together to control you. This isn't 4D chess or a move to get rid of big pharma. This IS destruction of all small businesses leaving corporations in control. Even Birx is demanding MORE testing so Abbott labs can become rich - does she have a big investment in them???? UNTIL Trump tells us the truth as to how many of a minuscule 4000 deaths out of 3.27 MILLION people was from the virus versus deaths from the deadly drug combination and also the breakdown of number of regular SARS that most of us are NOT even susceptible to VS number of SARS coV2 ( sneakily called Covid19 so you wouldn't understand it is a mutated SARS virus) then Trump and all if us can't make intelligent decisions about how communicable this virus really is and if it is worth allowing government to take away our freedoms including the right to travel freely through the neighborhood, county, state, country and world!


IF you only had one day to live would you be spending it locked up in your house under threat of severe fines or being locked up or would you want the freedom to do want you wanted to do. IF you only have today to live would you want to hug your children and grandchildren and spend every lasting breathe in their arms or have President Trump and every government official and hospital deny you the right to even be in the same room as them, If this was your last day would you want to die in the arms of your family or would you leave your loved one at the hospital door never to see them again and leave them to die alone? Trump can't give you back all the memories and moments he has denied you and yet silence and praise for a man dictating to you how to live, where to go, and mandating that you die alone. How many of you will open the doors to your home for the CDC to force you without informed consent to draw blood and possibly be vaccinated with an unproven, unsafe vaccine - they already have the policy in place and if we do not speak out to stop Trump he will authorize them entering . Does Trump and every politician have you so scared and panicked over a minuscule disease that you will report your neighbors to police when you violate leaving your home or try to go back into society without proving you are negative?


My neighbor whose husband, daughter and grandchild all had colds and sniffles last month yet readily let me into their home and airspace now hold back their 2 year old grandson from giving me a hug. They won\'t even let their grandchild walk on his own or talk to anyone because he might run within 6 feet - he was probably a carrier from his symptoms but I didn't care - why are we allowing Trump to destroy this next generation by placing fear of all human contact into their minds for months. Trump was our last hope for a downturned economy and yet we blindly follow him when he destroys everything we love and believe in. A pastor was arrested for holding a church service and we all sat silent and many cheered. People swam in the beautiful ocean where the salt water is scientifically proven to kill this virus and everyone spewed hatred yet the winds would blow the virus up high into the atmosphere away from any airways to cross infect but Hannity said stop, Trump and Desantis listened and now we sit locked inside homes scared but really breathing in the same contaminated air. You all sit and watch numbers increase in a panic  but don't use your math skills to calculate the low numbers of actual disease, hospitalizations and deaths which is NOTHING. We should be amazed at how far medicine has come to stop people dying from an unknown disease. Are you all going to demand a ventilator in every home for each person when if you all go read your living wills you most likely wrote to NEVER be placed on life support which is the ventilator and never artificially feed you through a tube which is what happens when you are on a ventilator long term. 


See the eagle above. I want to live in a country and world where I can go out into the state and drive anywhere and see that beautiful eagle flying FREE. I look forward to Raya's posts that are about god and the beauty in our world. Now I get more emails about panic over not enough elastic to make a homemade mask that is made wrong and NIOSH should be fining every hospital that accepts and uses for patient care and videos of how to surgically wash my groceries. I want to see pictures of my best friend holding her new grandchild but all I see is a sad face because she is banned from driving to the next county to visit and love him. You all care about babies yet none of you write Trump as parents have to pick one person to be present at the birth of their child and many will stay home to have their birth which can be dangerous and even deadly if complications arise. AND even if the mother is rushed to the hospital - everyone would be denied entry even if she or the baby was dying. I would fight to the death if I was denied entry into my husbands' hospital room even if he was dying from covid. I sat and held AIDS patients hands when I was 23 years old as they died and I fought for their partners to be present even though no one even knew anything about how the disease was contracted.


America is gone unless everyone speaks up and says NO to Trump and every politician controlling your lives. The Constitution is gone unless everyone stands up and says STOP. There is NOT one politician at the state or federal level who has a basic understanding of a virus, transmission or infection control. I called the Orlando health department and the public information guy could only read off his paper about social distancing, wash your hands but he told me he had NO background in science or airborne diseases and couldn't understand anything scientific I was talking about and that is the person who is supposed to be educating every citizen what to do to protect themselves from an airborne infection.


Tell Trump to mass produce proper micron filters for this virus and place them in all public buildings, schools, and elderly facilities - that would have been a smart use of out taxes. Who isn't getting this virus - dialysis centers and hospitals except staff intubating, caring for a ventilator patient and up close to severe cases with prolonged close contact. Why aren't there huge cases in dialysis centers where patients and nurses are beside each other for hours at a time - because they use hepa filters with viral filtration! Same with hospitals. So this one easy fix lowers the virus particles in the AIR lowering the numbers even more than they already are! 


Put toilet seat covers on all public toilets. This disease from the China study does become active in the stool and urine so flushing with a seat cover aerosolizes the virus to anyone in an enclosed airspace bathroom for 3 hours. Also everyone put down your toilet seat covers in your homes - this is just good practice especially if your sink with toothbrushes is nearby! 


These 2 easy simple fixes requiring a quick easy ramp up of materials and can be placed in every building over the next 30 days lowers risk, gets scientists back to work on ALL disease research including cancer research currently not being done, and then we get to the real answers we need like when a person is actually infectious. Question - if the research shows a low number of days a person is actually infectious will Trump tell us the truth? Just because you have a viral particle in your nose doesn't mean you are at the infectious stage of a disease! So were we actually forced to stay home unnecessarily for over a month or even longer when most of the people testing positive were not even infectious to you and me? My guess is that answer is yes!


And what are the reservoirs for this virus? The Chinese are seeing a period of negative and then return to positive so there are reservoirs in the body. Are all of you willing to have Trump force you back into your homes with a second wave that could occur when we know if you also become infectious again? Are you going to allow Trump to force you into your homes next year when the flu deaths equal and exceed the flu deaths this year? Are you going to let Trump pass legislation forcing flu and covid vaccines on you and all your family? Did patients entering hospitals take flu vaccines and pneumonia vaccines while they were trying to fight off the covid increasing the death rate? How many of the deaths were because of vaping, smoking and marijuana smoking and most of us were forced home because of a bad habit most of do not partake in? How does a surgeon general and multiple doctors never tell people to stop vaping, smoking and smoking marijuana which logically pushes the virus deep down into your alveoli. especially with the oils in vaping? 


Mayor Demings in Orlando just stated about taking away everyone's constitutional rights - "We will protect people from themselves. We will do what is necessary for the greater good." That IS trump's philosophy and that is Desantis' philosophy and every other politicians' philosophy. All it took was one virus to destroy America! and the Constitution! The founding fathers are looking down totally ashamed of our behavior!



I just watched as my neighbor's son pulled his car into the driveway and his mother brought her grandchild and his nephew to the screen door. Then she placed a chair 10 feet away.and only then was her son allowed to get out to yell hi I love you to his 2 year old nephew from a distance and then he left. This is a family where they all gathered EVERY day for the last 2 years - even two weeks ago hugging and playing with this lovable little boy. This uncle has sat on the floor playing and loving him yet now he is denied any physical contact - WHY????  Not one person besides Raya speaks up. I went into Publix today after being denied more than 2 packages of pork chops that had been cut down from multipacks to 2 measly chops and I had my rant to the whole checkout lane. I asked the 2 young cashiers WHY they would not stand up for their Constitutional rights and not speak up when a capitalistic company limits your protein purchases for NO reason. There is plenty of pork being sent to China! 

Trump is stripping us of ALL our rights and freedoms each day and silence. My neighbors are pathetic and do nothing as their well adjusted grandson is now learning that ALL people are to be distrusted and NEVER touched. They do nothing -why? 

Trump stripped everyone of their HIPPA medical privacy rights and now police in Altamonte Springs have every name and address of each person who tested positive and are watching. A man left his home to go get food and was told by police NO leaving for any reason for the full time until he is told he can leave. AND NOT one person cared how that man was going to get food and necessities to live - what have we become?  The police are the politbureau not the people to be praised. Trump has started a unfounded fear in everyone that goes down to the local mayors and police. Does anyone in the country understand basic science. This virus isn't going to stop existing and GOD determines your future and when it is your time he will take you - not earlier and not later. You can't get back what has been stripped away not out of scientific sense but out of fear of a disease that most of us probably had even last year. 

I listened yesterday in shock that Trump's HHS secretary was encouraging everyone to come join wonderful obamacare if you lost your job. BUT the only reason you lost your job and your wonderful insurance was because of trump's ignorance of disease, infection control and surrounding himself with BAD people NOT the best. We all promised to take a chance to save the country BUT always be ready to say STOP he's wrong but now that it is time to say this - silence as he puts everyone into socialized medicine. Once he adds tens of thousands to Obamacare do you really think he can pull out the rug and can it if the supreme court rules it is unconstitutional? He gets burned on this in a debate. Trump NOT Yang implemented a paycheck for every person - is that what you all want? And Trump sits silent as people in Kentucky are forced to wear ankle monitors because they tested positive for a disease yet they may not even be contagious! 

I went to Walmart and other store today. It is the most disgusting experience in my life. As a RN, I watch as workers wearing gloves touch the ground then touch the cart handles and cover it with bacteria that can cause disease. Then the customer wearing gloves they think is skin touches the handles. Where have those gloves been - they admit online that they have worn them even into the bathroom never changing them. Now they pick up even more potentially disease causing germs and start toughing EVERY piece of produce and move on to the meat section - touching and leaving behind ecoli, listeria, staph and who knows what else. I stop at each worker who forced me to stand in a certain spot yet they are contaminating everything as well. Where are the health inspectors and WHY are they not working overtime to prevent the food borne illnesses that occurs from bad sanitary practices? All of us are now more likely to get sick from these unsanitary conditions that are definitely happening behind closed doors in restaurants with NO ONE inspecting. I have watched people at Taco bell come back to a shift when the inside was open and NEVER wash their hands and believe the gloves were protection so what is happening now? AND why doesn't anyone care?????

I have been on this site and many others as people ranted "NO ONE will ever take my weapons. We will march together" YET Trump with one virus had pushed everyone apart unable to collect and organize and silence - WHY? 

I cried for the little 2 year old but I am the only one upset. His family doesn't care and is so scared of nothing that they OBEY to the detriment of this little boy. I yelled to the family  ( even though I was around them when they had colds a month ago - heaven forbid they would come into my yard!) I said I hoped they were emailing Trump demanding their life back but they are good little ants that march inside and close the door as they are told. AM I the only one besides Raya left that is getting more and more angry each day as I am being denied my rights to assemble and even travel across county and state lines to visit my family or go to the beach? 

I lived in a town with many Holocaust survivors and was taught about Hitler for many school years. Everyone has been taught yet no one learned. We aren't in ghettos but this is the beginning of prohibiting freedom of movement and every other freedom that is our God given rights - yet silence. Did anyone learn from the Holocaust or will we all sit and say thank you as we are more and more restricted being denied a hug and kiss from our families? What are all of you waiting for - this only gets more and more restrictive - the virus doesn't just stop on April 30th. Walmart was rows and rows of yellow tape preventing anyone from even touching a shirt or pants on a rack - yet silence - everyone being good little ants - moving and stopping when told but then forced together in a group of 30 all next to each other at registers because you MUST pay so who cares where you are standing - make sure to swipe that card. Trump is yelling about 3M  masks but there isn't a shortage - the employees and customers sure could buy them. probably from China!

We made a HUGE mistake. There are no heroes and no saving America for our children and a virus made us care about ourselves more than the world we are leaving them. This IS our president teaching people how to live in instant fear and stay apart. He keeps repeating to never again shake a hand - WHY? A forced flu shot and forced wearing of a polypropylene mask that all of you believe is so safe caused such anaphylaxis and permanent chemical allergies that I lost my job and basically have to live apart to avoid the chemicals. I would give anything to have one day that I could walk into a restaurant and just order without asking for the breakdown on every ingredient. Yet all of you have now joined my awful world and willingly gave up your freedoms - why?

I gave away my freedoms to just go anywhere I want without planning and knowing the environment when I didn't say no to the forced flu shot and forced shaming with the mask. I will NEVER allow anyone to take away the freedoms I have left. YET I am alone fighting for my family and all of you and your families and only silence - why?

We NEED to unite to stand up or who knows where this ends. We could all walk out into the street, embrace and most likely nothing would happen yet we are too scared - why? It ONLY takes every American united to stand up and say NO MORE! When are the REAL CONSERVATIVES going to speak up TOGETHER and develop a plan to end this????? I WILL speak out every time I am in a line - Trump and Florida hasn't stripped me of my right to free speech but I'm sure that will come soon. What is the next step the giant has gone back to sleep and may be dead!

And Raya I pray every night that you are staying well through this and receiving all your treatment plan. 





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